September 19, 2014
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Principals' Corner

This month all North Star staff is being trained to use Love and Logic ®.
What is Love and Logic ® for Teachers?
Love and Logic® is a method of working with students which was developed by educational expert Jim Fay, child psychiatrist Foster W. Cline, M.D. and Charles Fay, Ph.D. Love and Logic has many tools for educators and administrators that promote healthy parent/teacher and teacher/student relationships and positive school wide discipline.
Love and Logic helps educators, administrators, and counselors:
  • Set limits in the classroom without anger
  • Provide underachievers hope and willingness when the going gets tough
  • Raise the odds for kids to stay in school
  • Build strong connections between home and school
  • Improve attendance
  • Manage disruptive students
  • Make teaching and learning more fun and productive
  • Immediately handle disruptive students
  • Get and keep students' attention
  • Build positive student-teacher relationships
  • Help students own and solve their own problems
  • Bully proof children, diffuse power struggles, and handle difficult people
It works because:
  • When adults take care of themselves, they hand the problem back to the student who created it
  • When the student has to solve the problem, they have to think
  • When students have to think, they learn that decisions have consequences
  • When students have to deal with consequences, they learn to think
  • When we allow the student to deal with the consequences, they learn to think before they cause a problem
  • When the student learns to ask themselves, "How is my behavior going to affect me?" they have learned self- control
Our training has been a wonderful experience.  We hear staff talking about new approaches they are already using not only with our students, but also with their own children at home.  If you would like to learn more about Love and Logic, visit their website at
Important Information from the front office:
Parents please remember phone messages are taken on EMERGENCY basis only, as we have a large school and very busy school office.  Please make arrangements with your students for busing, after school pick up, etc. PRIOR to morning drop off.
Parents please remember when signing your students in or out, please included the students FULL name, date and time. 
Parents reminder that any late lunch brought to school will be taken to the café for student pick up.  Please remind your students of this new procedure.
Thank you!
Ms. Fahl, Ms. Young and Ms. Kliest

Thanks to all the great new North Star parents who came to the early PTO meetings this year. It’s unusual to get so many parents to turn out. We hope you will continue to be interested and help out.  Have you considered volunteering to be the “go to” parent in your child’s classroom for fundraising?



We are hoping to complete two fundraisers in elementary school this semester.  The goal of our fundraisers is playground improvement. We need one parent from each classroom to help organize fundraisers in your child’s classroom. Contact us or your child’s teacher for more information or to sign up.
We are also looking for a volunteer to head our annual Giving Tree. Giving Tree is a request of small items and wishes needed by our teachers and staff at gift giving season. The volunteer would gather the wishes and make them ready for our Giving Tree.
Time to sign up for PTO! Please download the following link for more information.

What Is a Booster Club & Why Do We Need It?

Prior to this year, two main organizations at NSCS helped support parent desires to be part of their child’s education: PTO helps with elementary grades K-5 and the NSAA (North Star Athletic Assn.) works to enhance North Star sports programs. There was no organization specifically focused on non-athletic educational issues in the middle and secondary years.
Late last year, PTO in concert with a handful of secondary parents and secondary teachers set up a special PTO committee to organize the secondary Booster club. While the Booster Club is legally part of PTO, it has great autonomy. Booster has its own leadership, its work is decided by Booster members not PTO and its finances and fundraising efforts are independent of PTO and dedicated for secondary grade use.  Of course there is great similarity in the aims and goals of both organizations; as Sister Organizations, we are in the same business.
We are presently in the 
start-up phase of organization building. We have several small fundraising projects already making money for secondary events. We have a steering committee with Michelle Lambright as the leader. Ms.Drick and Ms. Woodward represent the secondary teachers. We will be meeting soon to sort through numerous suggestions that have emerged for our work efforts. There is plenty to do.
One of our first tasks is to establish guidelines   for the Booster Club. These will help keep us focused on that work that will mean the most to NSCS. The first part to the guidelines is our draft mission which spells out key organizing principle that can help guide our work. It is draft now. Next Tuesday, we will meet to discuss, revise and hopefully adopt the mission. Feedback is loved.  Latter we will discuss our key values
The mission of the NSCS Secondary Booster Club is to enhance and support the educational experience at NSCS, to develop a closer connection between school and home by encouraging communication and parental involvement, and to improve the culture at NSCS through volunteer and financial support. The NSCS Secondary Booster Club supports the raising of funds for critical items needed by the staff and students not covered by existing North Star resources.
Send comments to Michelle Lambright
Next meeting:

