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New Earth Thriving
-- creating a win-win for everybody

When I was in Santa Fe, I took a Kettle bell class that I really enjoyed, and now I recently started working out with a personal trainer.  While I regularly practice YOGA, which I really, really love, I wanted to up my practice.  So, when I came back home I contacted one of my good friends, who is a personal trainer, and fitness guru.  I choose her not only because she walks her talk, and that she is certified in my life coaching program, but because she is deeply devoted to the physical body and she will help me achieve my goal -- to be in the best physical shape of my life.  I trust her -- she's a bad-ass and gives her all to me.  What is going to make this goal successful is what I bring into it, because she is already there.  I need to develop, and up my game, commit, and bring it.  I picked her as my personal trainer because I know I will get the results I want.

That's pretty confident, in her and me.  My showing up for her/me is helping her, and her showing up for me is helping me, and it's rippling out into our communities -- positive leadership in the new earth.

I want to help you achieve your goal.

As your spiritual life empowerment coach, I am offering you the same thing: to up your game in your personal power.  I will be supporting you to take a quantum leap, in your life right now.  I am offering you no-nonsense, high-vibrational coaching into self-healing and empowerment.  In addition to receiving light activation, you will receive some powerful kick-ass support that will get you moving into limitless possibilities and freedom.

You will get results.

Movement is a must and the possibilities are endless, the path is Freedom (if you choose).
Move beyond any self-imposed limits, and be 100% in charge of your holographic reality.
Be the hero in your own life, and liberate yourself from your unconscious sabotaging behavior, habits, anger, conditioned responses, and go from victim consciousness to empowered creator of your reality.  You are bringing your purpose into your authentic expression.  
Here's who this IS for:
the person that wants to play bigger in life, knows that you have a purpose, you have a song in your heart that you are ready to sing, and you are ready to up your game.  You would bring to the call, all your baggage, whether it is emotional, physical, or mental -- WE are doing a clean sweep -- this will make you lighter, freer, and happier, aligning with the truth of who you are.  I will bring to the call, my intuitive soul self, along with my illuminating sword of truth, and all of my tools for self-healing and wisdom medicine -- that will have you soaring in no time.

Here's who this is NOT for:
anyone that is not willing to take 100% responsibility, the lazy folk, and anyone not willing to do the homework, or someone who is not ready to take action and turn their life around.  I don't want to work with someone that is in resistance, or does not value self-investment.  If you are still struggling with being worthy, then this is the perfect opportunity for you to claim your worth.

What this will do for you:
  • Ignite the self-healing template
  • Increase the feeling of love in your life
  • release powerlessness
  • make you look and feel younger
  • create huge movement and flow
  • get ready and receive huge abundance\
  • empowerment.
So, if you feel this experience is calling you. and you want to create some serious results in your life, here is what I am offering you:

(4) 60-minute coaching sessions with email support, plus 1-year basic subscription to my online membership program -- $444.00 

- or -
(1) 60-minute session -- $114.00 

If you really want a session yet are challenged financially, there are no more excuses because, we are moving into a new way of living and being, and part of that requires that we support each other in that way of living.  Money should not be a barrier and keep us separated from each other.

Reply to this email and I will offer you a suggested donation slip.

Here is to living your abundant life, singing your song, and thriving in the new earth.
From my heart to yours,

Kornelia Stephanie Dengel ~ 
Pioneering Ambassador of the New Earth, 
In service to the new light of Ascended living and thriving in the new earth. 
Ascended Master, Creator,  Energetic Activator and Programer for the New Consciousness, Ascension Guide, Author, empowering all into their authentic expression , their sovereignty.
Copyright © 2015 Ascended Living -- Thriving in the New Earth, All rights reserved.

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