January 17, 2015
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New This Week 

PTO Report
Pizza Is Coming To Elementary!
The last two Friday in January (23rd, 30th), the PTO will be doing Pizza Fundraisers. Every penny that PTO earns though this fundraiser is going right back into the elementary classrooms. If things go well these Fridays, we may just keep doing it! Let's make this a success!

Print off the attached form and return it to your child’s teacher (for K-5) by Wed. Jan 21. Please don’t forget to include cash or a check made out out North Star Charter PTO.
Any questions: please email
Thank you!

Playground Improvements Proceed
At the PTO monthly meeting North Star and PTO agreed to proceed with several improvements to the playground. More information will follow.

Teacher Appreciation Day
We want to thank all folks involved with Teacher Appreciation Day Luncheon, especially, Lorraine and Grade 1 & Grade 7 Parents.

Questions: email Jitka at:

Booster News
Need Volunteers for Pizza Fridays
Booster Club is selling Pizza slices from the Café!
Every Friday you can get wholesome Idaho Pizza slices.

  • A single slice is $2 dollars

  • 2 slices are $3.50

  • A whole pizza is $12.00

  • Bottled water is $1.00

Tell everyone and send cash with your student!

Help wanted!
Would you be willing to help hand out pizza for short time slots on Friday?

Contact Michelle Lambright for times and more information.

Booster Club Monthly Meeting Wrapup

  • Newsletter editor Cora Oxley reported on status of newsletter

  • Preliminary report on method to evaluate requests for funding from teachers

  • Discussed status of Pizza Sales and made necessary adjustments

  • Discussed future fundraising activities like Mother’s Day Flower Baskets

Fact of Week: High Flying Geese of the Himalayas
Remember when you heard that geese migrate by flying over Mt Everest at over 5 miles high? Well, while still amazing that is not entirely true. Scientists have fed a miniature instrument package into the guts of Bar-tailed geese on their breeding grounds in Mongolia. That package, like a flight data recorder, has captured oxygen-use, heart rates, wing flaps, altitude and other data on the geese’ migration over the Himalayas to warmer climes in India in the winter.

Geese do not soar; they flap constantly for the whole trip. It turns out the geese actually do not fly to 5.5 miles high and then cross the mountains in a straight line and then descend. They fly up the faces if the mountains and down the valleys in a more roller coaster manner. This saves the geese a lot of energy especially in the downward valley part of the trip. Geese are not renowned for flight maneuverability just flying hard fast and straight. They're using up drafts that's more like albatrosses use wind from waves or a vulture searching for thermals, to reduce the energy costs of flight. So what these high fliers have lost in altitude they have made up in their slick adaptation to high altitude flight.

Bar-headed goose (c) Nyambayar Batbayar
"Dangers of Social Media"
Organized in cooperation with the Girl Scouts of Silver Sage, Boise School District, and the Idaho Internet Crimes Against Children Coalition (IICACC): 

Come join us for an educational evening on the
"Dangers of Social Media"
Tuesday, January 20, 2015 7-8 pm
Capital High School Auditorium
8055 Goddard Road, Boise, ID

Click here for a link to the original flier.

USNA Summer STEM Program


The online application for the USNA Summer STEM program is open TODAY -


Summer STEM is designed to encourage rising 9th-11th graders from across the country to pursue a course of study in engineering and technology throughout high school and college.


Make sure to watch the highlights from Summer STEM 2014.


Rising 9th Graders

06/01/15 - 06/06/15

Rising 10th Graders

06/08/15 - 06/13/15

Rising 11th Graders

06/15/15 - 06/19/15

Cost: $425* (includes room and board, meals and materials) *Some scholarships are available based on financial need of selectee.

Please spread the word and encourage students to apply. The application closes April 15, 2014.

Meet the Vandals Night
Students interested in attending the University of Idaho: there will be a "Meet the Vandals Night" January 23rd, 5pm-8pm at the Riverside Hotel 2900 W Chinden Blvd., Boise, ID.

Don't miss out!

Financial Aid
Seniors looking for financial aid, if you have not already done so, go to FAFSA.ED.GOV and fill out a free online application for college financial aid. 

If you have more questions, please see Mr. Pettit.
"Why the Emphasis on Athletics in Schools?"
Here is a thoughtful article in Eagle Magazine on the importance of athletic programs in schools featuring an interview of our Mr. Conti! Click here to read the article.

Photo included with permission from Eagle Magazine.
Elementary Music Programs
Feb. 10 is the date of our 3rd and 4th grade music program, 6:30 - 7:15 (call time 6:10)!  Only a month away!  It will be an Americana Folk song theme.
March 17 (St. Patrick's Day) is the day of the 5th grade music program,  6:30 - 7:15 (call time 6:10)!   Please save the dates!
Lost and Found
Our Lost and Found is overflowing! Next Friday, Jan. 23rd, our 5th grade Leadership Team will be packing everything up so please have your child stop by and collect any item they might have lost. Thank you!
IB Science - MOSS
IB Science students are headed to MOSS!  11th and 12th grade IB science students will be attending the McCall Outdoor Science School March 13-15 as part of the IB science lab requirement.  MOSS is a well-known, and well-loved University of Idaho extension school, catering the science lessons to the school and curriculum.  Students and chaperones are looking forward to this fun, informative retreat! Click here to visit the McCall Outdoor Science School website.
8th Grade Reflective Essays
As part of the Pre-IB curriculum, 8th graders are practicing guided reflection in thinking about their learning (also called meta-cognition).  Students collaborated on a WWII-era research project, presented, and then wrote an essay describing some of their strengths and areas for growth.  This is an exercise designed to help them get ready for different types of writing in the IB program, like CAS and Theory of Knowledge.  The student reflections were some of the most well-written, self-aware essays shared so far!

