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Artist of the week: Alexandra Buckle

It's hard to imagine a process less forgiving than linocut printing and Alexandra Buckle is the master. She's a former Royal Academy Exhibitor and Artfinder bestseller. Get her work now and give your walls some 'wow'.

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Our CEO Jonas says...

"Alexandra Buckle is a true expert in this demanding medium. But it’s so much more than technique. As is the case with all great art, the final artwork is so engrossingly beautiful that it gives you a feeling of miracle, that you cannot quite understand how it all came together, like you have just experienced magic.”

Mevagissey Boats by Alexandra Buckle

'Mevagissey Boats'



“Alexandra is inspired by nature, by light and shadows, by reflections and colour.”

Lily Pond by Alexandra Buckle

'Lily Pond'


“She makes sure the art captures the moment of inspiration for the viewer to see and enjoy forever thereafter.”

New Leaves and Bluebells by Alexandra Buckle

'New Leaves and Bluebells'


“Each print is built by meticulously shaping each layer of colour with an absolute understanding of how each subsequent layer will build up the final image.”

Autumn Beeches by Alexandra Buckle

'Autumn Beeches'

Sunshine Fields

Tide's Out

Southbank Reflections

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Learn more about Alexandra...

Alexandra Buckle blog

“I remember my first light bulb moment so clearly. It was one of our very first trips to the woods, it was spring and the bluebells were emerging. The weather, season and time of day all have a bearing on the colour and light...”

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