Message From PE
Please note that tennis shoes are required for PE classes. This is a safety issue along with keeping the gym floor free of black marks.Please ask your child's teacher for the days they have PE so you can assure they have the right shoes and clothes on to help keep them safe.
Thank You,
Ms. Sawyers

Picture Day for Grades K - 5 is on Friday,  October 3rd. More information to come soon!
Service Learning Trip to Belize
Service Learning achieves 8 Learning Outcomes for CAS  
Juniors and Seniors in the IB Diploma Program take 6 classes over 2 years with the same instructor, ensuring breadth and depth in their knowledge acquisition. Students also take Theory of Knowledge, Extended Essay, and do 150 hours of CAS (Creativity, Action and Service).  
CAS goals are for students to achieve 8 Learning Outcomes which are: Increased awareness of strengths and areas for growth, Undertaking new challenges, Planned and initiated activities,  Working collaboratively with others, Showing perseverance and commitment, Engaged with issues of global importance, Consideration of ethical implications, Developing new skills. When we participate in Service Learning, all 8 Learning Outcomes are achieved.  
Won't you consider joining our Service Learning trip to Central America in February over Winter Break?  
It is open to 8-12th graders (and their siblings if accompanied by a parent), parents, faculty and staff, and chaperons. You can learn more information by visiting the website or you may contact the lead teacher from North Star, Krista Oberlindacher at (208)939-9600 x413


As the Seattle Seahawks begin their march to another possible Super Bowl, they will have the "12th Man" firmly behind them. The history of the "12th Man" goes back well beyond Texas A&M Universities’ (Aggies) use of the term in the early 1920’s to designate an actual player. As early as 1900 at the University of Minnesota, news writers referred to the fans or rooters as the “12th Man."  At Texas A&M, the “12th Man " tradition grew until they applied for and were issued a trademark of the term in 1990. A popular Aggie tradition says that "when the team scores, everybody scores.” Whenever the Aggies score during the game, students kiss their dates. So how can The Hawks use this trademark?
The Seahawks had used the term for many years when Texas A&M got the trademark. In 1984 the Hawks had retired jersey 12 in honor of their fans. At first the Hawks  ignored Texas A&M until they were hauled into court. After several months an out of court settlement resulted in The Seahawks acknowledging the Texas A&M right to the term, paid 100,000 dollars and an annual fee of $5,000. Additionally the Hawks cannot use the term outside seven western states and can sell no “12th Man” merchandise. This all may be of little consequence if the”12th rooter” noise is so substantial it can burst eardrums, drown out quarterback calls and influence games. 


Micron Foundation Visits North Star

On Tuesday, 4th grade students were treated to a fun presentation with volunteers from the Micron Foundation during their science classes. Students learned about "States of Matter" and sublimation while they conducted experiments using dry ice mixed with other substances. They even got to witness a minor "explosion"! They would like to give special thanks to parent volunteers Edam Lozano and Lance Seeley for running lab stations for all three classes. The Micron Foundation will be back at North Star in a few weeks to work with the 5th grade science classes.
Playground Design Experience Needed

North Star is in need of someone with landscape design experience to help us lay out a plan for our playground. We want to set goals and raise money to beautify the back field. Please email George Coburn if you are willing to help.
Hello wonderful North Star families,

Since our hot lunch program is on a pre-order basis our lunch vendors are unfortunately unable to accommodate students who have forgotten their lunch. So when a student forgets their lunch and cannot reach mom or dad to bring them one, we need to find a way to fill their tummies and get them through their day! We are calling on all elementary parents to please make donations so that we can supply each teacher with an “emergency food cupboard”.