Notice of Cancellation of Regular Meeting of the Governing Board of North Star Charter School 
Notice is hereby given that the Regular Meeting of the Governing Board of North Star Charter School scheduled for Thursday, the 22nd day of January 2015 at 6:00 p.m. has been cancelled. The next regularly scheduled meeting is Thursday, February 26th 2015 at 6:00 p.m., at North Star Charter School, 839 N. Linder Rd, Eagle, Idaho. This Regular Meeting of the Governing Board is called pursuant to Sections 33-510, 67-2340, et seq. Idaho Code.
Posted:  January 16, 2015

By: Ellen Bates
Clerk of the Board, North Star Charter School

Enrollment Lottery
North Star's 2015-2016 Lottery is fast approaching! Don’t forget to tell your friends and family about our wonderful school. If a family applied last year and is currently on the wait-list, they must reapply for the 2015-2016 school year. The wait-list is cleared every spring and a new one is built.

Informational tours will begin January 14th and run every Wednesday until March 18th. 6-12th grade tours will be from 9:00-9:30 and K-5 tours will run from 9:30-10:00. 

The Application Deadline is: Friday, March 20th @ 4:00
The Lottery Date is: Thursday, April 2nd

Current NS families only need to let us know if their child or children will not be returning for the 2015-2016 school year. This must be done in writing or through an email which should be sent to If we do not hear from your family, your child will be promoted to the next grade level at NS. *The only exception is for incoming kindergarten siblings. NS families must fill out an application for their child that will be going into kindergarten next year by the March 20th deadline or the child will not be placed in the lottery.*
From Last Week 
PTO Report
Teacher Appreciation Day Luncheon

Grade 1 & Grade 7 Parents
It is your turn and opportunity to help support North Star Teachers:

Our next luncheon is next Friday, January 16th.
Bring potluck lunches to “lounge/ kitchen" area across from the front office
Bring food prior to luncheon.
Sign up below let others know what you are bringing
Luncheon starts at 10:50 - 1:30
Or volunteer to help serve lunch.

Here is a link to your new group meal to see what other folks are bringing.  or
Another way others can access your meal schedule is:
Coordinator Last Name: Jones   Password: 3225
We thank our potluck coordinator Lorraine Jones
Questions: email Jitka at:

North Star PTO monthly meeting
Next Tuesday Jan 13th at 4pm in the library

Further discussion of plans to improve playgrounds 
Future of fundraising umbrella
Late winter and spring events at NSCS: Fun Run- March 20 and Carnival-May 27 
See you all there!
Booster News
1st Pizza Feed on Friday a success!

Hot Slice of Pizza Clipart
Booster Club has started selling Pizza slices from the Café 
Every Friday you can get wholesome Idaho Pizza slices.
A single slice is $2 dollars 
Our first day was a success. We want many more.
Tell everyone and send cash with your student!

Booster Club monthly meeting reminder
Next Wednesday Jan 12th at 3pm in Mrs. Drick’s room: See you all there!
Fact of the Week: New Antibiotic Discovered
Bacteria are mostly good neighbors with humans. They coexist with us in the trillions and are critical to our thinking, immune and digestive systems. However a few are deadly to us. With the advent of antibiotics we were able to combat effectively these killer bacteria. But as the years have rolled by, these bacteria have evolved resistance to our medicines and we have been unable to find new ones.

Good news has emerged. Scientists have discovered a powerful new antibiotic they say can kill an array of germs without the bugs easily becoming resistant to it. It is a breakthrough because it finds and can develop these new sources of antibiotics in the actual environment rather than just in labs as were earlier antibiotics. While the antibiotic is promising in animal studies now and won’t be ready for human use for a few years, the technique for discovery will proceed and hopefully find other antibiotics in the future.  In the meantime get in the habit of taking your full prescription of antibiotics to help combat bacteria from building more resistance to our current and future antibiotics.
January 20: "Dangers of Social Media" - 7:00-8:00pm at Capital High School
January 21 every Wednesday until March 18: Informational Tours - 
6th-12th grade: 9:00-9:30
K-5th grade: 9:00-10:00
January 21: Pizza Forms Due
January 22: BBB @ Nampa Christian JV-6:00 JV-7:30
January 23: Lost and Found Emptied
January 23: Pizza Friday
January 23: Meet the Vandals Night - 5:00 - 8:00pm at The Riverside Hotel
January 24: Boys HOME basketball game JV- 6, V-7:30
January 28: BBB @ Marsing JV-6:00 V-7:30
January 30: Pizza Friday
January 30: Boys HOME basketball game JV- 6, V-7:30
February 4: Boys HOME basketball game JV- 6, V-7:30
February 6: BBB @ Melba JV-6:00 V-7:30
February 7: WISCL Tournament 7:30am-3:30
February 10: 3rd-4th Grade American Folklore Program - 6:30 - 7:15
February 13: Boys HOME basketball game JV- 6, V-7:30
February 26: Board Meeting - 6:00pm
February 28: BBB State Play-In Game 1:00-2:30
March 10: Spring Band Concert
March 13-15: Moss
March 17: 5th Grade Character Concert - 6:30 - 7:15
March 19: Pre-Festival Choir Concert
March 20: Enrollment Lottery Application Deadline - 4:00
March 20: Fun Run
April 2: Open Choir Festival
April 2: Enrollment Lottery
April 15: SAT Testing
April 15: Application Deadline for Summer STEM Program
April 29: SAT Make-Up (Tentative)
May 1: State Solo High School Competition
May 1: NSCS Jazz and Art Night
May 7: Final Choir Concert
May 12: Final Band Concert
May 27: Carnival
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