November 21, 2014
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Letter From the Editors - 
We've received even more responses this past week, so thanks to all of you! Please feel free to share with us your experiences with school - related happenings, suggestions for the newsletter, photos of recent events, questions or concerns, or anything that you think is relevant to us, the school or the newsletter. We really appreciate it!

Send us your thoughts at: or reply to this email.
Can't wait to hear from you!

Jami and Cora
New This Week
PTO/Booster Club - 
PTO and Booster Club want to thank all members of our North Star community for the heroic effort and support you have put out since our last turkey break. We are truly blessed with generous, caring, hardworking teachers, parents, staff, students and leaders. PTO and Booster Club thank you! 
Read more about The Giving Tree and Santa Breakfast!
Fact of the Week - 
Scientists have discovered that there are two basic kinds of colds. There are those colds that last 14 days and also colds that last two weeks.

Also, do you remember “Kiss the Girl” from The Little Mermaid? Well scientists point out that the song neglects to mention what is also "in his kiss" - 80 million bacteria. Results have shown that after kissing, the quantity of probiotic bacteria in the other individual's saliva rose threefold, and during a 10-second kiss, a total of 80 million bacteria were transferred. Read more!
Elementary Basketball Night - 
The NSAA is sponsoring a promotion for the Boy's Basketball Program. Here's how it works: for all elementary students attending the game, stop at the table by the entrance and as you come in and give Mr. Schwartz the name of your teacher. That will be recorded and the teacher with the most attendance will receive $25 in cash from the Athletic Department to be used in their classroom. This will continue throughout the season for each home game. Hope to see you at the games! 

To get a handle on what successful step-parents do, it's helpful to first get a glimpse at what less successful ones try. I call the first well-intentioned yet doomed approach the "Wrecking Ball" step-parenting style. These folks take on the role of demolition expert in the family. They storm in with a crash, trying to rebuild every aspect of the kids' behavior. Like drill sergeants, their favorite tools include lectures, threats, lots of new rules and plenty of micro-managing. Read more!

Part Two - 

Six-year-old Paul was at the family reunion when he asked his uncle if he could see the moths in his billfold.
“What do you mean?” asked Uncle Fred. Read more!
Student Video Contest -
Hello School Leaders!
We are excited to announce the beginning of our School Choice Week Celebrations! As part of a broad Educational Choice coalition we are hosting a K-12 Student Video Contest. 
If you want to learn more about the student video contest, click here!
Veterans' Day Assembly - 
Last week's Veterans' Day Assembly was a great success and a moving ceremony. The gymnasium was packed with performers, veterans, family members, and students alike. Thank you to Mr. Ledesma, Mrs. VP, Mrs. Andersen, Mr. Davidsen, and all our beloved veterans.
Photo Credit: Dave Schwartz
From Last Week
“Big Push for Playground!”

Elementary Entertainment Books


The numbers are being crunched, prizes are ordered and soon we’ll know the final total. Next week the PTO will finish an outstanding year of fundraising. The PTO is getting bids to make some immediate improvements to our playground. The plan is to install 3 more basketball hoops, 2 additional tetherball poles and more playground equipment such as basketball, footballs, bouncy balls, and soccer balls...there will be more to come!


It’s “Wishing-Giving Tree” Time

It is that time of the year when all teachers wishes will be granted…well, at least some of them. Teachers gave us a short list of their classroom needs and wishes. We will hang them on the “Wishing-Giving Tree” (it really depends on your point of view).  There are many generous parents who would love to help out this holiday season.  Parents, check the Wishing Tree starting soon.


Booster Club Endorses

Giving Tree and Santa Breakfast!


Coupon Entertainment Book Sales End

The Booster Club needs to wrap up sales of Entertainment Books. We need to get the finals sales in and the unsold books back. If we have extra books, we hope to get book sales to our High School families.    

