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August 2018
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On Friday June 22nd the 2nd of our Annual Briars Rugby lunches was held at the Briars Sports Club Concord premises.
We have 3 prime objectives with these Rugby lunches:
  1. Raise money for Briars Rugby.
  2. Bring Briars Rugby O.B. back together.
  3. Demonstrate to the present playing group our Rugby history and culture.
Progress was made with all 3 objectives:-
  1. $10,000 was gifted to Briars Rugby for seasonal financial requirements.
  2. We had 181 attendees compared to 150 in 2017.  Next year’s target 200+.
  3. Problems have emerged with coaches complaining that too many players were hungover for the Saturday June 23rd game.  Note later comments on timing.
We sincerely thank all the people who collectively contributed to the success of the lunch.

A. Andy Craig
B. 18 Table Captains.
C. Brett Papworth.  Wallaby, Kangaroo. Pres. Eastwood RUFC, guest speaker.
D. Fab Fenton.  Shute Shield Premiership Coach, guest speaker.
E. Eric Tweedale.  Guest and oldest living Wallaby.
F. Sons of Briars Rugby Older O.B.
  • Hamish Crookes – son of Richard
  • James Leckie -son of Bill
  • Jeremy Mortlock – son of John
  • Mat Walker – son of Chris
G. The 181 attendees.
H. Rugby Committee members who assisted with the post lunch Rothwell drinks.
I. Jason Parle and the Briars Sports Club Team.
Several questions have arisen answers to which will assist with the 2019 Rugby Lunch.
1. Timing.
In 2018 we experienced conflict with competing Briars events.
  • May 4th - Briars Hockey lunch at Parliament House
  • June 22nd -Briars Rugby Lunch
  • August 4th-Briars Centenary Dinner.
In order to minimize competition and maximize attendance at all Club fund raising functions Briars Rugby and Hockey have commenced discussions to solve this issue.  We agree that there should be a minimum of 3 months between events.  Thus we are looking at one lunch in May and one in August.  Hockey are willing to take either date.
For Rugby people August has 2 positive features:-
  1. Tri-nations games are on and we may be able to co-ordinate with a Sydney match.
  2. Suburban Rugby season is over except for finals and thus we can better manage our current players attendance and post lunch hangovers (no attendance by finals players – others welcome).
Questions to Old Boys.
Is a Friday in August suitable for our Rugby Lunch with the Hockey lunch in May?  Please advise Andy Craig or Chris Walker.
2. Number of Attendees.

2017 we had 154 attendees.
2018 we had 181 attendees.
2019 we should target to exceed 200 and give Rugby $15,000.
Why can’t we get 300?  A marquee on the northern synthetic bowling green would allow another 100 attendees.  We thence donate $25,000 to Rugby.
Explain this statistic on attendance. Where are our missing years and decades??

The lack of attendance by Briars players from later decades is a constant shock to O.B. from the 60’s.  Where are you all???
Come back next year – and the one after.
3. Assistance.
We need more table captains – particularly from the lost teams of the missing

We need more people assisting Andy Craig and Chris Walker with event organization.
Please contact us now to offer help for next year. Let’s make the Briars Rugby Lunch the biggest event on the Briars Annual calendar – at least until we return to Kentwell Cup and win the 1st division Club Championship.
Lunch Photographs. 
To view all the photos, Click Here.
Because it’s your Rugby Club and
Somebody’s got to fix it.
Contact Andy or Chris
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