October 3, 2014
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Principals' Corner

 Exciting News: Cora Oxley and Jamie Seaney have taken over writing North Star's newsletter! We are excited to increase student voice at North Star and this is one of the many things we are doing to empower our students. We appreciate Cora and Jamie's hard work!
Our finances are stable and now it is time to push “continuous improvement” higher up our list of priorities. At parent- teacher conferences this year, we will ask all parents, teachers and students to give us feedback on what is going well at North Star and on things that need to be improved. As we look down the road, we truly need parent, teacher and student input to plan the school’s future. More information will be shared as we get closer to Parent Teacher conferences on October 29th and 30th  



Tuesday October 7th 4pm



Cash to Improve Playground

The Entertainment Books have gone home and the orders are rolling in.  Funds go to improve the NS’s west side playground. Remember the room with the most sales gets ice cream. All students who sell a book get a prize. 


Box tops can be turned in any time; but Oct 23rd is the first deadline. 50% of proceeds go directly to classrooms. If you check valid dates on boxtops, it saves everyone grief.


Contact us or go to the website at North Star PTO or look at the PTO Bulletin Board.

          BOOSTER NEWS

Next meeting: Thurs. Oct. 9th @3:30  in Mrs. Drick’s Rm

The NSCS Secondary Booster Club is gearing up for its first in-classroom fundraiser. We have a kick off next week in 6th-8th grades. Parents: watch for the Entertainment books to come home! If you need more, we can make it happen.  We can use more parent volunteers to help Mrs. Drick .

Send comments concerns and your volunteer’s information to Michelle Lambright



3rd Grade Potato Bar

The 3rd graders will be having a potato bar on October 10 during lunchtime. The tickets are $3 and will be pre-sold next Tuesday and Wednesday. 
Won't you consider joining our Service Learning trip to Central America in February over Winter Break?  
It is open to 8-12th graders (and their siblings if accompanied by a parent), parents, faculty and staff, and chaperons. You can learn more information by visiting the website or you may contact the lead teacher from North Star, Krista Oberlindacher at (208)939-9600 x413

The kids are back in school and it won’t be long before they start getting report cards. One of the most common questions I’m asked by parents and educators is how to respond to bad grades.
The first thing to remember is that the child’s report card is the child’s…not ours. While it’s easy to get down on ourselves when kids perform poorly, it’s very important to our mental health and theirs to remember the following:
We can’t learn for kids. 
As educators and parents we can up the odds of high achievement by modeling responsibility, establishing a safe and calm environment, providing excellent instruction and demonstrating excitement for learning.
We can’t control every action they take or decision they make.
Secondly, it’s comforting to remember that some of the world’s most successful people have struggled with grades. Albert Einstein, Henry Ford, Jim Fay and Dr. Foster Cline are some notable examples. What’s most important is that our children develop good character, curiosity and problem-solving skills.
Many highly successful people struggled with grades as children.
Thirdly, if we can consistently demonstrate empathy rather than anger or frustration, the odds of them overcoming their difficulties dramatically increase. Is empathy really that powerful? Yes indeed! In fact, a growing body of research is demonstrating that warmth (i.e., empathy) is strongly correlated with higher achievement and better behavior. (If you like reading research, study: Rivers, Mullis, Fortner & Mullis, 2012 and Silt, Hughes, Wu & Kwock, 2012.)
So…let’s remember to respond with sincere love and concern:
"Oh man. I bet these grades are really disappointing for you. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help. The good news is that this doesn’t change the way I feel about you."
Rather than fighting with kids about their grades, consider studying my book, From Bad Grades to a Great Life! If it doesn’t completely change your life, I’ll buy it back.
Thanks for reading! Our goal is to help as many families as possible. If this is a benefit, forward it to a friend.
Dr. Charles Fay

The PSAT test will be offered to North Star  students grades 9-12 on Wednesday, October 29 during the school day. The PSAT test is a great opportunity for students to prepare for the SAT test that is given at the end of the Junior year. The PSAT practice test is composed of out of date SAT tests so it gives students a good idea of what to expect and a realistic view of where they are academically. Additionally, Juniors who take the test have the opportunity to qualify for the National Merit Scholarship program based on the testing results.
To register for the test please contact Mr. Pettit or Ms. Kliest in the main office. The last day to register for the PSAT will be Tuesday, September 23rd. In order to register your student,  you must pay for the test in advance. The cost to take the test is $22.00 for students in grades 9,11,and 12. Tenth graders will take the test free of charge and do not have to sign up.
If you have any questions please contact Mr. Pettit in the counseling office.



