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Together we are building this new Earth, and as your cosmic (mother) cheerleader, let's have some fun while we are doing it.

Maya Angelo said: “My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style."

We are kicking ass and taking names.
Let's go!
BIG Bold and Beautiful.  That's how we roll!

This newsletter is filled with GIFTS practical wisdom.  I  am  sharing it all -- it's a lot, and it all wants to be expressed.  I have unleashed my CREATIVE Genius.

October of 2014 was a very important time for me, which I've shared in my BLOG.

But first, my vulnerability is shared...
Mastering the Art Of Letting GO!

I completely let go of the old world, going deeper into myself.  Releasing all the old conditions yet again for the umpteenth time -- the limitations, the lies, the illusions, the lives that I have lived, the ancestral linage -- and completely let go of the past. 

This day was also my birthday, and very symbolic time for me.  
Going through the eye of the needle, you go naked, and you can't take anything with you. 
After taking the leap the universe always supports our expansion when we say yes.

I got a phone call from my former landlady, and she left a message:
"Hi Kornelia, now that you moved on to big life, would you ever consider coming back and renting from me again?"  I thought that was so funny as I had not talked to Sadie for a long time.

This was "giving me the opportunity to choose" -- do I want to go back, to the old 3D world, go back to the past... the familiar, the known?

I laughed when I realized this.  Nope, that is not want I want.  I am going forward, I am exploring new adventures,  I am a pioneer -- moving froward in this new paradigm, bringing in the new consciousness, and focusing on the holy mission to embody heaven on earth and a whole new beginning.  It always takes so much courage to be willing to stay empty and not hold on to things.  Living in the VOID and not being attached to anything has always been scary, yet also a freeing time for me.

Shortly thereafter, I began a new business venture that I was very excited about.  It had been an ongoing collaboration for about year, and it was about bringing my coaching work into a new business structure that involved the body and nutrition -- which I love.  Having healed my body, feeling my emotions fully, and releasing the supressed energy, the physical body is what I am so passionate about -- loving the body, nurturing our body, we need our physical body to thrive in vitality and health as we build the new earth, so it was a perfect partnership (or so I thought).  The nutritional piece was also an area that I really wanted to balance within myself.  After a short period of time, I achieved the balance within and completely reset my body metabolism.  While others where enjoying the Christmas holiday and consuming all the holiday snacks and socializing, I was cleansing and learning new ways of eating that where healthy for my body.

Unfortunately -- no, scratch that -- fortunately, the business partnership ended as fast as it began, as it was not a vibrational match for me and where I was going.  The more I kept speaking my truth, shining my light, and asking for people to step up to the plate and be in alignment with our values -- this was not welcomed and I was released from the team.  Thankfully so.

Even though I was receiving 50% of my income from this source, and without any notice it was gone, I again was being asked to have faith and trust that all was in perfect alignment.  I knew that I was in my integrity and that no matter what -- that's the name of the game.  So many people stay in JOBS or in relationships that are not in alignment with their core values, and they are miserable.  How many people do you know that are in JOBS they hate, but their financial security is attached, and feel like they have no way out.  It comes down to being true to YOU, speaking your truth, and listening to your heart.  "Source", "GOD" wants that for you, but you have to want it too.  You have to be first, and show that you are devoted to your truth and what is meaningful to you.

This was such a perfect opportunity for me, so that I can now fully step into my ROLE as an emerging leader in the New Earth -- a pioneer bringing in a new consciousness on this planet, along with many others who are also doing this.

What I am up to now...
Kornelia Dengel, Founder and President of the Global Association of ASCENDED Living and Thriving (written into timeline long ago).  What is yet to come is so fricken exciting that I am beyond turned on.  I am going full on into recording and broadcasting communication mode from my own broadcasting studio -- joyfully recording daily spiritual inspirational messages for US.  Below is just a taste of what is yet to come.
Click here to listen to the GOLDEN Message.
... and there's more coming in the next days.  Membership details will be in the next newsletter [YOU will love this].

