August 22, 2014
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Welcome Back to North Star!
High school students started school on Tuesday.  They are on a separate daily schedule from middle school.  It has been great having fewer students in the halls during passing periods and lunch.  Mrs. Andersen met with all high school students everyday during advisory.  We talked about upcoming important dates regarding PSATs and other college entrance tests, as well as our high school clubs, and we spoke about the culture of our high school (the North Star Way).  Many of our high school teachers attended IB training this summer, and were so excited to include new ideas and strategies in their teaching to get our students ready for the IB Diploma Program.  Watch for information to come later in September for an IB information night for our junior and senior parents.
K-8 had their first day of school Thursday. Teachers were so excited to finally meet the students and get back to doing what they do best... teaching! Mrs. Davis and Mrs. Drain went around to every classroom and spent 15 minutes introducing themselves and going over The North Star Way. Mrs. Davis will be sending home the Power Point so parents know what The North Star Way is and what their children are working towards while at school.  Mrs. Andersen met with middle school students during their advisory period to also talk about the North Star Way. We hope every child had a wonderful first few days of school!
2014-2015 Kickoff PTO Meeting
North Star PTO will have its first meeting of the new school year next Tuesday, August 26, 2014. We will probably gather in the library meeting room. When you check in, the office staff will direct you. We will get reorganized, discuss ongoing work as well as our work for the coming year. We can use your helping hands and your clever minds.

Booster Club Meets After Labor Day!
In early September we will be meeting to discuss our mission and belief statements. If you are interested contact either Michelle Lambright or David Potter  for more details.

Picture Day for Grades 6 Through 12 Coming up on September 8th 

If your student missed all of the registration days and does not have a student ID they will need to let the photographer know and one will be printed for them. 
**If they paid for an Activity Card and have not received one they will need to show the photographer their receipt and one will be printed for them, but they must provide proof of payment**

A college fair featuring Duke, Harvard, Georgetown, Penn and Stanford will be held in downtown Boise at the Grove Hotel on Monday, Sept.8.  Click on this link for the flyer.

Service Learning Trip to Belize
Join us for our Service Trip to Belize, October 10-18th, 2014. Fulfill service hours while gaining invaluable global knowledge and life experience in beautiful Belize.
The link to our planned trip page: or flyer
For details email/call: Krista Oberlindacher at or 

Caffeine isn’t the kickstarting jitter-drug you think it is. If anything, it’s a sneaky imposter.

First, a little biology. As your neurons fire throughout the day, a neurochemical called adenosine builds up in your body. The nervous system uses special receptors to monitor your body’s adenosine levels. As the day wears on, more and more adenosine passes through those receptors—and it makes you sleepy. It’s one of the reasons you get tired at night.  

Caffeine, however, is a stealthy impersonator. It’s the same size and shape as adenosine, and when you sip your morning joe, your adenosine receptors can’t tell the difference. Specifically, caffeine attaches to the A1 receptor. With caffeine docked at the receptor, a lot of your body’s adenosine molecules can’t enter. It creates a traffic jam of sorts. With all that adenosine blocked, the caffeine keeps you from getting tired.

But that’s not where coffee’s kick comes from. With the adenosine receptor clogged, neurotransmitters like dopamine and glutamate can get a head start. Your dopamine levels swell, giving you a mild jolt of energy. In a way, caffeine is like a bouncer. It blocks the door, keeping the tired molecules out while the more stimulating molecules party on.

But the party can last for only so long. Caffeine may give you that much-needed morning boost, but it can also make you crash—hard. It takes about four cups of coffee to block half of the brain’s A1 receptors. With that many receptors clogged, the adenosine mounting in your body has nowhere to go. So when the caffeine wears off, all that extra adenosine rushes through your receptors. It takes a long time for your body to process the huge flow of new metabolites. And guess what? It leaves you feeling even groggier than you felt before. 

Welcome Back!!! We are excited to serve North Star Students and Staff again this year! Our menu is better than ever! Students and staff may choose from hot plates, sandwiches and salads each day.

We’ve kept the ordering schedule the same. Order by the WEEKLY/MONTH or beyond. Ordering is available online now at  Please follow the prompts to set up your account if necessary. The North Star Charter school code is: 298NCSID

Things to remember….
NEW order forms are AVAILABLE every THURSDAY. Each order form CLOSES WEDNESDAY AT 10PM. Meals can be ordered for the Monday following the order form closing date and will include up to 5 WEEKS of ordering options.

CHOCOLATE MILK is available every WEDNESDAY!

