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Greetings from Wissahickon Village Cohousing!

The time is right for cohousing!!  There is so much interest and enthusiasm.  Our mailing list is now up to 512 members, and our Meet-Up site has 280  members.  Plus there are always new visits on our Facebook page and website. 
Check out this article about cohousing that recently appeared in the NY Times:
 Our previous members, Janet and Don, are now living there!
What we continue to need is a group of idealistic and energetic members to help us move forward to the home of our dreams. 

Meanwhile, we continue our monthly First Wednesday Informal Info Sessions at Cafe TaTa in Mt. Airy from 4-6 pm.  We also enjoy monthly pot luck socials with old and new friends.  

Our Pot Luck Dinner and Social for February will be on Sunday, February 18th, from 4-6 pm, at the home of Itzik and Elayne, 7238 Bryan Street, Mt. Airy, Philadelphia.  The theme this month is   ***CHOCOLATE***.  In addition to the usual beverages, appetizers and food, we will have a fondue pot filled with chocolate for dipping.  Bring whatever delectables you would like to dip!!

 New and interested, as well as old members
are always welcome!!

   Let Elayne know if you will be joining us--

We hope to see you at an event soon!!



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