Heaven and Earth made manifest blog posting:

TIME keeps on slipping – slipping – INTO the NOW!
Heaven on Earth Made Manifest! Finally

The point of power is always in the present moment.  The conscious, present, now moment! 
  • With no consciousness (energy in the past), because YOU have released all the past from your physical body and from your experience!.
  • With no  energy in the future which does not exist.
In the future, you’re always looking for something that you think you will get when you get to there.  When you get to the future, you’ll be happy, you will have succeeded, you will have your relationship, and you will have your abundance.  You keep projecting the energy into the future, which is an illusion and keeps you from experiencing the absolute truth, that can only be experienced in the PRESENT MOMENT.  Bring it all into the NOW moment — this is the place for Freedom, JOY, Abundance, Power, Creation and Manifestation.  Bring your conscious awareness into the NOW moment where you merge with your humanity (earth) and bring your divinity (heaven), and you have met YOURSELF.  Now do that every conscious now moment and you are “Heaven on Earth.”    –Kornelia Dengel
Read the rest of the article in my Blog
This photo is taken by Katy French -- thanks for bringing your gifts.  Katy is our Creative Heart photographer, she captures YOUR DIVINE Essence as seen in the photo.

What people are saying!
My wife purchased some coaching sessions with Kornelia several months ago and raved about her experience. She urged me to get coaching as well, so I decided to give it a go.
Right from the beginning I felt a very loving and supportive energy. I've worked with coaches in the past and recognized that this was different. The nonjudgmental and supportive environment she provides allowed me the safe space to face some of my inner demons and heal emotional wounds that were ignored and suppressed for years.

Coaches are suppose to be supportive and nonjudgmental. But unless they've worked out their own issues, they may unconsciously judge clients. Trust me, I know because I've experienced that. This is what makes Kornelia an effective coach. She provides that nurturing and supportive environment that is necessary for deep healing. She is 100% present with you the whole way. Kornelia walks her talk.

Since working with her, I feel emotionally lighter and happier from the healthy processing of suppressed emotions that were buried in my subconscious. That kind of healing is priceless. I highly recommend Kornelia's coaching.

Are you challenged in your life right now -- feeling powerless, not sure how to move forward, or you are not feeling at peace with all the changes that are happening and would like support, physical, emotional, or spiritual healing, healing of your heart?  Could it be you're releasing anger, having relationship issues, deep blocks, or ancestral wounding and would like resolution and healing?  Most health problems are caused by lack of harmony, emotional suppression, or unresolved issues of past or present.  I work with the inner body, and in order to feel the release, we must heal the deep seated feelings that cause the disturbances.

We are in such a time of change, you will find it supportive to work with me one-on-one.  In this powerful time of letting go of old relationships, career changes, and new directions to pioneer, there is nothing stopping you from creating your best life.  What could be better than the Ultimate Spiritual Life Coach, motivating you into self healing, self love -- physically, spiritually, and emotionally.  I will help you step into the truth of YOUR being and release YOUR fears now, so you can have a clear path to walk.

Personal sessions with me are about coming home to you. Being YOUR authentic self.
Sessions:  $144.00
Monthly package:  $444.00 (4) 60-minute sessions.   Save -- best value for YOU ($111 saving off web site price)!
Purchase Your Session(s)!

The next Creative Heart Retreat

Retreat dates:  May 2nd and May 3rd.
I  love creating sacred spaces for YOU, to meet your divinity, to be seen to be witnessed and be celebrated.  

THE CITY OF LOVE~ Made Manifest.
Dear Creative Hearts:

The energy we brought to our last gathering was of the highest.  This is what we grounded into our New Earth Grid. Community, Love, Connection with each other, and embracing our true Divine Essence.  The love WE are is so beautiful,  I am still pinching myself that we are really experiencing and creating this New Earth, together.  The building has now begun in earnest, the ground is being prepared, for the foundation to be poured now. 
The next Creative Heart RETREAT, will be the weekend of May 2, and May 3rd, 2015 at the La Conner Garden Club.  Please mark your calendars now.  Please bring with you the people you want to grow with in your community, so that you all can play together and ripple your love out.  Click here for the PDF flyer.  SAVE THE DATE.  For those of YOU that experienced our last gathering it will be that times 10 in vibration.  Lot's of grounding... together we are unstoppable.  The love vibe is so big, that it's just going to get bigger, expanding wider all across the land, expanding and growing the "CITYs of LOVE."