Cross Country News
The North Star high school and middle school raced Saturday Sept. 27th at the Bob Firman Invitational. The race was held at Eagle Island State Park and was the largest event of the season for the team. It was an outstanding showing for North Star with the boys' high school team finishing 17th overall among schools of 799- and under. This was the first time in school history a team has finished this well. Individually, Ethan Sager ended in 88th (18:35.35) out of 275 with Luke Fleming setting a season's best at 18:35.75 in 89th. Several other runners set seasons best as well: Colton Winegar-19:20, Wyatt Horan-19:24, Ryan Bethel-19:33, Edgardo Sosa-20:27, Jake Dukelow-20:59, Johannes Roescher-21:06 and PJ Finkbeiner-22:36.3. On the girls' side Jillian Culbertson finished 77th out of 213 in a season best of 22:56 with Elizabeth Sosa setting a SB in 24:15 and Pauline Finkbeiner SB in 25:11.
The middle school had the first runner to ever finish in the top 20 overall when Julia LaMar finished in 12:16 and in 11th place out of 275 runners. Karissa Culbertson finished 32nd in 12:55. Both boys and girls teams finished 15th overall among 26 teams. Once again several runners had season bests including: Lorne Huttash, Addy Huttash and Madyson Avery. The boys had Gavin Culbertson finishing 54th out of 274 in 12:09.56 which was his season best with Kade Massey, Benson Transum, James Reed, Jarom Christoferson, Kaden Baxter, Stuart Bird and Colin Maroe setting new marks for the season.  Congratulations to all the runners!

Basketball News
Girls' High School BASKETBALL Parent – Athlete Meeting 9:00am Saturday 10/4.  Information on the Girls' basketball program.   If you are interested you will need to attend. We will be asking for firm commitments.

Check out our calendar on the website for upcoming sporting events and and come out to support our Huskies!


Lunches can be ordered by the WEEK/MONTH or beyond. Ordering is available online now at  Please follow the prompts to set up your account if necessary. The North Star Charter school code is: 298NCSID

Things to remember….
NEW order forms are AVAILABLE every THURSDAY. Each order form CLOSES WEDNESDAY AT 10PM. Meals can be ordered for the Monday following the order form closing date and will include up to 5 WEEKS of ordering options.

CHOCOLATE MILK is available every WEDNESDAY!

PIZZA BY THE SLICE is available every TUESDAY AND THURSDAY! Don't forget to send your child's pizza money in a sealed envelope the morning they want to order. Teachers will turn it in to GNA Foods so Mr. Andrews can order the correct amount of pizzas for the day. Pizza is $2 per slice.

Absentee credits must be requested within 24 hours of the EXCUSED absence by emailing .  All absences will be verified with North Star Charter School attendance.

Lunch order instructions
August - October menus  

Procedure for Forgotten Lunches
Your student ran off and forgot their lunch... no problem - just drop it by the front office window with your student's name written on it and it will be taken to the cafeteria where the hot lunches are served. Then all your student needs to do is go to the window and ask the nice lunch man for their sack lunch that they forgot. Please make sure your child is aware of this new procedure.


                      What's New in IB?
8 IB juniors and seniors took advantage of this year's first of several planned Extended Essay workshops.  They came from 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM and said they either learned more about the expectations of Extended Essay (juniors) or appreciated the quiet opportunity to sit and work in an academic setting for a few hours (seniors). The next affectionately-titled "lock in" is Thursday, October 30th from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM in room 302 (teachers will be in conference and students have the day off).  Any junior or senior may attend.  Bring your materials and a laptop or thumb drive.
Auditions for the All School Showcase will be at 3:45 Mon. - Wed. Oct. 26- 29 in the Music/Choir room.  Students may audition any one of those days.  Students need to come prepared with everything they need to perform including back-up tracks and props.  
Playground Design Experience Needed

North Star is in need of someone with landscape design experience to help us lay out a plan for our playground. We want to set goals and raise money to beautify the back field. Please email George Coburn if you are willing to help.

        North Star Fall Festival
We are organizing a Fall Festival at North Star. It will take place on Tuesday, October 28th from 6-8 pm. It’s an opportunity for kids to show off and get prizes for their costumes.  Also, they can get their faces painted and eat some pie. So come, bob for apples, get a snack and get a selfie with your kid. It’s free, open for the whole family and school.  We hope to see you all there.

