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February 2017
Topics covered in update no.1 and update no.2 included:
  • New rugby management structure
  • Briars Rugby lunch
  • Long term objective is return to Kentwell Cup
  • Briars Rugby O.B. contact lists
  • New coaching panel appointments
  • N.Z. tour committee
  • U21 expansion
  • Briars Rugby dilemma
To review past updates, click on the links below.
Update No. 3 covers:

1. Recruiting Activity
Sub-committees have been formed for recruiting activity as follows:
  • 2016 Players
  • Other schools O.B.
  • Polynesian community
  • Trinity Grammar O.B.
  • Premier division
  • Military residence blocks
Progress is reported weekly and this is now managed by the Rugby Restoration Management Committee (RRMC).

2. Pre-season Calendar
Several events have been scheduled for Briars pre-season.
  • Garth Wood boxing training 14th  & 21st  February
  • Wanda sand hills training – 18th  February
  • Fitness and stand up paddleboard session – 4th March
  • Country trial TBA – 11th March
  • Subbies 7’s tournament – 18th March
  • Trial #1 – Drummoyne & Harlequins – 25th March
  • Trial #2 – Rothwell Trial v Merrylands & TBA – 1st April
  • Trial #3 – St. Ives Trial – 8th April
3. Briars Rugby O.B. Rugby List
Many rugby O.B. are missing from our contact lists.  We have targeted selected Old
Boys by decade to assist with updates.
  1. 1957 – 1967                     
  2. 1967 – 1977                     
  3. 1977 – 1987
  4. 1987 – 1997
  5. 1997 – 2007
  6. 2007 – 2017
Groups A,C,E & F are underway.  Groups B & D will commence shortly.
If you have contacts from Briars Rugby O.B. ask them if they are getting these updates and if not please advise the club via email to
Frankly, our lists could be much larger and more detailed.  Sincere help from all Briars O.B. is needed to improve this.

4. The Ted Stockdale Pavilion Opening at Rothwell
Progress is steady.  The official opening will be May or June.  We are scheduling the
opening for a home game and until the Suburban Rugby draw is released approx. end Feb the date is not final.  Note Rothwell Grand Final team re-union program.  The 1971 Whiddon Cup Premiership team will be the re-union side for the Stockdale Pavilion Opening Day.

5. Rothwell Grand Final Team Re-unions
During each rugby season we play on average 8 home games at Rothwell.  One of
those Saturdays in May is reserved for Ladies Day (would not have happened in the 50’s, 60’s or 70’s) and the last round at Rothwell has been reserved for Juniors Day.
This year 6 Rothwell home games will feature a re-union of a Briars Grand Final team.  Our first Rothwell match in 2017 will feature the 1985 Kentwell Cup side coached by Bruce Robinson.
Note: These re-unions are not restricted to solely the featured G.F. team.  All Briars Rugby O.B. are welcome to attend and join in.  All re-unions will be located on the eastern side of Rothwell with additional chairs and services provided.

6. 30A George St. Re-union.
It was hoped to hold a re-union at 30a George St.   Our initial discussions with the
chess club were positive and for a fee we could have hired the old club rooms.
4 weeks ago we revisited 30a George St. to further the discussions and fix a date.  Regrettably the Chess Club have now withdrawn their support for our re-union plans.  It has to be said that when one considers the logistics around the Chess Club fittings and furniture plus licencing challenges this was never going to be a simple night out.
Further discussions are possible.

7. The Briars Rugby Lunch - Friday June 16th
All members have been advised that we are holding a Rugby Lunch at Briars Sports
Club, Concord on Friday June 16th commencing at 12:00 noon.
Following lunch we expect at 3:20pm to walk to Rothwell for seating and drinks at the Ted Stockdale Pavilion.
Bookings are strong. Reserve your table or seat quickly.  Contact Andy Craig on Please advise your playing decade.
More details in separate Rugby Lunch announcements.

8. Rugby O.B. Support for Briars
We have received numerous phone calls and emails from Briars O.B. expressing
support and encouragement for our efforts to restore Briars Rugby to the Kentwell Cup division.  Thanks!  Please be ready to step in as opportunities are presented.  Your immediate opportunity is to ensure your old Briars Rugby mates are receiving our mailings.  Ask and thence update to the Briars Sports Club on (02) 9743 1907 or via email to

9. New Zealand Tour Feb/March 2018
The NZ Tour Committee consisting of: - Phil England, Andy Hogg, John Metcalf, Ian
Richard, Reuben Sinai, Rod Smith, Chris Walker, Brian Wooley met during January and agreed on key tour features.  We expect to release an itinerary and approx. costings during March.
It is our objective to assist financially with 4 players chosen from 2017 players by Head Coach, Lachlan White, and an additional 4 from new Colts in 2018.

10, Briars Inter Sport Comparisons
For those who believe trying to revive rugby or sport in the Concord area is a waste of
time, please consider the following:

Numbers in all Briars Sports
 Sport Senior Teams Senior Players Junior Teams Junior Players Volunteers
 Cricket 13 230 37 480 80
 Hockey 15 199 9 115 65
 Netball 4 40 34 250 40
 Squash 11 210 8 170 4
 Rugby 3 65 3 26 20

Briars Rugby in terms of number of teams, number of players is a distant last.  We have to accept that it is our management that has resulted in this.  Management over the last 20 years or more.  Briars Rugby has not been an attractive proposition for prospective players.
Total players across all Briars Sports.
Cricket             710
Squash            380
Hockey            314
Netball             290
Rugby              91
We have to make Briars Rugby a destination for school leavers, retiring premier division players and western suburbs and nearby residents.  The growth of our juniors is a critical opportunity.
Briars Rugby has to lift its results, its culture and its image!
Who is going to do this?
Briars Rugby Old Boys and Briars active players – because it’s our rugby club and someone has to fix it!
Next month in Rugby Update No.4 we will examine finances.
What rugby costs Briars Sports Club.
What Briars Rugby costs as a player.
How the Briars Rugby Old Boys can strengthen financially to aid Briars Rugby.                

We are seeking sponsors via Briars Rugby Old Boys.
You can reach over 500 ex-rugby players between ages 20 & 80 with 10 mail outs per year.
You ideally will have links to Briars through family or friends.
Our growing and aging retired players will now, or in the future, need accounting advice, legal advice, stockbroking advice etc.  We will only accept one advertiser per category.
Cost is $5,000 per year, for a close to half page ad.

We have our first sponsor.  Mathew Walker is the Chairman of Cicero Advisory Group and the son of a retired Briars Rugby Player.
Cicero Group offers stockbroking services and corporate advisory services.
Who do you know who could become a sponsor?
Potential sponsors, please email
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