WHY COME to the RETREAT?  What will you experience?
Have you ever heard of the ripple effect?  Throw a pebble into a bond and watch as this single small action creates wider and wider waves throughout the water.  That one small pebble becomes the source of a much broader outcome.
Visit the Creative Heart web page and sign up now!
Testimonial from past participant:
At this point I have no words to describe what has been going on inside me since the retreat.  My evaluation doesn't begin to cover it except to say that I'm still processing.  This has taken me further up the spiral and I'm loving it!   It is so wonderful to see my next steps being revealed so clearly.  Right now I feel like an absolute sponge, just soaking up information.  Thank you beautiful sister for another magical, transformational weekend.  You light up the room and my life. 
-- Lori Thomas

Wholeness Coaching Certification Classes

 Empower Others Coaching Certification.

Are you ready to take the next step and share your gifts with others? Then become a life coach.  Nothing has been more valuable in my life than sharing my gifts of transformation coaching of others on a much deeper level than they can go on their own. This is why I developed the Wholeness Coaching Community. 

Do you want to coach others into self-love and empowerment?  Take a look at the new wholeness coaching certification program, or speak directly with one of the certified coaches that took the program -- a universal community of coaches who are committed to raising the consciousness of the planet, and establishing their own wholeness coaching
business, thus offering their gifts coaching others into self love and wholeness.

Coaching others into self-love and self-empowerment is an honor.  Our next Wholeness Certification program will be held in La Conner Washington, May 29th, 30th, & 31st, 2015.  Talk to me about accommodations. 

Empower Others Coaching Certification send an email to:

[Book cover created by artist Nisha Bhatt, graphic & industrial designer]

You can pre-order your copy here
This book will give you a practical approach self-healing and empowerment, using your body as a tool to release anger, illness, suppression, and emotion.  Every time we get angry about something, there is a truth waiting to be claimed.  If you have ever had feelings of depression, suicidal thoughts, feeling not worthy, or the lack the lack of peace within, then this book is for you.  The book is filled with practices and tools to release emotions, partnered with Anger Management 101 for everyone, to experience freedom and liberation in your body now.  It will show you that there's nothing wrong with you, and that you have all you need inside to create and live the life of your dreams.  The author engages you into a 21-day peace practice -- this includes balancing your chakras, so you too can experience peace and well being from within.  

In writing the book Peace the Flip Side to Anger, I have had plenty of challenges come up for me to release my own anger, releasing the powerlessness within me, and I am so joyful and thankful about that.  Writing a book about peace and holding the intention for world peace -- and even the possibility of that -- first has to be experienced within my own physical body.  Peace on Earth for the first time in the history of this planet, is happening, one body, one heart, at a time.  

My last chapter in the book is called "Heaven on Earth," and that time is NOW.  The book is close to being published and printed [not as fast as I intended] -- it is all about divine timing and embodying the truth.  Our own truth.  When you get triggered,   Allow, allow, allow -- keep bringing the energy back to you.  Where do you feel powerless?  Release the energy.  What is the most powerful choice you can make, then act?  Choose to rise and choose to keep going positively.  Sit and find your peace in the center of the storm, and touch your truth.  Beam your light brighter.  Be your authentic self.  Our  birthright is abundance, vibrant health, prosperity and freedom, and  that is what I stand for, and together we are going to rock this world FREE.  I am, We are Peace.

Excerpt from my book:
The physical body is my home – it houses my spirit.  It’s my responsibility to love, nurture and care for this home by thinking positive thoughts, by allowing my physical body to feel all of my emotions, releasing all old suppressed limiting feelings, and by nurturing my body with foods, vibrations, and water that support a thriving environment.

The house my physical body lives in, is a building that is a structure called “home” where I create an environment for my physical body to experience, rest, laughter, music, nurturing, honoring, peace, friendship, feeling loved and cared for, sexually alive, creatively inspired in harmony, and relaxed at home.

