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Beautiful Greetings to all,

I hope that all of you are doing phenomenally well!  How has your week been?  Are you feeling inspired and loved?  So much is changing, we are really being asked to surrender and let go -- aligning more and more with our individual authentic flow.  Nothing is the way it used to be.  

Right now I am in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and as I was recording the morning message, I was looking outside the window, seeing big huge snow flakes coming down.  Not the norm here in the desert, where the past had us enjoying the sun in hot weather, making our way to find water, ice cream, and beer.  Mamma nature is shifting, and so are we -- aligning with our flow,  while staying pure and joyful in the "Now" is the way.

Moving forward, focusing on your strengths -- your amazing skills and what your good at -- will help you take inspired action.  What brings you the most pleasure?  What makes you feel so good, is the invitation to share your JOY in this time with the world.  I love spotting someones else's strengths and gifts, and reflecting their love back to them.  This is the perfect action to take: to spot your JOY and each other's as we begin our New Moon (new beginnings in Taurus, grounding in our new love reality).

Sharing my JOY -- my joyful work -- with others is also what I love doing.

I am so excited by this work -- these light encoded activations supporting you, just by listening and receiving.  As we anchor in a new reality, I am inviting you to join me.  We know this time period is asking us to ground in our sacred walk, to embody the living word, as there is no quick fix.  We have learned that by now.  We are anchoring in and creating a new reality for ourselves, and each other.  For me, the most important is community and connection: each person bringing their own gifts, their wisdom, and love... voicing, co-creating our new beginning, raising our individual and collective vibrations, and supporting each other with our open hearts.  

If you need a pick-me-up, if you want some focused inspiration, if you want to be heard and share your wisdom in our community...
listen to these highest light-encoded activations from our previous weeks that will light up your world.  I love you.

Faith MP3 -- We are embodying our faith and making it physical.
What is faith?  It can only be experienced and told by the experiencer that is having the experience, and then it becomes a knowing — a truth for you — it becomes you. 

The Power of Belief MP3
The power of our belief is going to be an ongoing practice for us, as we co-create our new earth.  Each week, as we embody the new word through our physical experience, we will always be using our power of belief in whatever we are embodying.

The Flow of Prosperity MP3
A money clearing and a blessing.  Bless everything -- bless your finances everyday, bless your day, bless your body, bless your life, bless everything, bless your creditors, bless your relationships, bless your money, bless everything, accept all of it....  Express appreciation for the value of love in your life -- the beauty of YOU.  Bless your life, bless you, YOU are so blessed.

LOVE what you are hearing?  Sign up now and take pleasure in this membership.  It offers you inspiration, activations, light encoded messages, a loving community, all at your own pace, for the low price of $13.00 per month (that's less than 50 cents a day) -- what an extraordinary value!.  You can cancel at anytime.   I kept it affordable so everyone can join.

I made it very inviting and easy for YOU.  Right at your fingertips — every morning when you get up, the message is waiting for you.  Daily inspirational messages and activations are posted 5 days a week.  Plus a huge bonus -- community forum to share your JOY.  Connect with others from around the world, speak your powerful words, and watch your life unfold like magic.
I am sending you so much love, prosperity, peace and JOY as we come together and raise our loving vibes….

See you,
Loving you all,

Kornelia Stephanie Dengel ~ 
Pioneering a new consciousness for the
New Human.
I AM a Radiant Light, 
I AM your cosmic Cheerleader, 
your energetic activator, with deepest Love.
Love, Liberty and Freedom for all
with all my heart, 
Copyright © 2015 Ascended Living -- Thriving in the New Earth, All rights reserved.

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