Due to strict dietary standards and food allergy risks please only bring in the items that are specifically listed.

**Food items should not contain any type of nuts, peanut butter, chocolate, sugar or artificial sweeteners and need to be non-perishable**

  • Fruit or Applesauce Cups

  • Dehydrated fruit

  • Cheese and crackers (the spreadable kind that is individually wrapped) Or the individually wrapped sandwich type cheese and crackers.

  • Plain granola bars (something like the Natures Valley Brand)

  • Juice boxes or water bottles

     Thank you in advance for your generosity.

Welcome Back!!! We are excited to serve North Star Students and Staff again this year! Our menu is better than ever! Students and staff may choose from hot plates, sandwiches and salads each day.

We’ve kept the ordering schedule the same. Order by the WEEKLY/MONTH or beyond. Ordering is available online now at  Please follow the prompts to set up your account if necessary. The North Star Charter school code is: 298NCSID

Things to remember….
NEW order forms are AVAILABLE every THURSDAY. Each order form CLOSES WEDNESDAY AT 10PM. Meals can be ordered for the Monday following the order form closing date and will include up to 5 WEEKS of ordering options.

CHOCOLATE MILK is available every WEDNESDAY!

PIZZA BY THE SLICE is available every TUESDAY AND THURSDAY! Don't forget to send your child's pizza money in a sealed envelop the morning they want to order. Teachers will turn it in to GNA Foods so Mr. Andrews can order the correct amount of pizzas for the day. Pizza is $2 per slice.

Absentee credits must be requested within 24 hours of the EXCUSED absence by emailing .  All absences will be verified with North Star Charter School attendance.

Lunch order instructions
August - October menus  

Procedure for Forgotten Lunches
Your student ran off and forgot their problem - just drop it by the front office window with your student's name written on it and it will be taken to the cafeteria where the hot lunches are served. Then all your student needs to do is go to the window and ask the nice lunch man for their sack lunch that they forgot. Please make sure your child is aware of this new procedure.


School Bus Drivers needed

Our bus service provider, Brown Bus Company, is looking for a few good men and women to be careful caretaker of our students and drive them safely to and from school.

For more information, contact Brown Bus Co. at

Dress Code

Warm weather is still with us and the tendency to wear short shorts, tank tops and other warm weather clothes. Please remember our dress code states:
A student may not wear:
Leggings/tights/yoga pants - 
Stretch pants unless they are covered with a shirt, skirt, shorts or dress that reaches the mid-thigh dress code. (Yoga pants, leggings, tights) 

Shorts - 
It is still shorts season, and our dress code requires that shorts come down to MID-THIGH. 

Dress code in our handbook

What is the IB Diploma Programme?
  • The IB Diploma Programme is a challenging two-year curriculum for motivated high school students. Juniors and seniors take six courses in the following subject groups: language; second language; experimental sciences; the arts; math and computer science; and individuals and societies. IB students also engage in three core requirements: an extended essay (4,000 words); theory of knowledge (interdisciplinary course); and creativity, action, service (community service).  
  • Students who perform well in all six subjects and the three core requirements and earn passing scores on the final exams are awarded the IB diploma. Those who take individual IB courses rather than the entire program receive certificates of completion. Only schools authorized as IB World Schools can offer the IB Diploma Programme; there are currently 1,861 IB World Schools in 130 countries that offer it. Of these schools, 637 are in the U.S.  
  • The IB Diploma Programme helps you develop critical-thinking, independent learning, and research skills. It also provides a gateway to the development of intercultural understanding. IB courses aren't about reciting facts and figures - the IB Diploma Programme helps you learn how to learn, and appreciate the process. The IB diploma is recognized by universities around the world. However, you can generally get U.S. college credit only after taking the full two-year program that leads to the IB diploma. That means if you just take a few one-year IB courses, depending on the university, you may not be eligible to receive college credit. If you're hoping to save time and money in college by taking IB courses in high school, be sure to find out the IB policies of the colleges that interest you first.  Please contact Ms. Oberlindacher or Mr. Pettit if you have any questions about the IB Diploma Programme or college admission requirements.

