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Day 2 of Birthday Week!

It's my birthday week and we are celebrating.

I am sending an email a day telling you all about my favorite things!

You'll also get to know Team DKA a bit more with some pictures from the past. Getting these emails together has been so fun!


Birthday Favorite #2

My second favorite thing and something I hate running out of is SOAK.

Soak is a wash "soap" for washing anything that needs some extra care.

I use this product for more than just my handknits. I use it for swimsuits, lingerie, and other delicate wash items. You can use it in your bathroom sink or your machine.

Soak is manufactured in Canada, and rinse free. All you need to do is put your garments in a sink filled with water and a bit of Soak, squish the soaky water through, and let it hang out a while. Squeeze out the water, roll in a towel and let dry. Easy peasy!

There are beautiful fresh scents. These fragrances are easy for even scent sensitive folks to handle. There is a Scentless option too.

The bottle available for my second day special is 12 oz. and is under $15 with 10% off. 

As with all of the upcoming items, if you want one, you should click and buy or call us!!! They will probably go fast. We are happy to hold all of your orders until the end of the week!

Click here.

Team DKA!!

I'm also going to be sharing pictures of our DKA team throughout the week. You'll see us in all of our gawky glory through the decades. Get ready to giggle. 

We are on to high school pics today. I hope you laugh at these like we did! years? Weddings? Who knows!
I was lucky enough to go to Europe as a teen with my family. This picture was from the top of the Leaning Tower of Pisa! How about that PERM?
Might look like Sue had a perm here...but nope, natural curl baby!
Beth is looking so proud of herself in these hammer pants and a walkman. A WALKMAN!! 
Carroll looks exactly the same today as when she was in her teens.  Maybe she should grow her hair out again!
Sweet high school Marlo, wouldn't you just like to be her best friend?
I would not want to be on the receiving end of this teenage stare from Carly. Would you?

Memorial Weekend Hours

We will be open throughout Memorial Weekend. If you need a place to come and cool off:) Stop in!

Monday hours 10 - 5

Keep it Local

We are proud members of the Mainstreet Stillwater IBA. A group of independent businesses in the historic district working together to keep downtown unique! More info here.

 Discover Stillwater

Check out for all sorts of awesome St. Croix River Valley events!

Book Club 

Join us in July for our next book club conversation.

We'll be discussing Knit Two, A Friday Night Knitting Club Novel 
by Kate Jacobs. 

Friday, July 12th 6-8pm

All are welcome

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