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March 2017
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It was intended to cover player costs and Briars Rugby finances in update no.4, however, we now have the draft draw for the 2017 season and, as this is to feature previous Briars Grand Final team re-unions at Rothwell home games, we are prioritizing the draw and home game programs in this issue.  Financial issues will be covered in update no.5 in the next 2 weeks.
Update No. 4

1.  Almost Final Draw for 2017

Please note the following draw is tentative.  It may change during the next month as
Suburban Rugby finalizes its 2017 competition.
The full draw featuring all teams is attached to this update.
The Rothwell games and re-unions are as follows:-

Saturday Opposition Briars G.F.Team Re-Union Organiser
April 22nd Rouse Hill 1985 Kentwell Cup Bruce Robinson & Peter Dunlop
May 13th Blacktown 1964 Burke Cup Ian Blair
May 27th Sydney Irish 1971 Whiddon Cup Bob Spedding & Singo
July 1st Canterbury 1995 Clarke Cup David Guille & Andy Craig
    1996 Barraclough Cup David Guille & Andy Craig
    1997 Barraclough Cup Mick Ellem & Andy Craig
July 8th Sydney Harlequins Ladies Day Dave Lannan
July 29th Macquarie University 1975 Whiddon Cup Craig Hickey
August 12th Oatley Kids Day Dave Lannan

We are holding a series of Grand Final team re-unions at Rothwell on home games
during the 2017 season. 
These re-unions are to feature various Briars sides who played in Grand Finals but are not restricted to just those teams.
All Briars Rugby Old Boys are welcome to Rothwell home games and, if you wish, to away games.
Featured teams include:
Saturday April 22 1985 Kentwell Cup
    Coaches:  Bruce Robinson & Rex Harris
Aaron Maher David Guille Brent Cash Ross Maclaine
Owen Moore Mal Weber Tony Cooper   Brian Hurley
Peter Hansen Joe Lancuba Bob Bishop     John Jessup
Garry Neate Peter Dunlop   Greg Mitchell   Gordon Pegler
Paul Bevins John Healey Tony Wozniak Terry O’Kane
Milton Howell Bob Handthorne    
’85 Kentwell Cup
Success rating for re-union:  75%
Bruce Robinson and Peter Dunlop seem a bit disorganised and Tony Wozniak is not answering his phone.
Saturday May 13 1964 Burke Cup
    Coach: Lex Yule
Ian Blair Grahame Rolleston Josh Randle    David Hales
Jack Metcalf Tim Roberts    Keith Windshuttle Len Graff
Ian Anderson  Les McNeil Steve Keir Greg Hurst
Ian McGregor  Clint Cable      Kevin Maughan Charles McMonnies
Don Joy Dave Kerrigan John Singleton Grahame Sampson
’64 Burke Cup
Success rate for re-union:  99%
Ian Blair is an ex Club President and, more importantly, an ex-scrum half.
Saturday May 27 1971 Whiddon Cup
    Capt/Coach: Singo
Bob Spedding John Wearne Ken Gray John Boyle
Bob Steele Mike Tremelmor Eddie James Ian Bailey
Bob Montgomery David Spratt    Dave Royalson Col Dennis
Norm Trotter Dave Layton Peter Sawyer  
’71 Whiddon Cup
Success rate for re-union: 65%
Bob Spedding is trying, Singo is frying bigger fish and possibly a few deceased players won’t make it.

Saturday July 1            
Coach: David Guille  Coach: David Guille Coach: Mick Ellem
Asst. Coach: Tony Wozniak Asst. Coach: Tony Wozniak             
Manager: Andy Craig  Manager: Andy Craig  Manager: Andy Craig 
12 players were in all 3 teams
9 players were in 2 teams
20 players were in 1 team
Dean Anese Jarrod Bryant Sean Humphrey            Silui Pita
Steve Arnold Ted Churchyard Anthony Johnston Tommy Rampoldi
Brendan Bailey Steve Danks Mark Kingston Charlie Rennie
Greg Brown Dooley Davis   Paul Koziollek Jason Riik
Adam Brown Trevor Folsom Chris Lamond James Steele
Paul Brooks George Ford Marty Lubrano Brandon Shepard
Ian Beattie Greg Guest Rob McQuade Tai Singapu
Stu Brisbane   Phil Guest James Munro Reg Taiata
Grahame Bayliss Tim Guest Phil Mason      Tepe Taia
Anthony Bell M Gray Andy Moar David Taylor
Steve Davis     Scott Hyde      Stuart Pearse Lee Tone
    Paul Viglienzone Cameron Slapp

Success rate for re-union:  only 50% but that still gives us 20 at Rothwell.
Trouble is, David Guille is too busy, same for Mick Ellem, Andy Craig is organising the Rugby Lunch and everybody else except Chris Lamond has vanished.
Phil Guest – please come out and organise this.
Saturday July 8 Ladies Day
Saturday July 29 1975 Whiddon Cup
    Coach: John McNicol
Craig Hickey Chris Walker Bruce Ferguson Bob Hodgson
Peter Burt        David Guille Greg McPhee  Col Dayman
John Powel Jim Swift Ken Gray John Allen
John Worrall Steve Madden Bob Spedding Ralph Toyer
John Harvey    Peter Voorderhake    

’75 Whiddon Cup
Success rate for re-union:  99%
Craig Hickey is an ex Club President and, more critically, an ex scrum Half.
Saturday August 12  Kids Day
3. 2017 DIVISION FOUR FULL DRAW (Almost Final)

Click on the button below to see the full draw.
Rugby Draw

All the Rugby Old Boys listed came from the Briars Sports Annual Reports.

In 1995, 1996 and 1997 our first grade side made 3 Grand Finals and won 2 premierships.  These were not accidents or good luck.  We recommend you read the 1995 – 96 Rugby section of the Annual Report.  It runs to 29 pages and clearly demonstrates passion, attention to detail, commitment to excellence, sound coaching and management and solid quality teamwork.
Compare this with the 2008 - 2009 Annual Report which runs to 1 page and the difference is stunning.
Let’s hope the 2017 Rugby section of the next Briars Annual Report emulates the quality of 1995 - 96.
5. BRIARS RUGBY LUNCH 16th June at Briars Sports Club

Tables are filling – move quickly.

Club and 1st grade coach, Lachlan White, on behalf of the 2017 coaching panel has  asked would any Briars Rugby Old Boys be willing to sponsor players to the Rugby Club Lunch?  Lachlan hopes for a table of 10 X 2017 players to be selected by the coaching panel.  His request is O.B. only sponsor $100 with the player contributing $50.

Andy Craig and Chris Walker have agreed to sponsor 1 player each.  We are looking for 8 more sponsors from our rugby O.B. group.  Please contact Andy Craig on 9981 1621 or Chris Walker on 0412 000 616 to offer your support. 

Lachlan wants the present playing group to experience Briars Rugby history and culture.

We are still looking for 3 more sponsors.
1 Accounting group.
1 Legal group
1 other
Please contact us at  to express interest
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