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October 2017
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 This update deals with:-
  1.  Rugby Workshop October 15.
  2.  Rugby Annual Report and Yearbook.
  3.  Old Boys support for Briars Rugby
  4.  2018 Briars Rugby lunch.
  5.  Un-financial Rugby Old Boys
On Sunday October 15 a group of 17 Briars Rugby players and Old Boys attended a meeting at the Coronation Club, Burwood to discuss objectives and strategies for Briars 2018 rugby.

Only the first 2 pages are reported in this update.
For the full 6 page report please click on the button below.
Full Report
The first 2 pages are:- 

The following is a summary of the Rugby Workshop meeting and subsequent follow up discussions.
•  Brett Howle opened the meeting, asked all attendees to introduce themselves, set guidelines for the meeting, reminded all that as the Briars Sports Club Board has agreed to a generous funding program for Briars Rugby they would continue to insist that Briars Rugby was run in a competent and professional manner and led by the best available people.
•  The previously listed 20 issues were reviewed and, at the recommendation of Stacey Howcroft, the subject of “Briars Culture” was added.  The 21 key issues were extensively discussed and sub-committee leaders appointed.
•  Early on in the meeting it was pointed out that the agreed 21 key issues were relevant and appropriate only to certain objectives.  For example, if the objective for Briars Rugby was to be a one team club in 6th division then half of the 21 key issues do not apply.  Extensive discussion followed on what was to be the long term objective for Briars Rugby.  Eventually the following was agreed:-

 “Year after year field a playing group capable of winning
the Club Championship and manage Briars Rugby in a
way that enables us to be the SRU Club of the Year”.
Subsequent to this long term objective, the 2018 objective for Briars Rugby was agreed:-

“Briars to win the 4th Division Club Championship and
be awarded the 4th Division Club of the Year”.
Readers should note the final page of this summary which is a copy of the criteria used by the NSWSRU to determine the ‘Club of the Year’.
The 21 key activities were extensively discussed and sub-committee leaders appointed.
Only the top 3 are detailed in this summary.
  1.  Club & Team Coaching & Managing Group.
As previously announced Lachlan White has agreed to continue in 2018 as Club 1st Grade Coach.  This appointment was negotiated by John Slender and Chris Walker.
Lachlan will now appoint Coaches and Managers for all teams and end October is targeted for completion of this.  The group involved in these discussions includes Mitchell Paish, Dave Weston, Andrew Bate, John Klumpp, Tim Entwisle, Scott McGill, Dave Lewis.
Guest coaches have also been contacted or targeted and this group includes:-  Andrew Blades, Chris Malone, Andrew Kellaway, Nathan Grey.
Fitness coaches to include: - Garth Wood and Grant Hyde.
It was agreed that for the entire playing group an enhanced level of fitness will be required for 2018.
  1. Recruitment.
The long term and annual objectives demand that the quality of our playing group is enhanced and, as winning the Club Championship inevitably leads to promotion to a higher division, the enhancement of the playing group becomes increasingly important and a constant requirement. Player recruitment includes consideration of the following sources of players:-
  1. Schools
  1. South African players
  1. Briars networks
  1. Premier Div. clubs
  1. Polynesian players
  1. Colts

For the full 6 page report please click on the button below.
Full Report
For some decades Briars Rugby players and Old Boys have opened the Briars Annual Report in December each year and been seriously embarrassed by the meagre rugby section.  It is not unusual for Briars Cricket to have a 40 page report, Briars Hockey a 30 page report, netball, bowls and squash to exceed 10 pages each and Briars Rugby sometimes only 2 pages.
In 2017 Rugby has commissioned a first class, comprehensive Annual Report and Yearbook dealing with all sections of Briars Rugby.
Only the first 2 pages are reproduced on this update.  For the full 25 page report, click on the icon below;
2017 Briars Rugby Annual Report & Year Book
This report will be available 4 ways:-
  1. Within the full Briars Annual Report…..Electronically (When published)
  2. Within the full Briars Annual Report…..Hard Copy (When published)
  3. Separate Briars Rugby Report only…..Electronically
  4. Separate Briars Rugby Report only…..Hard Copy
You should register your request with Monique or Megan on (02) 9743 1907.
The first 2 pages are:-
For the full 25 page report, click on the icon below;
2017 Briars Rugby Annual Report & Year Book

