What is Pure Thought, Pure Emotion?
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Hello Heaven on Earth Creators,

We are heading into a very powerful time, with lots of change, uncertainty, and many new beginnings and endings.  The summer solstice arrives next weekend, along with Father's Day -- a very powerful time for sure.  Personally for me, I am moving and lightening my load entirely.  The lease of where I live is just about complete, and I am stepping onto a stepping stone [so much gratitude for that] -- not quite sure yet of where I will end up being in the future.  One thing for sure -- I have cultivated my trust so deeply, that even though the future is not quite clear, I'm taking just the next step forward, and then the next step will be revealed.  It feels very freeing to me, and is very much in alignment with my core value: "Freedom."  My journey to... "begin and complete" my mission in earnest -- a very exciting time.  Stay tuned, as I will share my journey in the next newsletters to come.  In the meantime I send you so much love from my heart.

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This weeks theme, 

What is™  Pure Thought, Pure Emotion

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What is pure thought? -- Everything is Energy

Pure thought is positive thought, positive energy that is crystal-clear pure.

Pure thought is undistracted energy, and it's potent when focused long enough with our mind, creating a vibration that will attract like energies to us.  Pure thought held long enough is like a magnet (thoughts are electric), and if we can focus on the pure thought with what it is that we are interested in experiencing, then half of our job is already done, because the law of attraction will now do its job to match our vibration.  Our matching vibration must be in alignment with what our desire is.

When we can stay and thread the positive thoughts with our pure focus, it creates a momentum -- an energy body -- that will support us in the positive manifestation, drawing similar energies into our field.  This then gives us the opportunity to respond to all the wonderful opportunities coming our way.  Our thoughts are electric, and having pure focused thought is the first step to pure alchemy.  We think, therefore we are.

Pure thought, partnered with pure emotion, is a powerful alchemical tool to draw the Universe to your doorstep.  Easier said than done.

This will be our practice -- the art of focusing pure thought with pure emotion.

What is pure emotion?  Pure emotion is pure energy in motion.  Emotions are how we express our energy: pure emotion expressed as pure JOY in the experience, fully connected to our heart's intelligence.

Emotions are magnetic… magnetizing more experiences to us to express more of the same energies.  

Pure emotion gets expressed when we are feeling great, when we are thinking positive thoughts, feeling positive feelings, and we are expressing pure love and pure joy.  Our bodies feel alive in pure bliss when we are vibe'd up.  We are creating a huge momentum of energy, of love in our vibrational fields and our physical bodies.  Think of each cell in your body feeling so vital, alive, and energized -- pure emotion expressed with vitality and vibrancy.  Pure emotion is an elixir of love for every cell in your DNA.  The cells in your body are responding to the perked up energy in purity, and the body thrives in the that energy.  Pure emotion is healing to the physical body -- it is radiating JOY. 

Expressing pure emotion is contagious and infections.  When our thoughts and our feelings match and are congruent with each other, relating to each other with positive communication, we can dance to the beat of our own drum, and the universe does its job by supplying you with endless positive opportunities to dance to.  Here is to pure conscious thought, married to pure magnetic emotions, as we practice the art of thinking and stringing pure thought with the higher mind, the divine mind, the god consciousness.

Imagine yourself thinking a thought like, "I look so young" -- staying with this thought long enough to create a momentum, them bringing the feeling into of "I feel so young" into it, and feeling the feeling of youth and vitally,  creating a huge momentum.   The momentum and energy field within your body is so vital and so radiant, that now, when you are in the presence of others, they comment to you, "YOU look so young."  Imagine the JOY of pure emotion you are expressing.  This is our practice this week.  

Cheers to pure thought, pure emotion, and pure JOY.

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Suzie, from Quebec Canada -- welcome!  She receives a gold star as she signed up for the whole year and here is her response to her evolution and her growth [welcome Suzie -- you rock!]:

I am from Québec, Canada and I know you through your work with Inelia.   As she presented you to us, I am fully confident with you.  The last theme I received from you touched me soooooo much.  At a level I would never know.  As I said, I read your newsletter on Monday, after a wonderful weekend with 6 others beautiful women, it was magic.....I want to connect to myself to recognize what is good for me, my body was signifying me the urge to join you with a couples of tears!!  So I knew I didn't want to sign up for just one month and money is something for me that should be spend for things that are meaningful, and I know I will have something for me every time, it will grow up with me!  Thank you to have continue to send me some of your work.  Before my weekend, I think I was just not ready yet!!!
And thank you for my Gold Star, I will keep it in my heart!!

I love you all so much,
Peace, love, Liberty and freedom for all,

Kornelia Stephanie Dengel  ~
Pioneering Ambassador of the New Earth, 
in service to the new light of Ascended living and thriving in the new earth. 
Ascended Master, Creator, Energetic Activator and Programer for the New Consciousness, Ascension Guide, Author, empowering all into their authentic expression, their sovereignty.
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