The power of belief is an amazing catalyst for change.
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Hello beautiful people,

I bring you acceptance and love, and I trust you had a great week.  I am back home from Santa Fe.  I feel like so much took place, so much healing, neutralizing, and polarizing of the energies -- both for me personally and the people I was with.  I will be traveling a lot more, including nature and beautiful cities I visit to express myself, grounding in the light. Take a look at this gorgeous sculpture in the folk art museum in Santa Fe (a must see).  Her description is "Acceptance," and she is sitting with a very thin leaf in her hands, as she accepts where she is in her life.  Blessing her and YOU.

The power of belief is an amazing catalyst for change.

I had a client that had severe gallbladder attacks, and the doctors were telling her to take it out.  I encouraged her to release the emotional suppression in the gallbladder -- her family history was one of obesity, and she had lots of emotional suppression in the body.  Bitterness and anger stored in any organ can cause dis-ease in the body, and the anger was the destructive force that was not in harmony within -- and this is always the first place I look.

Body Talk Programing MP3

As her guide and mentor and self-healer, I encouraged her to work on the emotional suppression behind the attacks first.  We did that together by me opening facilitating space for her -- for self-healing to take place -- and if she still was not getting the release she needed then she could still make that choice.  She successfully healed and released the energy, and through that experience she saved her gallbladder and healed herself.  WOW -- what confidence it created for herself and her future -- that she gained trust in herself, and through that, claimed her power.  There are many stories like this.  If you are listening to this and want do a personal session for self-healing, physically, spiritually, mentally, and emotionally, I will help you step into the truth of YOUR being and release YOUR fears now, so you can have a clear path to walk.
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Together we are co-creating our NEW Earth.  Are you making daily choices that reflect the consciousness of unconditional love in the new earth, or are you making daily choices that are still of the old earth (limitations, doubt and mistrust)?  To help you build a solid foundation for the NEW EARTH, as new humans we are building our foundations by embodying our knowing through our physical experiences and the choices we make.  Having our conscious focus and our daily choices be made in unconditional love, compassion, and trust for the greater good of all is our way to JOY.

My Mission:
Inspire others into self-healing, self-love, self-leadership, self-empowerment, and get back to the basics co-creating the new earth, as embodied divine beings.  
I created a structure (this game), living life and having fun.
I  am inviting others to co-create with me, embodying and living the word, in authentic love leadership, inspiring and touching heart-based living and thriving communities.  
For the greater good of ALL.

How will playing the What Is™ Game help my life?  

Playing this game will help you become the expert.  It is not meant to complicate your life — it’s created and designed  to compliment your life, setting up your new earth foundation in JOY.

The What Is™ Game is a spiritual, inspirational, fun, empowering, word and physical body game,
  • helping you focus on making choices that are based on unconditional love, compassion, and trust.
  • taking inspired action.
  • letting go of old earth consciousness, emotions, beliefs.
  • having fun at the core.
  • building a solid "thriving" foundation in your new earth.
  • building new relationships in an interactive global forum, sharing your voice and your gifts.
Right at your fingertips — every morning right when you get up, the message is waiting for you.

Daily inspirational messages and activations are posted 5 days a week.  A living play-shop right at your fingertips — every day you will get your spiritual workout, and activations aligning with the New Earth consciousness, thus letting go of old earth, thought, emotions, feelings, beliefs, and energy that no longer serves you.

Day Two — Body talk Programing

My gift to you, this free MP3
Heart open wide to receive a healing mediation and light activation, going into the cellular memory, harmonizing, healing the DNA with the golden light frequency.  Allow yourself to receive this loving light activation, and use it again and again.  Do not drive while listening to this activation.  Allow yourself to receive and relax -- this will support you in infinite ways.

There is so much more support daily in the membership.

Sign up now and take pleasure in this membership.  It offers you inspiration, activations, light encoded messages, a loving global community forum, all at your own pace, for the low price of $13.00 per month (that's less than 50 cents a day) -- what an extraordinary value!.  You can cancel at anytime.   I kept it affordable so everyone can join.

We know what we focus on expands -- this is why we are focusing our consciousness daily on matters of the heart, the body, and the soul.  Come join us, as we co-create our new earth on purpose.

I love you all so much,
Peace, love, Liberty and freedom for all,

Kornelia Stephanie Dengel ~ 
Pioneering a new consciousness for the
New Human.
I AM a Radiant Light, 
I AM your cosmic Cheerleader, 
your energetic activator, with deepest Love.
Love, Liberty and Freedom for all
with all my heart, 
Copyright © 2015 Ascended Living -- Thriving in the New Earth, All rights reserved.

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