Oct. 4: Girls Bball Info Meeting 9am
Oct. 6: Athletic Association meeting at 5:30 in the Library
October 7: Girl Scouts Informational Meeting 6:30-7:30 at the Eagle Library in the Community Room
October 9: Booster Meeting in Mrs. Drick's room at 3:30
Oct.10: 3rd Grade Potato Bar (buy tickets on the 7th or 8th)
Oct. 23: First box tops deadline
Oct. 23: Board Meeting at 6:30
Oct. 29: PSAT (9-12 Grade)
Oct. 30: Extended Essay Workshop 9am - 3pm in room 302
Jan.16: All School Talent Show
April 15: SAT Testing
April 29: SAT Make-Up (Tentative)

For all events, including sports events, click here.



Come Take a Journey With Girl Scouts



We are now enrolling new Girl Scouts and Adult Volunteers! With Girl Scouts you can try new things, make lifelong friends, travel the world, and even earn college scholarships and job opportunities through the life skills that Girl Scouting teaches.

Girl Scouts is fun with purpose. Girls choose activities that interest them, develop strategies to solve real problems, and run the largest girl-led program in the world. Girls K-12 (as of fall of 2014) are eligible to join and adults 18 and older are eligible to volunteer. Girl Scouts is also great for adult leadership and leadership training is provided.

To find out more information please join us on Tuesday, October 7th from 6:30-7:30 at the Eagle Library in the Community Room.


Visit our website at or call us at 208-377-2011 ext. 4 

You can also call Ralynn at 208-250-8151 or email at

School Busing Information

In order to ensure smooth transportation to and from school on the buses, please review this letter from Brown Bus Company. It is important that your child know where to catch the bus, where to get off and how to walk home, and be ready to get on the bus when it arrives. These steps help to make everything flow smoothly and efficiently.

Letter from Brown Bus Company
Brown Bus Company Website

NS Board Notes

The North Star Board meets once a month, typically on the 3rd Thursday of the month. Please click the following link to see all upcoming meetings. The nearest meeting will also be noted in the Upcoming Events Section.

Water 101:  the Basics
Water is an odorless, tasteless, transparent and wet liquid at room temperature.  We used to say it was also colorless, but that is true only in small amounts. In large amounts, like the deep, blue sea, water exhibits a bluish tinge.
A water molecule consists of two atoms of hydrogen and one atom of oxygen- H2O. The water molecule is not linear but bent in a special way.  Unlike most materials water expands as it freezes. Ice is less dense than liquid water which accounts for icebergs, ice cubes and life huddling at the bottom of frozen lakes.   
Water is wet. Wetness is not a property of either hydrogen or oxygen, both gases. Scientists believe that the structure of liquid water consists of huge clumps of water molecules that form and re-form continually. Wetness appears at this higher level of complexity and is said to be an emergent property; it only shows up at our level of experience.
Oddly, after all the scientific study of water, the physical and chemical properties of water are extraordinarily complicated and incompletely understood

Next Water 102: Water: the Solvent of Life


Hello wonderful North Star families,

Since our hot lunch program is on a pre-order basis our lunch vendors are unfortunately unable to accommodate students who have forgotten their lunch. So when a student forgets their lunch and cannot reach mom or dad to bring them one, we need to find a way to fill their tummies and get them through their day! We are calling on all elementary parents to please make donations so that we can supply each teacher with an “emergency food cupboard”.

Due to strict dietary standards and food allergy risks please only bring in the items that are specifically listed.

**Food items should not contain any type of nuts, peanut butter, chocolate, sugar or artificial sweeteners and need to be non-perishable**

  • Fruit or Applesauce Cups

  • Dehydrated fruit

  • Cheese and crackers (the spreadable kind that is individually wrapped) Or the individually wrapped sandwich type cheese and crackers.

  • Plain granola bars (something like the Natures Valley Brand)

  • Juice boxes or water bottles

     Thank you in advance for your generosity.

Hello North Star family and friends. You may not know we have added a 4th Kindergarten class this year.  We still have five afternoon kindergarten spots open!  If you know a family who would benefit from joining North Star, please encourage them to submit an application. Please share with them some of the many benefits to having a child at North Star: 
1. High expectations for academics
2. Great teachers who are passionate about the   success of children
3. Continuous K-12 curriculum
4. A wonderful sense of community
5. Character education
6. An economic focus starting in kindergarten
If they have any questions please have them contact Shay Davis, the elementary principal, at or Rebecca Kliest, our wonderful secretary, at
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