Last year's Art and Jazz Night raised funds to purchase a  grand  piano for the school.  Our arts faculty were able to locate two grand pianos at great prices.  This allowed us to purchase one for the band room and the choir room!  We are in the process of getting professional dolly's installed under them and hope to purchase covers and locks for them as well.  Happy piano playing NSCS!!!

White Lion Kajukenbo after school martial arts lessons begin Sep 16th from 4-5 in the elementary café.  Bring your workout clothes and come give us a try! Classes run every Tuesday and Thursday and the cost is $53 per month. Contact Ms. Everts if you have questions.


North Star Goes Google!

 Did you know. . . .

  • Our staff is making the switch to Gmail and Google Drive?
  • First through sixth grade students are using Chromebooks?
  • Your students are using Google Apps?
  • Google was started by two college students as a research project?
  • Work on Google is automatically saved?
  • Google Apps are free?
  • Your Google Apps are accessible from any computer in the world?
  • About 22% of school districts in the U.S. are using Chromebooks and Google Apps

Look for user agreements for 3rd-6th grade coming home soon.

September 24th: IB Registration and Info Night. This event is for current juniors and seniors (and their parents). It will be held in the band room. Topics discussed will be state funding for testing, registration, fees, academic honesty, and exams. Any questions, contact Ms. Oberlindacher or Ms. Andersen.  If you do not attend this night you must make arrangements to meet and sign paperwork as this is mandatory.

October 29th: PSAT 9-12th

April 15th: SAT- 11th grade
April 29th:SAT- make up day (tentative) 

For all events, including sports events, click here.

The PSAT test will be offered to North Star  students grades 9-12 on Wednesday, October 29 during the school day. The PSAT test is a great opportunity for students to prepare for the SAT test that is given at the end of the Junior year. The PSAT practice test is composed of out of date SAT tests so it gives students a good idea of what to expect and a realistic view of where they are academically. Additionally, Juniors who take the test have the opportunity to qualify for the National Merit Scholarship program based on the testing results.
To register for the test please contact Mr. Pettit or Ms. Kliest in the main office. The last day to register for the PSAT will be Tuesday, September 23rd. In order to register your student,  you must pay for the test in advance. The cost to take the test is $22.00 for students in grades 9,11,and 12. Tenth graders will take the test free of charge and do not have to sign up.
If you have any questions please contact Mr. Pettit in the counseling office.

North Star's new DECA chapter for high school students is underway!  We have 24 members and look forward to a great year competing in areas of Finance, Entrepreneurship, Marketing and Management!  The North Star DECA chapter will also be planning and executing 3 fund raising events, 3 community service events as well as preparing for our first state competition here in Boise in March!  

Students grow their leadership skills, presentation skills and professionalism as they present their projects in front of volunteer judges from the community who specialize in fields in which the students are competing.  For more information about DECA please go to and check it out!

School Busing Information

In order to ensure smooth transportation to and from school on the buses, please review this letter from Brown Bus Company. It is important that your child know where to catch the bus, where to get off and how to walk home, and be ready to get on the bus when it arrives. These steps help to make everything flow smoothly and efficiently.

