December 23, 2014
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PTO/Booster News

Holiday Greeting From PTO/Booster to North Star

We want to give a loud and boisterous Holiday cheer to all of our great parents, teachers and our principals Melissa, Shay and Shari for helping us to a great 1st semester of 2014/15 school year. HO! HO! HO!

Kudos to Great E Book Sellers

C:\Users\Dadio\Dropbox\5 BOOSTER & PTO\ebook salespeoplecrop.jpg

Outstanding Ebooksellers L to R Sarah Sandberg, Parker Middleton, Jennifer Caulfield and Kaylie Reed

Booster thanks all the North Star secondary students who sold entertainment books this year. Booster now has seed money to begin assisting teachers at our great school.

Booster Club wants to give a big shout out to the Entertainment Books sellers in Mrs. Drick’s A3 classroom.  In that classroom alone the top 4 sellers sold nearly 50 books. (see photo)

A standout among the top sellers is Jennifer Caulfield. She sold the old fashioned way by going door to door on her own. She took only her dog for protection. She sold 27 books, the most in North Star this year. She has qualified for the top prize, a bike helmet camera. Thank you, Jennifer.

Thanks to Mrs, Drick. Mrs. Scott, Mrs. Hawkins, Mrs. Gardner and Mrs. Smith for their unflagging support!   

We believe all prizes have been awarded. If you feel you were missed, please get in touch with Michelle Lambright she will make it right.

PTO Wraps Ebook Sales

The prizes for Entertainment books sales have been awarded to individual students and ice cream parties are awarded to

  • 3rd grade Mrs. Eardley's class for 1st place,

  • 5th grade Mrs. Stringfiled's class for 2nd place,

  • 4th grade Mrs. Pembel's class for 3rd place

for the most entertainment books sold in elementary classrooms.

We thank everyone for their support.

I would like to thank the PTO board members, Craig Frank, David Potter and Elysianna Ashcraft for a great first semester of the school year. This is their second year, and they keep bringing their energy, knowledge and focus to every event, they make sure that every  promise we make is fulfilled and every obligation is met. PTO may not sound like the most  fun place to work, but for me it is. They make it that way. And  I cannot forget their families, that allow them to spend the time with PTO. Without their support it all would not be possible.
And PTO could never be successful without tireless support from our Elementary Administrator, Shay Davis. Amongst all the things she does, she always finds time to help us out and to make things work. We appreciate that more, than we can say.

And shout out to our Boosters, you all ROCK!!!!

Thank you.
Jitka Elizarraras
NSCS PTO President

Special Parent Volunteers Needed
Looking for a fun, school based, short term project in the New Year?
Want to give back to North Star? 

The secondary Booster Club (with PTO) is exploring the possibility of offering Idaho Pizza Company pizza on Fridays to students at NS starting in January. We need: 

  • At least one organized and responsible parent to oversee student orders and collection of monies. 
  • Additional volunteers every Friday to distribute pizza to students.
We want and need your help!

Please contact Michelle Lambright

4th Grade Holiday 
The 4th graders represented our school proudly on Tuesday, December 16th at the Idaho state capitol building! Read more!
Congratulations to Colton Winegar
In 2013 over 1.5 million juniors took the PSAT.  Of those 34,000 students, the top five percent, are recognized for their exceptional academic promise.  Congratulations to North Star Charter School senior Colton Winegar for receiving a Letter of Commendation from the National Merit Scholarship Corporation.
Holiday Caroling a Success
North Star students and their families celebrated the 11th annual Eagle Country Christmas with sing-a-long carols and candy canes on Sat. Dec. 13th.  Thanks for the great turn out!
Band Concert
Photo Credit: Dave Schwartz

The band concert on December 16 featured the 7th grade, 8th grade, and High School concert bands. The selection was mostly Christmas music, but with a few kinda Christmas-y sounding pieces that made the concert overall a cheerful and varied performance. Thanks to our amazing band director, Mr. Davidsen, and to all that were in attendance. Our next concert is on March 10 - hope to see you there!
Some Myths about Sleep

And Mama in her 'kerchief, and I in my cap,
Had just settled our brains for a long winter's nap
— Clement Moore

Getting caught up on sleep during Holidays? 
Well think again.

In the short term, if you miss an hour or two of sleep, you can catch up the next night or nap later that day without too many side effects. However, you cannot continually miss one or two hours every weekday and expect to make that up on Saturday or Sunday morning. At Penn State, 30 Participants slept eight hours for a few days to establish a baseline, and then slept only six hours for six days followed by three days of 10-hour recovery sleep. Researchers found that two days of recovery sleep alleviated daytime tiredness and inflammation, but that attention performance did not rebound following recovery sleep.

Text messages, kittens on YouTube or TV are a Good Way to Wind Down. 
Throw the smart phone away 

Experts recommend not getting in bed until you feel sleepy, and associating as few activities as possible with your bed.  Many people have a hard time hitting the sheets and falling right asleep, so flipping on a show or reading a book while lounging in bed can seem like a good way to relax and get sleepy. It's well known that televisions contribute to sleep problems by way of light and distractions; however it was also found that reading on a tablet, laptop or smartphone can steal sleep.

