Take time this summer for your soul.

Eva Bagasao, WHEN Ministry Developer in Edmonton, is celebrating 20 years as a Power to Change staff member! Daily she faces physical health challenges, but her enthusiasm and vision for expanding God's kingdom never wanes.

WHEN's mission of connecting women to Christ and to the local church starts with one lady...who then introduces you to tens of others from her circle of friends! Repeatedly I have seen the women we invite to our WHEN Ladies' Night Out bring along their families, friends and colleagues to our next events - dinners, picnics or Discovery/Growth Groups. Many of our committed team members and volunteers started as guests.

Our Filipino team in Edmonton just hosted our ninth WHEN event in May. What inspires me to do this again and again is seeing how God uses all of us, unites us in heart and shows us how to fill up each other's weaknesses and work together.

As we move forward, it's my prayer that God strengthen and inspire each WHEN team. In these teams, God is developing "multiplying women" - women who live contagious lives as they are discovering Christ's relevance and having fun! I can't wait to see more teams start!
May 13 Edmonton Filipino WHEN with Lorraine Taylor - "Journey Out of Fear"

After Gillian came to the Surrey Intercultural WHEN event in March, she said that one day she would like to share her story.  She was a talented musician who had started a personal relationship with Jesus in September, and was trying to understand how this new faith related to a couple of big issues she was struggling with. As she participated in a Discovery Group and came to church, she grew in her certainty of her salvation and in her understanding of Jesus'character. Her probing questions caused all of us to grow too. In May, Gillian suffered a severe seizure that took her life. It was a huge shock, but it was also a great comfort to know she has eternal life - God's greatest gift!
4 weeks
4 events
326   guests
90 decisions to
follow Jesus /
31 for the first time

How do we keep track of everything at once?
We are so grateful for Bryan Cua, who has served as WHEN Technical support for the past 5 years. He has developed a database that generates registration lists and seating plans before the events, tracks comment card responses and allows us to do effective follow-up post event.  Bryan's strategic thinking and passion for ministry make him an extremely valuable WHEN team member behind the scenes!  

Bryan and his wife Charlotte live in Burnaby.

The ladies had a great time at the Coquitlam Spanish Event held
May 14 with Speaker and
Team Member Karla Downey


Summer can provide opportunities to slow down.  As we take breaks from our regular routine, let's also take time to care for our souls. We know that nothing can separate us from the love of God, but at times, we become so busy with life that we can forget just how much He loves us. This summer treat yourself to some special times with the Lord to become more fully aware of His abiding love!

In Stephen W. Smith's book, "Embracing Soul Care", he says "Soul care takes time to learn.  The more you practice, the better you get at it." Try some of these practical ideas to create space to care for your soul:

  • Take a walk and spend some time thanking God for His Creation
  • Read a Bible passage each morning and think it over during the day
  • Listen to worship music while riding in your car or at the beach
  • Spend some meaningful time with friends
Psalm 35:9 - "Then my soul will rejoice in the Lord and delight in His salvation."
Richmond Cantonese Spring Event with MP Alice Wong
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