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August 2017
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1952 Kentwell Cup Premiers

The 1952 Kentwell Cup side, one of the last Briars teams to win the 1st Division Premiership, now has most of our team up here with Bob Clark and Ted Stockdale and we are able to watch and discuss the progress of Briars Rugby.  We want to congratulate all players, coaches and administrators for the progress you have made in 2017.  Because we are all seeing we knew that you were underestimating the depth and width of the hole Briars Rugby had reached.  We think the foundations you have laid in 2017 are a great start and we encourage all of you to keep it going.  As some of you know, our coach was Bill McLaughlin who was a Wallaby and after coaching us to  
two Kentwell Premierships went on to become coach of the Wallabies.  Bill is especially proud of your efforts in 2017 and particularly asks us to convey to the Briars Rugby Old Boys that “many more need to do more”.

Ted is pleased with everybody, Bob is his usual grumpy self but that probably is exacerbated by him having to spend a month each year in the extremely hot basement because he gave $3 million to the Sydney Grammar School Foundation instead of the Briars Foundation.

There are 7 members of the 1965 Briars Kentwell Cup Premier side also up here with us including Brian Williams who played in the 1949 and 1952 Kentwell Premiership teams and then coached the 1964 and 1965 Kentwell Premiership teams.  We leave them to convey their own good wishes.  All 7 have joined our discussions during the 2017 season.

As Ted would say “keep up the good work Lads”.

Good luck for our Centenary Year.
1965 Kentwell Cup Premiers

Greetings to all 2017 players, coaches and administrators.  This is Brian Williams.  I was fortunate enough to play with the ’49 and ’52 Kentwell Premier sides coached by Bill McLaughlin and then to personally coach the ’64 and ’65 Kentwell Premiers.  I have been asked not to mention the 1964 side so on behalf of the 1965 blokes who have made it up here so far including David Lindsay (1), John Edmonds (10), Col Dennis (15), John McNicol (8), Peter Darragh (4), Mike Elder (15) and his father Bill Elder who was our Chairman of Selectors, I convey our congratulations and pride in the hard work of many and the efforts of all.  Even Edo made it straight past the flames in the basement despite those dreadful social evenings at Summer Hill Masonic Hall, Elim etc.  We eagerly await the arrival of Crooksie and Beast to see if they can similarly get to our upstairs room.
Good Luck to all Briars Rugby people.  You were never going to make it out of division 4 in your first comeback year.  Keep it going.  We are shocked that Walker has failed to get ‘no train, no play’ underway.  Clearly he has lost his touch.
Best wishes for 2018, our Centenary year, to all players, coaches and administrators and to all Briars Rugby Old Boys we’re ready for you, We’re running a book on who will be the next 3 of you to join us.  You’ll particularly enjoy Edo and Hoddo from 4pm each afternoon.  Regards to all!
John McNicol here from the 1965 Premier Kentwell team and that unbeaten one from the year before.  Thanks to Craig Hickey for organizing the Rothwell Re-union for the 1975 Briars Whiddon Cup Premiers which I was lucky enough to coach.  Particular thanks to those who travelled from Bathurst and to Col Dayman who, despite injuries, still made it to Rothwell.  Got a spot here ready for you Craig and it looks like Burty won’t be far behind.
1975 Whiddon Cup Re-Union

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