Counting Sheep Helps You Sleep. 
Only if the sheep are relaxing and peaceful 

You've heard the idea that counting monotonous objects can help you drift off, but one Oxford study of insomniacs recently found that rather than encouraging sleep, counting sheep actually delayed rest compared to other methods. What did work to encourage faster sleep was visualizing a relaxing scene.

Insomnia Is Mostly Caused by Worrying Thoughts
Ignoring the gym can hurt also

Stress certainly doesn't help sleep, but it's not the only thing that can keep you up night. Insomnia has many causes including psychological strain, poor or inconsistent sleep habits and physical pain. Insomnia is also not at all uncommon, and upwards to 60% of people regularly experience symptoms occasionally according to surveys from the National Sleep Foundation.

So, here's to a good night's rest!
From Last Week 
NSAA Basketball Promotion
In conjunction with North Star High School basketball, the athletic association (NSAA) will award $25 to the elementary classroom with the most students in attendance at each of the 8 home games this season.  All the students have to do is check in when they enter the gym and it will be recorded.
Choir Concert
On Thursday night at Hope Lutheran Church, the North Star choirs put on a spectacular show! They all worked very hard to put together such an awesome performance. The sixth grade, seventh grade, eighth grade, and high school choirs were featured, along with a small percussion group of juniors from our high school band. Thanks to Hope Lutheran Church for allowing us to utilize an acoustically pleasing venue, and thanks to Mr. Downs for his dedication to our music program and a great performance. 

Photo Credit: Dave Schwartz
Board Updates -
Invite for Town Hall Meeting

Dear North Star Parents:
We cordially invite you to a Town Hall Meeting and Celebration.
Date: December 18, 2014
Time: 6:00PM
Location: NS Band Room
Purpose: To celebrate our bond restructuring and change in authorizer, and thank our stakeholders.

Two Ways to Maximize Every Donation to North Star
#1: Idaho Education Tax Credit

The State of Idaho allows eligible individuals to take a tax credit if they make contributions to public education entities like North Star. Tax payers filing a joint return are eligible for up to a $1,000 tax credit (50% of all donations up to $2,000). And, depending on your taxable income, you may be eligible for federal and state deductions.
#2: Matching Corporate Gifts
Many corporations are committed to supporting nonprofit organizations and education. They do this in many way, one of which is called a company match program. This is where you make a donation coupled with a matched donation from your company. Please check with your Human Resources department to see if your company will match your donation to North Star.
See the full letter
Breakfast With Santa
On Saturday, Dec. 6th, North Star families enjoyed breakfast and crafts with Santa. More than 200 people attended our annual Breakfast with Santa event. PTO thanks all participants and our amazing volunteers under the leadership of Elysianna Ashcraft.
PTO/Booster News
Entertainment Book Returns

Send Back Unwanted Entertainment Books!

Booster Club Entertainment Books sales are winding down and we had a great inaugural year. Prizes are ordered. We made over a $1000 on sales, mostly to 6-8 grades. One young salesperson sold nearly thirty books. Read her and other great sellers stories next week! 

We know you are busy, but we need unsold books back before Holiday Break. Otherwise, we lose money for playground improvements. Please, send them back to your child’s teachers. Thanks!

“Teacher Gifting Tree” in NSCS Lobby
Our teachers do a great job. They deserve a remembrance in gift giving season. Stop by our lobby to get an idea about what teachers need. As in years past, you and your child can bring the gift to the teacher before Christmas break.

Meeting Times
All further meetings for PTO/Booster club have been reaffirmed as the 2nd Wednesday of the month at 3pm in Mrs. Drick's Room. 

PTO Donation
The first part of our donation of playground equipment came last week! It included basketballs, footballs, tetherballs , and jump ropes.

December 23: BBB @ NC Tournament at 3:00-4:30
December 29-30: BBB vs. Vale-Payette Tournament 4:30-7:30
January 8: BBB @ New Plymouth JV-6:00 V-&:30
January 10: BBB @ McCall JV-6:00 V-7:30
January 13:Boys HOME basketball game JV- 6, V-7:30
January 16: All School Talent Show
January 22: BBB @ Nampa Christian JV-6:00 JV-7:30
January 24:Boys HOME basketball game JV- 6, V-7:30
January 28: BBB @ Marsing JV-6:00 V-7:30
January 30:Boys HOME basketball game JV- 6, V-7:30
February 4: Boys HOME basketball game JV- 6, V-7:30
February 6: BBB @ Melba JV-6:00 V-7:30
February 7: WISCL Tournament 7:30am-3:30
February 10: 3rd-4th Grade American Folklore Program
February 13: Boys HOME basketball game JV- 6, V-7:30
February 28: BBB State Play-In Game 1:00-2:30
March 10: Spring Band Concert
March 17: 5th Grade Character Concert
March 19: Pre-Festival Choir Concert
April 2: Open Choir Festival
April 15: SAT Testing
April 29: SAT Make-Up (Tentative)
May 1: State Solo High School
May 1: NSCS Jazz and Art Night
May 7: Final Choir Concert
May 12: Final Band Concert
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