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Hello all of you happy people!  I am sending you so much love from my heart.
What a fantastic summer we are having here in the Pacific Northwest.
It could not be any more beautiful.  How's your summer going?

I am in the middle of a big huge move.  I made the decision to sell everything -- letting go of everything that I do not absolutely love.  I am only taking what I love into my new Earth with me.  This is giving me the perfect opportunity to release, release, release -- the past, the old, the attachments -- and purify my space.  I feel so free.  At first it all seemed  very overwhelming, but once I embraced letting go of more stuff... boom -- the miracle happened.  I am moving from a four-bedroom, four-bath house, to a cozy bed and breakfast.  [More soon on that.]  I decided I am approaching this move with a new way of doing things: having fun in letting go.  Packing and moving and cleaning out is fun.  That's the new consciousness.  Yippee!

It's also so perfect, because this week's theme we are grounding in is:

Happy NOW in the New Earth 

Focusing on happy now is important, because what we focus our consciousness on expands.  It's important to take our focus and our powerful energy, and shift our consciousness, strengthening the new earth grid with positive only -- that is how we are creating our new earth very fast now.

We remove our consciousness from the old (that is negative and toxic), and only focus on what we want to energize.  Love, JOY, Peace, Happiness, Prosperity, Freedom and so on.  We do this with our positive thoughts, the words we speak, and WHERE we focus our consciousness.  We are creating it with every word we speak.  Everything is instant manifestation now, so be conscious of what you are  speaking.  Whatever we focus our consciousness on expands.

Photo ---Essence captured by Katy French

My MP3 gift to you.

What Is™ True Happiness?

True happiness depends only on YOU, leaving everyone and everything else off the hook.  True happy comes from the inside and has nothing to do with external stuff, like money, lover, relationships, jobs, homes, clothes, shoes, toys, jewelry, apps, or iphones.  While they can enhance your experience, they are not the meaning behind happy.  They don't last.


True happy means bringing your happiness everywhere you go with you.  When you wake up in the morning, you wake up happy -- you are excited to play in your day.  You make a happy way.  True happy is infectious, it's contagious, it makes you a magnet for more happy to come your way.  You are choosing to be happy by speaking the words: I am happy, I choose my happiness.  I bring my happy-way to everyday.  When you fall out of your happy, you notice -- what is the external situation that is causing you a temporary opportunity to observe where you have allowed something to take your happy... and then you love that part, and take your happy back.

Happy now, comes from knowing that nobody is responsible for how you feel.  Only you are responsible for that.  Your job is to feel good, and the more you feel good, the more happy you are.  True happiness is feeling good, feeling happy.

True happy is simple, it's YOU.  "It makes me happy that my happiness depends on me."
  • True happiness is found in the appreciation for life, enjoying the adventure, all the beauty that lives within each moment to live, to feel and to experience.
  • True happy is contentment with the present moment, no matter what is unfolding in your life.  It may be chaos that you're observing, but you can still choose to maintain and be happy and project happy into the chaos.
  • Happy now is knowing your are infinitely connected to all life, and you are part of a much larger plan.
  • True Happy, means that you can change your mind and open your heart and speak the words: I am happy now, I am happy now -- and watch the miracle of happiness ooze out of your bones. Then do your happy dance.
  • True happy is an adventure, living in the celebration of life, creating each moment of more happy, expressing, sharing your love, feeling vital and alive -- happy now.
  • Happy Now knows where you dwell in the celebration of the adventure life is, enjoying the ride, as you spread your happiness to all you see and do while infecting the quantum field with your happy.
  • Happy now is a choice that get's made by you when you decide, I choose happy now.  I choose a happy life.  I AM happy.
  • True happiness, is being a witness, a lover to your own life.  Choosing happy now -- not when you get to the end of your life and have achieved your goals [then I will be happy, when I get there].  Why wait that long, when you can be happy now?
  • True happiness is knowing you are the creator of your life and have taken full responsibility for how you feel, think, speak, and create your life.  True happy depends on YOU.
  • True happy can be experienced even after you have lost your home, lost your money, and ended a long relationship.  How else will you know the true meaning of happy, except through your experience?
  • True happy means feeling pain and bliss at the same time, knowing it's about feeling -- feeling all of it fully.  That's what humans do -- we FEEL.
  • True happiness is being in harmony with nature, seeing the happy in a daisy, or a rock, and in the sunrise every morning.  The sun is happy; be like the SUN.
  • True happy Is YOU now -- unconditional love.
  • True happiness is the freedom you claimed to be YOU -- apologetically you.
  • True happiness is being free of resistance.
  • True happy is living Happiness from the inside out.  
Cheers to your happy.
This week our focus is Happy Now, come help us ground it in.

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I wish you all so much love and happiness, 
from my heart to yours,
peace love liberty and freedom for all.

Kornelia Stephanie Dengel ~ 
Pioneering Ambassador of the New Earth, 
in service to the new light of Ascended living and thriving in the new earth. 
Ascended Master, Creator, Energetic Activator and Programer for the New Consciousness, Ascension Guide, Author, empowering all into their authentic expression, their sovereignty.
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