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Picture taken in Santa Fe,
New Mexico at the Folk Art Museum
Hello Joyful people,

I trust you are experiencing new loves, new abundance, new communities and so much magic and Joy in your life, and all is unfolding beautifully for you.  Don't worry if that is not in your experience yet, you will!

As we go into the month of June, everything is feeling so very expansive -- a time for new beginnings, letting go of keeping track of time,  loosing yourself in your creative play or creative expression is what the inner child is yearning for. 

The energy of JUNE, is asking us to let our inner child come out and play -- more play and do your happy dance.  What is it that we want to have more fun doing?  Being and feeling playful, and just flat out having a kick-ass time, the attitude of the inner child that is so curious about how things are going to play out, is the energy to move into... being curious.  The inner child wants to play, and also feel secure and rooted in the earth, in the body, in the home -- looking at what makes you feel nourished and secure is very helpful in loving and helping the inner child feel secure... and if you think that you don't have time for fun or play, then maybe it's time to slow down.

In an age of speed, I began to think, nothing could be more invigorating than going slow.
-- Pico Iyer ~ Living Nomad Style

[Be sure  to scroll down and listen to our What is™  Worthy ---- Elixir for your inner child.]

Special thank you for the emails that I received from some of you, giving me a "job well done" on my newsletters.  I really appreciate that, but I certainly can't take all the credit, as I have a very amazing helper behind the scenes, helping me express myself with beauty, spelling, and grammar.  As some of you know English is not my first language, so thank you to Kevin Doheny, for all you do for me/us.

Would you like to feel more secure in your spiritual practice?

This is also a great time to strengthen your spiritual practice, to help you feel more grounded, more stable, and secure.  Right from the comfort in your own home, you and you inner child can play the What Is™ Game.

How will playing the What Is™ Game help your life?

Playing this game will help you become the expert.  It is not meant to complicate your life — it’s created and designed to compliment your life, setting up your new earth foundation in JOY.

The What Is™ Game is a spiritual, inspirational, fun, empowering, word and physical body game,
  • helping you focus on making choices that are based on unconditional love, compassion, and trust.
  • taking inspired action.
  • having fun at the core.
  • letting go of old earth consciousness, emotions, beliefs.
  • having fun at the core.
  • building a solid "thriving" foundation in your new earth.
  • building new relationships in an interactive global forum, sharing your voice and your gifts.
Right at your fingertips — every morning right when you get up, the message is waiting for you.

Daily inspirational messages and activations are posted 5 days a week.  A living play-shop right at your fingertips — every day you will get your spiritual workout, and activations aligning with the New Earth consciousness, thus letting go of old earth, thought, emotions, feelings, beliefs, and energy that no longer serves you.

Here is what people are saying in the membership community:

Kornelia is correct to assume that many of us, most of us, have an attitude problem with respect to our bodies. At least I know I've always given my body a bad time, wishing I was taller, not quite so prone to a soft middle, stronger, heftier calf muscles, smoother skin. But here I am, now 88 years old, and until recently still wishing for a better body.  And then Kornelia comes along with this new template, speaking out my new found love for my body and listening to it in turn.  I find thIs practice, so far, to be a healing influence making me feel better about myself, about the world around me, about other bodies.  I'm suddenly more conscious of the beauty I'm immersed in, even as I go about my old, familiar routine, my body not the drag it was, more a companion, I want to say, in spite of the aches and pains which I'm intent on loving into non-existence.

Want to feel and look younger and more free?
Would you like a new way to perceive and feel about your "body? 

Body Talk Activation: my gift to you, this free MP3.
Heart open wide to receive a healing mediation and light activation, going into the cellular memory, harmonizing, healing the DNA with the golden light frequency.  Allow yourself to receive this loving light activation, and use it again and again.  Do not drive while listening to this activation.  Allow yourself to receive and relax -- this will support you in infinite ways.

Here is our theme for this week: What is™ Worthy?

[Download the MP3]

You are Born worthy!
You, you, you are deserving of everything life has to offer… the sweetest, most beautiful life… it's yours.  A child, who is 6 days, 6 months, 6 years, 16 years,  36 years,  56 years, 76 years, 106 years old -- a very wise child -- is a child of God.  Each child from the day it is born, is born worthy.  A baby that is 6 days old has not achieved any big thing in the world, has not gotten a promotion at a job, earned a degree from collage, or made any money.  This child is nevertheless deserving of all the good things life has to offer, is deserving of respect, and has tremendous value as a human being in this body, breathing life into each cell.
Read the rest of the article here...

There is so much more support daily in the membership.
Sign up now and take pleasure in this membership.  It offers you inspiration, activations, light encoded messages, a loving global community forum, all at your own pace, for the low price of $13.00 per month (that's less than 50 cents a day) -- what an extraordinary value!.  You can cancel at anytime.   I kept it affordable so everyone can join.

I am loving my life and what I am creating.  I am living my dream, there is so much Joy and magic, as we are co-creating our new earth on purpose.  

I love you all so much,
Peace, love, Liberty and freedom for all,

Kornelia Stephanie Dengel ~ 
Pioneering a new consciousness for the
New Human.
I AM a Radiant Light, 
I AM your cosmic Cheerleader, 
your energetic activator, with deepest Love.
Love, Liberty and Freedom for all
with all my heart, 
Copyright © 2015 Ascended Living -- Thriving in the New Earth, All rights reserved.

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