For decades Briars Rugby has been managed and administrated by the playing group.
Briars Rugby Old Boys, after retiring, move on to the Club Board, the Club Presidency, the Foundation etc. but the only Rugby administration or management role was as a coach or team manager or selector.  Major discussions impacting on Briars Rugby present and future have generally been made by 20 odd year old players and committees.
          • Our playing strip has been changed 6 times in the last 60 years.
          • Our culture has been eroded or neglected at the whim of individuals in key roles.
          • Successful winning formulae have been abandoned with fresh, constantly changing Rugby Committees and Chairmen.
Contrast this with Colleagues RUFC.  The most successful club in suburban rugby.  Never been out of the Kentwell division.  Richard McGrath, Colleagues Rugby Chairman, is 56 years old and been in the job for 10+ years.  The Colleagues Treasurer is also a Colleagues Old Boy.
Contrast this with Petersham.  Dan Moore, head of Petersham, is 62 years old.  The Petersham Committee average age is over 40.
Briars needs a new organizational structure for rugby.  This is now under review.  We need and always have needed a soundly led, vibrant rugby player Committee but equally we need a vibrant, healthy well led Old Boys group.  At present our Old Boys group has been predominantly inactive and mostly invisible.
Unlike players, Old Boys don’t want:-
          • to go to training
          • to go to every game, particularly away games
          • to regularly drink at Briars
          • to centre their social life around Briars
Rugby O.B. have done all this in prior years when, like the present playing group,  rugby was a major part of life.
But, Old Boys can bring a wealth of commercial and life experience to Briars which has benefitted from Briars playing days but has been enhanced by later experiences.
Imagine we had 2 separate, but integrated, vibrant groups administering Briars Rugby and consider which of our key management functions ideally fits where!

Playing Group
Rugby Committee
  Either or both
  Old Boys Group
Managing Committee
Player Registrations   Player Recruitment   Coach & Team Manager Appointment
Rothwell home games   Sponsorship    Actual Coaching & Managing
Season Calendar      Advert. & Promotion   Rugby Finances
Club Captain   Culture           Suburban Rugby Affairs
Player Communications   Junior Rugby   Annual Lunch
Social Activities   Induction   Old Boy Contact
        West Harbour Relationship
        Employment Networks

The playing group’s major commitment should be to on-field results.  Their managing and administration activities, where applicable, will be secondary to their playing and on field role and will suffer accordingly.
The Old Boys Group role is, or will be, to provide support to the playing group so as on-field and off-field results are maximized.
We need an active, vibrant Old Boys group.  Some of us have spare time, some don’t but there are many ways and many tasks with which Old Boys can help.  Many can be worked on from off site.
We need help as follows:-
Rugby Board members      (5 meetings per year)
Assisting with rugby mentoring and employment   (4/5 meetings)
Rugby Lunch management   (once a year)
Rugby Lunch table captains   (organise 10 and pay $1500 once per year)
Team Managers   (refer Dave Lewis)
Old Boys mail list enhancement    (work from home)
West Harbour Relationships   (4/5 meetings)
Old Boys Monthly Updates   (once per month)
Old Boys Sponsorships   (one shot project)
Rugby Finance monitoring   (from home and 3 meetings)
Financial O.B. Membership subscriptions and donations   (more next month)
Country and NZ recruitment programs   (3 meetings, 6 phone calls)
Call Chris Walker on 0412 000 616 if you can to get more active.
    4. 2018 BRIARS LUNCH
On Friday June 22nd, 2018 the Briars Rugby Lunch will be held at Briars Sports Club, Concord.
12:00  Arrive for pre-lunch drinks
12:45  Sit down at your table
1:00    Lunch and speeches (no auctions)
3:45    Adjourn to Rothwell Park Ted Stockdale Pavilion
6:45    Adjourn to your home
Speakers to be announced in due course.
Wallabies play Ireland in Sydney on Saturday June 23rd.
Table Captains should contact Andy Craig on (02) 9181 1621.  We are looking for 12 table captains to organise their own table of 10 attendees and collect $150 per head.
Volunteer now to be a table captain and provide 10 attendees.
All proceeds to Briars Rugby.
This is a Rugby Lunch for Rugby Blokes.
The following rugby players and Old Boys were un-financial as of mid-October having failed to pay their annual subscription.

From the  50’s, 60’s and 70’s.    
John Randle  Bob Spedding Col Dayman
John Mortlock Les McNeil Bill Marshall
John Singleton Ian McGregor Bob McGleish
Mal Goldsmith Grant Hickey  
From the 80’s, 90’s and 00’s    
Tim Guest Bruce Robinson Ashley Walsh
Andy Craig Warwick Williams Reuben Sinai
Len Hollis Andrew Bate Scott Hipwell
Peter Dunlop    

As of end October all are now financial for 1 more year courtesy of an old retired Briars scrum half with very short hair.  You can all repay this by attending the Briars Rugby Lunch at the Briars Sports Club on Friday June 22nd 2018.
Tender Writing - For more information click here
Technical Writing - For more information click here
Marketing Material - For more information click here
Testimonials - For more information click here
Both these sponsors are financially supporting Briars Rugby Old Boys.
In return we (you) should be supporting them.
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