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In observance of National Coming Out Day, Descry Arts Projects (DAP) activates an uncensored evening of New York based performance, sound, visual and literary LGBTQ artists. The event showcases a wide breadth of artistic expressions, forms and voices to condensate the very spectrum that makes up queer identity in 2012, 24 years after the first National Coming Out Day (founded in 1988). A celebration of being out, OUT TWENTY-FOUR provides a space for queer artists to respond to, interpret and engage with the experience of being out as reflected and impacted by today’s personal, political and social climate. 

In honor of the 24th anniversary, 24 works will be presented. 

October 11th, 2012, National Coming Out Day 
at Space on White, NYC 
81 White Street, Studio 3
New York, NY

EXHIBITION: 6:30-9:30pm
READING: 7:30pm

Please arrive early, space is limited 
PLUS: Affordable queer art sales both, compendium + beer/ wine.  


Promo Images by Azsa Luca West: COSTUME / MIXED MEDIA COLLAGE, WHITE OUT / 8 1/2 X 11 and

Presenting Artists:

Conceptual fashion design + queer manifesto: ALEXANDER CAVALUZZO is a New York based writer, cultural critic and arts activist. He will be presenting a queer manifesto and a sartorial sculpture entitled Out of the Closet, which explores the concept of identifying Queer people through their style and subversion of semiotic symbols curated for their bodies. Incorporating elements of the macabre, biology, high fashion and drag, the sculpture creates a complicated relationship between our bodies and what we wear.
Mixed-media collage: AMBER IBARRECHE is a Brooklyn based collage artist whose work deals with women, lesbian and queer identity and economic politics.  She will present a series of six poster sized reproductions of original collage works.  
Mixed-media collage: AZSA LUCA WEST was born and raised in small surfer town in southern California. She spent her childhood casting spells on mean girls and skateboarding.  She attended California College of the Arts and the W+K 12 school where she studied art direction and photography.  She is currently working as an art director by day at Wieden+Kennedy here in NYC. West's exhibiting work represents the timeless and chaotic style of Dada, the intimacies of Left Bank lesbians in the 1920s, and the revolutionary spirit of queer ephemera combined with personal experiences from a  European adventure, lesbian lifestyles, strange habits, the need for order and documentation, large type, and perhaps most importantly, true love. The works on view often utilize visual diagrams to illustrate ideas. Through shapes, masks, exquisite corpse,  they deliver their observations and revelations.
Archival Digital Photographs: BUNNY MICHAEL is a Brooklyn based artist who's work is a display of pop culture relating to the body and gender.  At Out Twenty-Four Michael will show a triptych of archival digital portraits.
Experimental video projection + photo + mixed-media collage: CHELSEA RAE KLEIN is an interdisciplinary artist and curator whose artistic practice is guided by an overarching investigation into “the other” and how our internal identity may refute or reflect external perceptions and naming. Klein will premier her new work Peepshow for Soldier Boy, a series of handmade and digital montage works that respond to a history of silencing faced by gays in the military prior to and during the implementation of Don't Ask Don't Tell.  Re-appropriating torn pages from aged books and vintage gay pornography, the work fabricates a dirty magazine or photograph of a lover that a gay soldier may have brought overseas, for comfort or pleasure, during wartimes. The collective images create an imagined freedom for soldiers whom once had no choice but closetedness.  Also presented will be video and photo excerpts from her series We Will Always Remain, But We Want to, Too.
Interactive performance: DONALD GRAHAM HERSHEY is an interdisciplinary artist based in Brooklyn, NY. Through video, performance and digital rendering he addresses notions of human empathy, mortality and sexuality. Raised in rural Wyoming, Hershey earned a BFA from the Massachusetts College of Art and has exhibited his work internationally. Hershey will debut ‘Bei Mir Mist Du Schön' / With Me You Are Beautiful is a collection of queer peoples’ audible and visual performances—recalling anecdotes on love from childhood. The piece highlights the significance of expressing emotions of love at an early age, and more specifically, the trials of those individuals who were denied such natural freedoms of expression as a consequence of their sexuality. A performative mirroring of experiences unfolds by the artist and sitter as recollections emerge through both sound and video.
Live, time-based installation: HORACIO PEREZ is a Chilean born actor, theater director and performance artist currently working in Manhattan. He will premier a time-based installation titled Maricón, a writing on the gallery floor of the Spanish, anti-gay term that also means, loosly translated to English, coward.  The installation will be displaced and re-formed by the footsteps of artist and audience over the course of the exhibition, representing the complexity of naming, and how language can be experienced/ internalized and then transferred or faded over time.  
Reading + oral history:  SVETLANA KITTO works as a writer, teacher and oral historian in New York City. Her writing explores history, memory, family, identity and place from a first-person perspective. She will read a coming-out story for the ages, and exhibit a short audio piece: On how queer men and women came together and came apart: the early days of the AIDS crisis.
Music video + sound projection: TWIN-GEMZ is comprised of artists Amber Ibarreche and Bunny Michael. Their music is a synthesis of hip-hop, electro-clash rap.   
Live piano + vocal performance: YES ALEXANDER is a brooklyn based musician focused on three musical endeavors; Her solo work consists of piano and vocals, LUST is her dark rock band with Seth Syberg and also a dance/pop project with producer Jay Battle.  All of these projects will be coming out this coming winter.

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