How do you define success?
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Happy Father's Day…
Happy Summer Solstice to you and Mamma-Earth.  We love YOU.

This Summer,  6/21/2015:
We begin our new month in the sign of Cancer.  Cancer is about our home -- the most meaningful to me.  Our call is to focus on nurturing humanity with our highest priority -- this is our work as good earth stewards.  Home represents our planet, this beloved planet nurtures us with great food and abundance.  The Cancer energy is about emotional connection and nurturing, the self and each other.

Home also represents our inner home, our emotional safety and security, it is about our nest and our family.  I am moving my nest this month -- digging really deep into the energy of home.  When I was born, I was told and programmed about what things mean, based on the beliefs of my family and society.  This energy was stored inside my DNA.  Our physical body holds our old beliefs and old programs and traumas.  Everything we do now is about bringing our physical body up into a higher vibration of living and being.  The earth is ascending and so are we.  Yippeeeeee!

I had a dream... (read the blog).

As an experiential teacher, the way I bring my body into higher vibrations, I dive deep into the meaning of the word.  Through my practice, I allow all the old programing and old beliefs to come up to the surface to be transcended, speak my new beliefs, and bring my body into vibrational harmony with the true meaning of the word in the higher dimensions.

In creating my new world, it is very important to me to know and embody what the meaning is behind the word.  Not by looking it up, but by knowing through experience.  That is why I created the What Is™ Game -- a higher dimensional portal, so we would have an easy focus allowing all the old beliefs to come up and transcend through our own experience.  It's there for you if want it.  Sign up now and take pleasure in this subscription,  and support for you -- it's based on your own experience.

As I was preparing for the upcoming theme "What is the meaning of success in the New Earth?", during this last week, I suddenly was faced with so much old energy.  I was faced with the opposite of success.  See if you can relate...
  • Fear of failure again?
  • Fear of Success?
  • Self sabotage?
  • Loss?
  • Defeat?
The energy was about wanting to give up.  Victim was idle -- a feeling of being paralyzed.  To really embody success on all levels, everywhere I was not in alignment with the energy came up for release.  I am experiencing so much change on so many levels, that the uncertainly brought up a lot and through the What Is™ theme this week.

Victory was achieved.  In releasing the fear of being successful, the human-being is embracing success on all levels: mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, and material.  I surrendered everything out of my body, and embraced success on all levels, in full trust and knowing I already am a success in the midst of all the changes happing in my life.

If you feel called and would like to release the energy of,
  • fear of failure
  • fear of success
  • self-sabotage
  • limiting behaviors and patterns
  • loss
  • defeat
  • victim / powerlessness
out of your body, I created a perfect support for you.  One 60-minute coaching sessions with email support, plus 1-year basic subscription to my online membership program -- $144.00 

What is™  The Meaning of Success, In the New Earth

My downloadable MP3 gift to YOU.

Success in the New Earth is a picture of you on the cover.
Everyday we succeed, as we embody and ground in the new meaning of Success through our experiences in the New Earth.  Success is experienced in many different ways through each person's experience.  Many people experience success  by releasing old limiting beliefs of failure, sabotaging behaviors, and surrendering the energy of defeat and loss.  In releasing the fear of being successful, the human-being is embracing success on all levels: mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, and material.

Success is not measured by how much money you have in your bank account, but by how well each individual is perceiving their own abundance and entrepreneurial spirit.  Read more here...

There is so much more support daily in the membership. 
Sign up now and take pleasure in this subscription.

Basic membership is only $13.00 per month (for less than 50 cents per day, or at the low rate of $144.00 per year).

It offers you inspiration, activations, light encoded messages, a loving global community forum, all at your own pace, for the low price of $13.00 per month (that's less than 50 cents a day) -- what an extraordinary value!.  You can cancel at anytime.   I kept it affordable so everyone can join.

I wish for us all -- a life filled with a nurturing home base, where we all feel safe and are thriving while experiencing so much love in all we are.
Peace love liberty and freedom for all.

Kornelia Stephanie Dengel ~ 
Pioneering Ambassador of the New Earth, 
in service to the new light of Ascended living and thriving in the new earth. 
Ascended Master, Creator, Energetic Activator and Programer for the New Consciousness, Ascension Guide, Author, empowering all into their authentic expression, their sovereignty.
Copyright © 2015 Ascended Living -- Thriving in the New Earth, All rights reserved.

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