Absentee credits must be requested within 24 hours of the EXCUSED absence by emailing .  All absences will be verified with North Star Charter School attendance.

Lunch order instructions
August - October menus  

Procedure for Forgotten Lunches
Your student ran off and forgot their problem - just drop it by the front office window with your student's name written on it and it will be taken to the cafeteria where the hot lunches are served. Then all your student needs to do is go to the window and ask the nice lunch man for their sack lunch that they forgot. Please make sure your child is aware of this new procedure.


New directional signs above the hallway doors!

The new check-in window before the security doors.

New security doors outside the Main Office.

Dress Code

Warm weather is still with us and the tendency to wear short shorts, tank tops and other warm weather clothes. Please remember our dress code states:
A student may not wear:
Leggings/tights/yoga pants - 
Stretch pants unless they are covered with a shirt, skirt, shorts or dress that reaches the mid-thigh dress code. (Yoga pants, leggings, tights) 

Shorts - 
It is still shorts season, and our dress code requires that shorts come down to MID-THIGH. 

Dress code in our handbook

School Bus Drivers needed
Corrected Phone Number

Our bus service provider, Brown Bus Company, is looking for a few good men and women to be careful caretaker of our students and drive them safely to and from school.

For more information, contact Brown Bus Co. at

8/26 -  PTO Meeting
4:00 p.m.
8/28 -  First volleyball match @NS
8/28 -  Deadline for 9th graders to sign             up for PSAT
8/30 -  First XC meet @ Camelsback Pk
9/1 -    NO SCHOOL
9/2 -    Elementary Back to School Night
6:00 p.m.
9/8 -    Picture Day

9/8 -    College Fair at the Grove Hotel
9/9 -    Secondary Back to School Night

            6:00 p.m.
10/29 - PSAT test

For all events, including sports events, click here.

North Star Charter School is once again offering the PSAT Test for its students. The Pre-SAT is a preparation exam that allows students to become comfortable with testing questions that they will see on the SAT Test in the 11th grade. All 10th graders are given the exam free of charge.

We also offer the test to 9th graders as well. 9th graders interested in taking the test need to sign up with Mr. Pettit in the counseling office. The last day for 9th graders to sign up will be Thursday, 28th of August. While the state of Idaho pays for all 10th graders to take the test, 9th graders have to pay a fee of $22.00.  In order to sign up for the test you must have a check made out to North Star Charter School.
The PSAT will be administered on October 29 during first period.
If you have any questions please contact Mr. Pettit in the counseling office.

We will be hosting Back to School Nights for our Elementary and Secondary parents (students do not attend).  You will have the opportunity to meet your student's teachers, learn about curriculum and expectations, and ask questions.

Elementary  - Tues. Sept 2, 6:00 - 7:30 p.m.
Secondary - Tues. Sept 9, 6:00 - 7:30 p.m.

See you there!

School Busing Information

In order to ensure smooth transportation to and from school on the buses, please review this letter from Brown Bus Company. It is important that your child know where to catch the bus, where to get off and how to walk home, and be ready to get on the bus when it arrives. These steps help to make everything flow smoothly and efficiently.

Letter from Brown Bus Company
Brown Bus Company website
New Middle and High School
Bell Schedule for 2014-2015
Currently all middle school and high school students go through their days on the exact same time schedule.  The problem with this is 366 students transitioning at the same time makes the hallways tricky, and lunchtime is difficult to supervise.  Next year the schedule will be offset for middle school and high school by the addition of an advisory period and separate lunch times for the middle and high schools.  The schedule will be:
                     Middle School            High School
1st Period   7:45-9:15 (90 min.)        
7:45-9:15 (90 min)                                           Advisory  9:15-9:30
2nd Period  9:20-10:50 (90)              9:35-11:05 (90)
Lunch  11:05-11:35         
3rd Period  10:50-11:35 (45)           11:35-1:05 (90)
       Lunch  11:35-12:10
3rd Period (cont'd) 12:10-12:55 (45)
4th Period    1:00-2:30 (90)              1:10-2:40 (90)
                                         Advisory   2:30-2:45

Important Sports Dates

Our website calendar is in transition at this time, so event listings are not complete. Here are a few upcoming sports dates to know about:

Volleyball practice has started, and the first game is scheduled for Aug. 28.  

Cross country is also up and running! :) Practices are daily at 3:00, plus one on Saturday 8/23 at 8:00 a.m..  Anyone is welcome to come out. Their first meet is at Camelsback Park on August 30.  For more information, email coach Wally Bashaw at

Check out our calendar for upcoming games and come out to support our Huskies!
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