Love is calling you "Home" -- can you feel it?
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Love is calling you "Home" can you feel it?

I had no idea when I first dove into the experience of this weeks theme

What is™ the Meaning of Home

that I would find myself in my destiny of unveiling my mission of what "HOME" means to me.  From the time I was a little girl, the meaning of home was always very important to me, as you can see by this photo [look at the age of the TV].  This picture was taken in my living room in Kindsbach, Germany.  (My biological father still lives there today.)  I was very busy with arranging the household, being trained from early on.  Shortly after this pic was taken, my parents divorced.  Mom told me that she needed my help, and that it was up to me to take care of the home while she went to work.  There were many times I would come home from school and walk in the kitchen and call in my team -- my angels -- to help me with the chores.  They all had names and they would help me get my job done.

MY Mission is coming "HOME"

Here I am, still today, calling in my team, asking them to help me with my chores, to help me with caring for our home, our planetary home, Mother Earth.  My astrologer told me that my destiny is in my 4th house of home, but never did I imagine what this experience was teaching me until I was deep in it.  Coming out on the other side, it was one of the greatest successes of my life.  Through my experience, and my actual physical move, I tracked the meaning of home back to my reason for being here on earth.

Each of us has our own definition of home, and what it means to us.  What does home mean to YOU?

The many meanings of home.
Download the MP3 -- my gift to you!

There are so many people right now experiencing changes in their home, the physical home, the physical body, the homes we live in, and our planetary home.  It is all happening so we can powerfully and deeply make the changes in our environments to match what is happening for us on the inside.  Many are being triggered in ways that are supporting us to clean and purify what home means to us, so we can create the homes we want to live in.  Read more here.

What is™ the Meaning of Home
[My new View from my office window.]  When we come home to the light of our soul, we are home.  Coming home means coming home to Love, coming home to our true Divine Nature and resting in the heart of "All THAT Is."  Home is for our children to grow and learn, creating the sweetest, loving environment for them to know how much they are loved.  A magical home filled with love, friendship, and creation. Home is where the heart is, it is the place that makes us feel safe, nurtured, and cared for.  It is our sanctuary where we can feel vulnerable, and relax in our cozy environment.  Home is the place we love coming home too, living in, and being in.  Home represents our laughter, our connection with our spirit, and with each other.  Home also represents our inner home — our emotional safety and security, it’s our nest for ourselves and our family.  Home is the place where we love ourselves, where we honor ourselves, as well as where we take care of ourselves and each other.  Living in a home that is affordable, plus matches our values and our lifestyles — that is what we really desire from a home.  Home — a place for intimacy and snuggles on a lazy afternoon, or to get cozy on the couch and read a good book.  It does not matter if the home is large or small, it matters how we feel in our home, loving our environment.  Home is also a place to recharge, to be quiet, to meditate, and listen in.  Being “at home,” feeling relaxed enough to fall into a deep afternoon nap, feeling so safe and secure and relaxed — allowing the body to heal and to rest.

Here’s to a magical home, filled with love and friendship, warmth and creation.  Home is our heaven on earth — a place to feel free from the inside out.

Take a look around your home.  
Does it reflect warmth to you?  
Is your home your sanctuary?
A perfect song for you to take into mediation, as you reflect on the meaning of Home for you is Peter Buffet's (Searching for) A Place Called Home

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I wish you all so much love and happiness, 
from my heart to yours,
peace love liberty and freedom for all.

Kornelia Stephanie Dengel ~ 
Pioneering Ambassador of the New Earth, 
in service to the new light of Ascended living and thriving in the new earth. 
Ascended Master, Creator, Energetic Activator and Programer for the New Consciousness, Ascension Guide, Author, empowering all into their authentic expression, their sovereignty.
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