Accept your right to Prosper now!
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Hello my beautiful friend,
It brings a smile to my face to send this breath of fresh air out to you.  I trust this finds you well and excited about this time we are living in.  It is such an honor to be here now.
I know how busy we all are.  With so many people and information requesting our attention, one of the most important things right now is where we are focusing our energy and with whom -- which is why I am writing to you, to let you know what I am up to and also to offer you the opportunity to really check in and see if you still want to receive updates from me.

Soon I am launching an online membership program, offering new ways that I will be growing my unconditional love leadership tribe, as we consciously co-create our paradise here on earth.  

This is a call for your Greatness, your willingness to stretch beyond any limitations, going for the ultimate experience of living and creating your life in Freedom.

My core values are Freedom, free from any limitations, living beyond belief, and so much more.
Modeling unconditional love and prosperity consciousness.  
If you like this, and you like me, and want to stay informed of the many new creations and ways to collaborate coming soon, then you don't have to do anything -- you will receive further updates.  However, if you are not feeling it, please feel free to unsubscribe (using the link at the bottom of this message) and all my best to you and so much love your way.
Here is just a little of what I am up to.
Prosperity consciousness tribe -- Declaration.
[Requires conscious languaging.]
First ~~~
  • I Declare... I accept my right to prosper!
  • See and visualize 2 or more people benefit from your Gifts.
  • Release from your vocabulary forever the following words:
  • I can't afford.  [That is a clear limitation, just say no instead (and by all means don't say or program your children with this non-sense).]
  • Release lack consciousness. [The Divine lacks nothing.  This universe lacks nothing.]
  • Let go of the word "Struggle."
  • Accept your right -- your birthright -- to prosper.
See you in the field of no limits.  Now let's go have some fun.
Welcome to the new paradigm of Conscious Co-creation on planet earth.

Thank you for coming.
From my heart to yours,
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