Letter from Brown Bus Company
Brown Bus Company website

Cross Country
North Star high school competed this past Saturday at Hayden Lake cross-country meet outside of Coeur d Alene. The meet was split up between large and small schools consisting of teams from Idaho, Washington, Oregon and Montana. The boys team finished 6th among small schools with Washington teams going one, two, three. The only Idaho teams to beat North Star where Timberlake and Bonners Ferry both 3A teams. Ethan Sager was the first North Star finisher in 26thplace with Luke Fleming 31st, Matt Dukelow 40th, Ryan Bethel  41st with a seasons best (SB) and Edguardo Sosa 49th. The course was outstanding with the first mile being uphill then winding through the forest for the next 2. On the girls side Jillian Culbertson set a new SB while coming in 17th overall. Elizabeth Sosa keep the pace with a strong finish and another SB. Pauline Finkbeiner also set a new SB and Kylie Smith finished strong to around out the field.
North Star middle school competed this past Saturday at the NNU Invitational at West Park, in Nampa.  The boys team ran first with 8th graders Colton Hawkins, Xavier Judd, Gavin Culbertson, Blake Magnuson, and James Reed finishing in the top 40; following close behind were Carter Horan (8th) Jarom Christoferson (7th), Kaden Baxter (6th), Colin Maroe (7th), Stu Bird (7th), and Logan Grime (7th).  In the girls race the North Star team placed 2nd just 5 points out of the lead.  Leading the way finishing far in front was 1st place winner Julia LaMar (8th), 2nd place finisher Karissa Culbertson (7th), and 8th place finisher Kaylie Reed (7th).  Adding to the team scoring with strong finishes were sisters Addy and Lauren Huttash.

Volleyball Recap
The North Star Varsity Volleyball team is off to it's best start in the history of the school this season. The Lady Huskies, under the direction of second year Head Coach Michael Jordan, have notched victories over Marsing and McCall so far this season with the McCall victory being particularly satisfying as that match was an on the road thriller that went to five sets. This young team features six freshmen and only one senior and has been going up against competition that routinely features rosters loaded with seniors. The Huskies are sporting a new look this season and the energy surrounding the team has been an exciting change from years past as evidenced by the winning attitude of the team. Coach Jordan indicated that the change in attitude is due to the talented players that have joined the team this year and the on court leadership from Captains Hannah Monroe and Jami Seaney. Jordan stated: "This year, we truly have an all around talented team of young athletes where everyone is contributing. With Senior Heather Iseri joining the team and providing a steady and calming influence on the younger players as well as our Captains leading the way, we are looking forward to having the best season in the history of the school." Jordan also noted the standout play of Freshmen Kaysa Pfanmuller and Aubree Seaney as having also been a contributing factor to the teams success. "These two kids can flat out play the game and when their game is on, they are exciting to watch."
The Huskies will travel to Nampa Christian on Thursday and then will compete in the Cole Valley Invitational High School Tournament on Saturday, another first for a team from North Star. The Huskies will be back on their home court on Tuesday the 23rd as they host Cole Valley in the "Dawg House". Game time is 7:00pm and the Lady Huskies are looking for their home crowd to show up and make plenty of noise as they battle the Chargers

Check out our calendar on the website for upcoming sporting event and and come out to support our Huskies!
The 24 Hour Think Challenge
Oct. 2 & 3, at the Century Link arena in Boise, is a community conversation and design thinking challenge. We’re bringing 120 juniors together to learn design thinking based on Stanford University’s curriculum, hear from internationally renowned speaker Sam Levin (his TED Talk is available here: and spend 24 hours solving some of Idaho’s greatest challenges in health and education. This is going to be an excellent opportunity for students to learn and practice 21st Century skills in a facilitated environment. The event kicks off on Thursday at 9AM, and culminates with a Pitch event where students will share their findings on Friday the 3rd 2:30 - 4PM. Members from the community are encouraged to attend the Pitch on the 3rd. I’m attaching a flyer with further information, and here’s a link to the registration page: 

NS Board Notes

The North Star Board meets once a month. Typically it is the 3rd Thursday. Please click the following link to see upcoming meetings.
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