Living in the Unknown, ~ Allow.
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It's my Birthday tomorrow and I AM asking for the Sun, the Moon, and the Stars -- in fact, I have been celebrating, all month, along with facing my fears, clearing my blockages, embracing my shadow, and shining my light.  Beaming my light even brighter.  I have been falling down and getting back up, and while I am at it, I am perceiving a new way of being, because I can, because I love this planet and her people, and this is the only option, All I want for my Birthday is Peace on Earth. 
Our Indiegogo Peace Campaign ends tomorrow on my Birthday: 10/22/1963
I am so overjoyed and grateful for these last 45 days. It has been a very empowering, expanding, and humbling experience. We have been receiving so much love and support -- we thank you so much.
With all the releasing this week, I am so excited as I am bringing this clearing and transmission to a call this Thursday at 6pm. You still have time to join us (and if you can't join at that time, a replay will be available).  We are releasing the chains, the shackles, the limitations -- and I am handing you the torch.  Together we are going to rock this world free.

We still need your help please.
Join us un the call -- there is still time to support the Indiegogo campaign at

A $10.00 perk or $25.00 perk would help us so much, and give you amazing value to boot.  Thank you for supporting our work towards peace and harmony, along with our combined efforts to empower people into their truth.   It's a win-win for everybody.

You see... when anger gets activated in us, we can view it is a blessing, and an opportunity to have a release within the body of energy which (prior to the activation or trigger happening) was laying dormant. This is an opportunity to discover what is underneath that anger which was suppressed within. It is an opportunity for liberation, freedom, and love. It's an opportunity to discover your truth. Each of us have/had suppressed so much anger inside (the amounts being different for everybody), and what each of us are releasing is individual as well as collective. Excerpt from book Peace the Flip side to Anger. Making Peace with your Piece.

$10 USD -- Live Call -- Freedom! Change
Anger Management 101 E-book -- how to release anger in a healthy way. Plus, participate in a live 30 minute call as we go through a 2 step process of how to claim your power in any situation, release anger, and take yourself to empowerment and peace. Kornelia will take live questions. Thursday, October 23rd, 2014, 6:00pm PDT. [Replays available if you can't be on the call.]

Self Mastery, Self Realization and the full expression of our Divinity is our call.  We are in a time that is calling us to stand empowered, be our authentic self, claim our truth,  (individually and collectively) to bring peace and prosperity into our new chosen timeline.   This requires us to release the victim and claim our power each and every moment, and this is what I am doing.  Throughout the peace campaign I have experienced much interference and psychic attacks, and whatever else was being thrown my way.  We have always been conditioned to fear the dark, fear the separation, and to fear our differences.  

The truth is, we are powerful beings beyond measure, and the powers that "were" may inject fear in any way they can. In addition, there is a lot of negativity being released on the planet right now, giving us the perfect opportunity to release powerlessness, anger, and frustration, from within.

In writing this book Peace the Flip Side to Anger, I have had plenty of challenges come along for me to release the powerlessness within me, and  I am so joyful about that (even tough things are really intense),  Allow, allow, allow -- keep bringing the energy back to you.  Where do you feel powerless? Release the energy.  What is the most powerful choice you can make, then act.  Choose to rise and choose to keep going positively.  Sit and find your peace in the center of the storm, and touch your truth.  Beam your light brighter.  Be your authentic self.  Our  birthright is abundance, vibrant health, prosperity and freedom, and  that is what I stand for and together we are going to rock this world FREE,  I am, We are Peace,

Individual Sessions with Kornelia
Are you challenged in your life right now -- feeling powerless, not sure how to move forward, or you are not feeling at peace with all the changes that are happening and would like support, physical, emotional, or spiritual healing, healing of your heart?  Could it be you're releasing anger, having relationship issues, deep blocks, or ancestral wounding and would like resolution and healing?  Most health problems are caused by lack of harmony, emotional suppression, or unresolved issues of past or present.  I work with the inner body and in order to feel the release we must heal the deep seated feelings that cause the disturbances.

Love, Liberty and Freedom for all,
I love you so much.

(Unleashing my Venus)

P.S.  I am including the following article that I saw on Facebook this morning.
Enjoy this article, below by
This last week I was at battle with the dark energies all the way, I was feeling like I was powerless to do something, this is the energy that I released. The fear within, being willing to sit with it head on and acknowledge it's presence without judgment, without abandonment, and without running.
Scorpio Solar Eclipse: Regenerative Journeys

  We are taught to be afraid of the dark. We are taught to be afraid of difference. We are taught to be afraid of each other. We are taught to be afraid. Period. Difference is a construct. Difference separates us. Separation makes it possible to harm one another and...
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