March 6, 2015
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New This Week 
8th Grade Boys Basketball

Congratulations to the 8th grade boys basketball team for taking 1st place in the WIC conference!
"College Prep 101"

Free monthly workshop being offered at the Meridian Library on Cherry Lane: "College Prep 101" with education specialist Lori Warren. This recurring workshop explains the college application and admissions process, the financial aid system, and offers strategies for families to manage costs and negotiate financial aid packages with schools.
New Playground Equipment

North Star has new playground equipment that's been purchased for us by our PTO. There were 3 new basketball hoops added (one 8ft. and two 6ft.), along with two additional tether ball poles and two 4 ball drop poles. Thank you, PTO!
Love and Logic
When your kids act up, does your voice get louder or quieter? When I'm having a good day - and I'm practicing what I preach - my voice gets softer. From years of observing successful parents and educators, I learned the value of leaning close to a child's ear and whispering a question:
Are you going to settle down, or do you need to spend some time in your room?
Can you use a quiet voice in here or would it be best for you eat outside so you can yell?
Do you think you can play with that nicely, instead of hitting your brother with it?
There's true power in the quiet voice! In my CD, Oh Great! What Do I Do Now?, I teach the importance of making discipline look easy, even when our kids are taking limit-testing to the limit. When we can handle things with a whisper, our kids begin to reason, "Wow! If Mom handled me that easily, what else does she have up her sleeve?"
While there are times when it's appropriate to raise our voices a bit, doing it too often trains our children to respond only when we're flexing our vocal cords. I don't know about you, but this wears me out! I think I'd rather whisper and then prove to my kids that I'll follow up with actions rather than words. I heard this example from a Love and Logic dad:
Last week I whispered to my four-year-old, "You may keep the toys you pick up." That afternoon, I picked up the ones he left out, put them in the attic, and kept my mouth shut. Yesterday, I whispered the same thing, and he yelled, "No! I'll pick them up!" And he did!
Thanks for reading! Our goal is to help as many families as possible. If this is a benefit, forward it to a friend.
Dr. Charles Fay
Kindergarten Transportation Day

What a GREAT day in Kindergarten we had today! We had SO much fun out touring through all the vehicles that came to our school to teach our kindergartners (as well as the rest of the interested children in the school!) about all the different forms of transportation! We had military jeeps, a police car, a K-9 unit, an ambulance, a fire truck, a crane, a boat, an RV, horse trailers, a Razer, a helicopter, and many more!  It was absolutely amazing the turnout we had!  Thank you to the incredible community and parent involvement we have at this school! 

A special thank you to RedLine Recreational Toys and Alpine Aviation for sharing their company's equipment with the students of North Star.

Watching that helicopter land this morning was a sight to see.  I don't think your children will ever forget the way the wind felt blowing on their faces as the helicopter lowered to the ground right in front of them.  I have never been that close as a helicopter landed and it was an amazing experience for me.
I can only imagine how it felt to a 6 year old!  WOW!
Teacher of the Month

A Huge Congratulations to our kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Vanderwiel, for earning KIZN 92.3's Teacher of the Month!
From Last Week 
Congratulations, Sam Potter!

North Star's Sam Potter has qualified as a Finalist for the National Merit Scholarship. This is a prestigious accomplishment for both Sam and North Star. Sam is a ‘super-senior.’ He completed the IB program last year and earned the IB diploma. He opted to attend another year of high school and has split time between North Star and Treasure Valley Math and Science Center in order to explore his interests through classes like Russian Literature, IB Music, and AP Computer Science. Colleges that Sam is interested in prefer a student that completes a full 4 years of High School.  He will graduate with classmates he has had since 7th grade. 

In 2013, many North Star students took the PSAT (Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test) to measure how prepared they were for the SAT and for college level work. The PSAT is also the qualifying exam to be eligible for the National Merit Scholarship. National Merit Scholarships recognize and honor academically talented students across the United States. Sam was among several North Star students that met the qualifications to begin the two year process of receiving the scholarship, but is the only one to have advanced to Finalist standing. Qualification is based on continued excellence in classwork, SAT exam scores, recommendations from the high school, and personal essays written by the applicants. After years of hard work, it seems that his dedication has paid off.  

