Faith ~ Inspiration & Mp3 with Kornelia for seven days
Day 7 ~ Thank You
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We want to thank you so much for embodying the Faith series, and strengthening your faith -- bringing it into your physical body.  Can you imagine how powerfully we shifted the vibration of the collective -- a whole bunch of physical bodies walking around focusing on and emitting Faith!  Effecting the Quantum field... huge, huge RIPPLE EFFECT!  We thank you.

Please continue to share this free Faith series with others in your community.  I know many people are challenged at this time, getting in touch with their faith, cultivating their relationship with faith, this may be just what the inner doctor ordered.  Who are we without our "Faith?   I am shouting mine from the rooftop, in JOY… with Grace, and Honor.

We are so excited to co-create this new earth with you -- playing this game.  As we know, life is a game, we are all here to learn to love, and to be embodied with our powerful words in action.  My Mission: inspire others into self-healing, self-love, self-leadership, self-empowerment,  and get back to the basics co-creating the new earth, with embodied divine beings.  My part in co-creating the new earth: I created a structure (this game), and am inviting others to co-create with me, embodying and living the word, in authentic love leadership, inspiring and touching heart based living and thriving communities.  For the greater good of ALL.

If you would like to continue with us…
Right at your fingertips — every morning when you get up, the message is waiting for you.  Daily inspirational messages and activations are posted 5 days a week.  Plus a huge bonus -- community forum to share your JOY.  Connect with others from around the world, speak your powerful words, and watch your life unfold like magic.

Abundance in action -- can you imagine a whole bunch of physical bodies walking around embodying abundance, spotting it, focusing on it, appreciating it, and living it?

Continue as a Basic member for 13 dollars a month (that's less than 50 cents a day) -- what an extraordinary value!  I kept it affordable so everyone can join.

What are you waiting for?  Sign up now and take pleasure in this membership that offers you inspiration, insight, and community at your own pace, for the low price of $13.00 per month.  You can cancel at anytime.

A living play-shop full of wisdom, inspiration, and immense value of what you put into it.  All you have to do is show up.

Back to the basics -- clean, simple, and pure.  We started the co-creation of the New Earth, New Paradigm in the month of May with Faith, moving into the power of positive belief, taking ownership of our missions, embodying the flow of abundance to support our dreams, and ending the month with a bang: the physical body programing, feeling alive, happy, healthy, and thriving.  What a fantastic month!

This coming  week's inspiration theme is 
May 11 to May 17, 2015

What Is™ the Power of Belief

embodying, practicing, living, and being the powerful creators of our lives.  I AM living my dream.  Anything is possible -- that is my belief, and it makes me feel good.
Listen here for a sample.

Weekly themes after that:
May 18 to May 24, 2015

What Is™ the Flow of Prosperity

Abundance embodied, and abundance in action. Thriving in the new earth, is the daily focus.  Conscious celebration of our abundance, in gratitude.

May 25,  to May 31, 2015

What Is™ Body Talk Programing  

My body is a self-healing vessel.  My body listens to all of my commands.  My cells respond to my voice.  Pure thoughts, pure emotion, pure body talk.  Self-healing, vital health, eternal youth, radiant beauty.

I am so grateful to all who participated, and thank you for all the wonderful feedback and gracious love.  May peace, love, liberty and freedom make you feel so happy.  
Have a great week,

At the highest spiritual cosmic level,  this is the power used by the God-like beings at the close of a cosmic cycle in projecting the basic formula, "The Word" which will start a new Universe.   --- Dane Rudhyar


Kornelia Stephanie Dengel ~ 
Pioneering a new consciousness for the
New Human.
I AM a Radiant Light, 
I AM your cosmic Cheerleader, 
your energetic activator, with deepest Love.
Love, Liberty and Freedom for all
with all my heart, 
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