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Light Projections (2013 - 2015) Unique Silver Gelatin Photographs

This body of work has been awarded the prestigious World Photography Award for conceptual photography in 2014 as well as being honored in American Photography 30 and being shortlisted for the Source-Cord PrizeThese images are the basis for my series on the Infinite.

About the Prints:

All the Light Projection final prints are editioned from the 8x10" handmade, unique and one of a kind silver analog prints in sizes starting at 30x40".

To make the original prints Light is projected through an optical lens onto silver black and white photo paper and then developed in the darkroom via my entropic processes I have developed over the years to bring out certain varied aspects of the print grain by the manipulation of the silver metals in the paper using a variety of darkroom re-development techniques, brushes, bleaches and toners (and in these images a dash of Solarisation). 

The prints are camera-less and film-less images - but they are not Photogram's (nothing was placed on the surface of the paper). So I call them Light Projections. I am still trying to figure out if these have ever been made in the history of photography - in quite this way - as the circles are purely optical in nature and are really those "Bokeh like" Circles of Confusion that a lens can produce.


Image Below:
Study for Light Projection 38 & 39 (Negative Versions) 2015 
From Unique Silver Gelatin Prints)
Each work is 36x47"  100 year Color Pigment Print 
Edition of 5

Copyright ©2013 Thomas Brummett / All rights reserved.


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