So when you pass Sam in the hall give him a thumbs-up and recall that getting ready for college is one of the main aims of our academic program at North Star. Sam has relished the opportunity North Star presented him. We applaud his drive and work to achieve the honor of being a National Merit Finalist.
Thank You To North Star Staff and Students
A thank you to our school from Rawuf for backpack and bandana donations. Here is the link to the letter. 
Revised Yearbook Order Forms
Elementary Yearbook Form: here.
High School Yearbook From: here.
Kindergarten Program Information
Here is the link to some new changes and info regarding North Star's Kinder Program.
Ski Club Dotty Clark
Dotty Clark results are in and a huge congratulations go out to our Ski and Snowboard Club (SCLUB).  Junior high first place Justin Hawkins in Free Style snowboarding! More fine performances by Zakary Teeter, Cole Lame' in snowboarding, and also to Florent Salome for men's expert ski!  High school had a first place for Magalie Salome in women's expert ski.  Also, Aysia Kernin came in 2nd place for her Free Style snowboarding.  Last but not least is Mitch Vorbeck who place 1st in expert men's nordic racing--a brand new discipline for Saturday races. Way to go Huskies!!!
Love and Logic
Helping unmotivated kids is one of the most complex challenges we face as educators and parents. Therefore, giving a quick and easy solution in less than 300 words would be impossible…and downright irresponsible.
In approximately 99% of cases, the child's lack of motivation results from far more than simple laziness or a conscious desire to act out. The roots of apathy go far deeper, into feelings of frustration, anger, hopelessness, lack of control, or loss. The majority of these feelings lay at the subconscious level, where they wreak havoc on a child's ability to engage in higher-level thinking tasks, such as sustained attention to detail, problem-solving, memory, perseverance, and self-control.
This is why punishing children for getting bad grades usually backfires. Since they are already feeling bad about life, how is making them feel worse about it going to get them motivated to succeed?
In my award winning book, From Bad Grades to a Great Life, I teach a variety of alternative strategies for getting at the roots of apathy…rather than making it worse with anger, lectures, threats and punishments. At the core of what we teach is the importance of loving kids for who they are…rather than who we want them to be. Yes! The healing process begins when we end the power struggle by saying, "We will love you no matter how well or poorly you do in school. Your grades are your grades…not ours. That's why we are no longer going to fight with you about them. Just let us know how we can help."
Thanks for reading! Our goal is to help as many families as possible. If this is a benefit, forward it to a friend.
Dr. Charles Fay
Enrollment Lottery
North Star's 2015-2016 Lottery is fast approaching! Don’t forget to tell your friends and family about our wonderful school. If a family applied last year and is currently on the wait-list, they must reapply for the 2015-2016 school year. The wait-list is cleared every spring and a new one is built.

Informational tours will begin January 14th and run every Wednesday until March 18th. 6-12th grade tours will be from 9:00-9:30 and K-5 tours will run from 9:30-10:00. 

The Application Deadline is: Friday, March 20th @ 4:00
The Lottery Date is: Thursday, April 2nd

Current NS families only need to let us know if their child or children will not be returning for the 2015-2016 school year. This must be done in writing or through an email which should be sent to If we do not hear from your family, your child will be promoted to the next grade level at NS. *The only exception is for incoming kindergarten siblings. NS families must fill out an application for their child that will be going into kindergarten next year by the March 20th deadline or the child will not be placed in the lottery.*
March 7: Sock Hop Decades Dance - 7pm-11pm at the Hidden Springs Community Barn
March 10: Spring Band Concert
March 13-15: Moss
March 17: 5th Grade Character Concert - 6:30 - 7:15
March 19: Pre-Festival Choir Concert
March 20: Enrollment Lottery Application Deadline - 4:00
March 20: Fun Run
April 2: Open Choir Festival
April 2: Enrollment Lottery
April 6: Voting Deadline for Kiss The Pig
April 15: SAT Testing
April 15: Application Deadline for Summer STEM Program
April 18: Treasure Valley College Fair - 3-6pm at BSU Student Union Building: Jordan Ballroom
April 29: SAT Make-Up (Tentative)
May 1: State Solo High School Competition
May 1: NSCS Jazz and Art Night
May 7: Final Choir Concert
May 12: Final Band Concert
May 27: Carnival
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