Radical Self-Love - nothing else will do! 
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Spirit Dancer---radical self-love Warrior
Santa Fe Folk Art Museum

We are spiritual warriors
on the outside, and Mommas
and Poppas on the inside.

Every day, we are gifted through our experiences to release and let go of old programing and density from our physical bodies, in order to align and expand into the new being we are becoming.  One of my favorite practices is to feel the old feelings that are being triggered in me fully (yukie and uncomfortable)… what is this event, this person, or experience doing FOR ME?  Notice I say for me, empowering me, not to me, which would leave me the victim [NOT!] -- each time giving me the opportunity to claim my power, to claim my truth, to choose the positive, and to release old negative lies out of my physical body.  It's all about release and expand, release and expand -- with plenty of dashes and doses of conscious radical self-love, compassion, and space for the old being that is dying away... and for the new being that is emerging and blossoming.

My favorite mantra is, "I resist nothing."  We live in a time of accelerated spiritual awakening, and we are taking our world and our physical bodies into a higher vibration.  Ah… can you tell?  This morning in my journal, I wrote that I feel like I just got out of the dryer, and I was on the low spin cycle for the last few days.  My goodness, time to get out in nature, ground, and do my happy dance.  We are releasing old density so fast (old habits and beliefs out of our DNA), and taking our physical bodies with us.  This requires dedication and commitment for self-healing and self-love.  These times are asking you to walk the talk, and be your own hero, expert, and authority.  It is really time to build what you need and want on a sturdy foundation -- a sustainable foundation that will have you thriving in the new earth.

What would make you feel more fulfilled?  What supports YOU?  What do you wish to experience more of?  We know there is no quick fix, and putting a band-aid on top with feel good feelings, won't be the sustainable foundation your body is calling for.

The What Is™ Game is a support -- a portal that will help you with your daily focus, and embodiment of the new human template, as you bring and ground in this new energy (the living word) into your new foundation, leaving you inspired, embodied, and on purpose.  When real life kicks in, you bring your YOU GOT THIS!  warrior energy into each and every now moment -- nothing else will do.

I program my body with the thoughts I think, with the feelings I feel, and with the food I put into it.  I breathe new life into my cells.  My body is my best friend.

Would you like to "feel" more secure in your spiritual practice?

Our theme this week is "What is Self-Love?"  Come JOIN us in the experience, so you can practice, practice, practice, and know what it means to you.  Being human beings means we need to rinse and repeat and make our new positive habits stick.  Rinse and repeat....  Develop a radical self-love practice, and love yourself like you would that little girl or little boy in you that is so precious.

My gift to YOU:
What is™ Self-Love MP3

Self-love is to be "your own" main thing.
To love yourself like you would a child, who's always growing into more and more beauty.
To love your life with a fierce dedication to your own evolution, with a loyalty that refuses to accept anything less than love.  To love oneself is to be willing to stand naked and vulnerable in the dark, and face all the fears and uncertainties that "life" challenges us with in the awakening of our truth.  To experience the intense love for self, one must be love in action.  Self-love is an inside job that takes dedication, discipline, compassion, and surrender.  Self love is you, refusing to put yourself last and settling for less than your truth… put the whole thing.

Our thoughts are transmissions --  keep your focus positive -- signing up below for your daily positive programing, tuning your thoughts high, grounding in the new light, and taking your body into a higher vibration.

There is so much more support daily in the membership.
Sign up now and take pleasure in this membership.  It offers you inspiration, activations, light encoded messages, a loving global community forum, all at your own pace, for the low price of $13.00 per month (that's less than 50 cents a day) -- what an extraordinary value!.  You can cancel at anytime.   I kept it affordable so everyone can join.

I love you all so much,
Peace, love, Liberty and freedom for all,

Kornelia Stephanie Dengel ~ 
Pioneering a new consciousness for the
New Human.
I AM a Radiant Light, 
I AM your cosmic Cheerleader, 
your energetic activator, with deepest Love.
Love, Liberty and Freedom for all
with all my heart, 
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