This building called my “home,” is standing on the earth which is also my home.  It is so bountiful, so vibrant, so sensual, and so full of abundance, so full of prosperity, so full of beauty, and plenty of goodwill.  This home is also my responsibility – to be a good steward, infusing it with positive  thoughts and emotions, to take positive actions and spread as much peace, JOY, love and light to all.  I rejoice in the embodiment of my creative soul as she expresses her infinite expressions of love, allowing her body to thrive, to feel, and create, living in harmony with the earth.  All of these homes live within me, it all starts with me – living from the inside out.

FREE gift below, video and PDF.
How to accept responsibility for your emotions.

First, by choosing you have the ability to respond.

Secondly, stop blaming, projecting, and judging others.  Stop pointing the finger at them, saying they are doing this to you; this is keeping you in the victim role.  When each person accepts responsibility for their own feelings, you will share all of yourself from a non-judgmental, empowered space.  Can you imagine what would happen on earth if everyone took responsibility for how they feel?  Every single emotion has been deposited onto this earth like trash.  One of the most empowering things you can do is accept responsibility for how you react.  Stop the cycle.

You can use this simple yet very effective empowerment tool on a daily basis to clear yourself and transform issues very fast, if you are willing to be conscious and feel your emotions (energy) fully, accept responsibility for your own feelings, and stop reacting to what triggers you and projecting it out on someone or something else.  This is one of the most empowering things you can do for yourself; choose to use your emotions as a tool to clear and liberate yourself into wholeness.  "YOU" are your own "Guru"; nobody else can do this for you.
How to cope with your emotions and anger?    

Password: releasing

Releasing anger is scary, freeing and fun.  Join me in this video, as I, Kornelia, have and intimate discussion with coach Robyn, sharing a two step process for releasing anger. After watching, be sure to save a copy of Anger Management 101, so you can review the process in detail.

Did you know when anger is activated within us, we can view it as a blessing -- an opportunity to have a release within the body of energy which (prior to the activation or trigger happening) was laying dormant?  This is an opportunity to discover what is underneath that anger, which was suppressed within.  It is an opportunity for liberation, freedom, and love.  It's an opportunity to discover your truth.  Each of us have/had suppressed so much anger inside (the amounts being different for everybody), and what each of us are releasing is individual as well as collective.

YOU came here to be your " Greatest Self" and do it fearlessly.    
Beam your light brighter.  Be your authentic self.  Our  birthright is abundance, vibrant health, prosperity and freedom, and  that is what I stand for and together we are going to rock this world FREE,  I am, We are Peace.
Love, Liberty, and Freedom for all,
with all my heart, 


Kornelia Stephanie Dengel ~ 

Pioneering a new consciousness for the New Human.

Respected as a leading edge evolutionary for personal transformation and leadership. Author, Intuitive Mystic and Passionate Speaker, Creator of Universal Wholeness Coaching Program, Co-Creator and Ignitor of Creative Heart Retreats in La Conner, Washington.

I am a spiritual transformational life coach, making my home in La Conner, WA.  I have written a book and a rap song to inspire people to find peace within, when ready to extend this feeling of peace into their communities through action.

People know me as a Transformer, a Lightning Rod with Laser Beam Focus taking full responsibility for everything in my life, and empowering others to do the same. Transformation and radical change are hallmarks for myself and others.  I shine my light brightly as a courageous example of self love, fearless compassion and leadership.

My childhood had me well prepared to never acknowledge myself and put my own needs aside -- what a long and painful path to claim my worth and love each and every part of myself into wholeness.  Today it is hard for me to imagine that I ever, ever had a thought that was attached to a belief that was attached to an emotion that I was not good enough, and that I used to make choices that reflected that belief.

My life's work has been undoing all the old conditioning, old beliefs, and healing my emotional core wounding.  Through this work, I achieved self and life mastery.  Because of my own transformation -- having emotionally processed the entire Universe though my physical body -- I am now out of the way to passionately lead others into themselves.  As a way-shower, my role is to demonstrate how it's done and share the experience along the way.

I am your cosmic Cheerleader with deepest Love.
Love, Liberty and Freedom for all
with all my heart, 
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