Send comments and concerns to

Michelle Lambright

Fact of the Week - 
Are The Polar Vortex, Siberian Express, Polar Pig, or Polar Express similar?
A polar vortex is typically the coldest air in the Northern Hemisphere. It is a large pocket of frigid air which sits and spins over the North Pole during the winter season.
The frigid air comes into the United States when a large high pressure area in the Pacific drives the vortex from the North Pole down across Canada into the US. Then it becomes the Siberian Express, Polar Pig or Polar Express.
As the polar vortex is pushed farther south, it occasionally reaches the Midwest and northeastern portions of the United States. At times it reaches even further south and it pushes northern weather in front of it.  The vortex is capable of delivering subzero temperatures to the United States and Canada for several days at a time.
When the strong high pressure air from the Eastern or Western Pacific weakens and falls apart, the polar vortex will retreat into place near the North Pole. It is not a recent event but a phenomenon talked about by meteorologists for decades.
So button up and enjoy, it should be over soon, unless times are a changin’.
4th Grade Students Learn about Gems - 
The 4th grade students would like to thank Dan Norman from Norman Jewelers for visiting their science classes this week.  Mr. Norman is the grandfather of Grant Jakobson and is a certified gemologist.  He spoke with the students about gemstones and precious minerals as part of their Rocks and Minerals unit.  Read more!
Grant Money for Chromebooks - 
Technology grant money was recently awarded to Megan Beglinger and the Secondary Math Department from the Morgridge Family Foundation through Khan Academy.  It was a matching grant, and we will be able to purchase 15 new Chromebooks to use in the math classrooms. We will be using the Chromebooks in class to access Khan Academy and do research.  Thank you to the North Star Administration for matching the grant!
Volleyball Season Wrap-Up - 
The 2014 season was quite a year for the North Star Huskies Varsity Volleyball Team. The "Dawgs" finished their remarkable season with more match victories than in the previous six years combined, they set new attendance records at home, swept Marsing and McCall and split with Melba and finished the season in fourth place, the highest finish ever for a North Star team. The team also notched tournament victories against 3A Nyssa and Parma. Second year Head Coach Michael Jordan was named the Western Idaho Conference Coach of the Year by his peers and was selected to coach the "2A" Senior All Star Team, yet another first for the NS Volleyball Program. Read more!

From Two Weeks Ago
Pennies for Jenny - 
One of our wonderful North Star families is in need of our support and we are ready to help them! Jenny Custer, a mom of a NS 2nd and a 5th grader, has been suddenly stricken with a very rare autoimmune disorder called Neuromyelitis Optica. This disorder has brought Jenny from vibrant and healthy to almost complete paralysis within 24 hours. She is now in Salt Lake City, where a University of Utah hospital team of specialists are working with her.  She has been holding strong and fighting hard. Read more

Please click on this link to make direct donations. Thank you so much for your contribution.

additional video
Picture Retakes - 

K - 12 Picture retakes are taking place on November 14 starting at 7:45. 6-12 grade students  who didn't get their school ID can get it at retakes.
Belize Teacher Swap - 

Ms. Emily Martinez spent the day with our North Star students K-12, sharing her culture, teaching students about Belize, singing songs and drumming. She also spent time observing two kindergarten classes, and is hoping to bring some new teaching strategies back to her school. Read more
International Club Backpack Drive - 
Hello North Star Parents and Students!

International Club is getting involved with World Relief Boise. Their mission is to help refugees from other countries begin to rebuild their
lives. In order to help the children integrate into school life smoothly, International Club is having a Backpack Drive from November 3-21. Read more
New Signs - 
Check out our beautiful new signs at school! Many thanks to Marketing Committee parent Brodie Tyler of Inbound Systems for making these signs happen for our school.

Love and Logic - 
Trish and Dad were walking through the mall when Trish spied the most “spectacular” pair of dark glasses.
“Oh, Dad. They’re perfect. They’re just what I need to complete my collection of eye-wear. I’ve got to have them, but I don’t have the money. Will you loan me some? Pleeeeze! I’ll pay you back.”

Dad knew that a loan to Trish was never a loan. In the past, asking for re-payment drew fits and sulking. With this in mind, he knew that he had only three choices:
Loan her the money and fight with her for re-payment.
Give her the money and avoid all the hassle.
Make her sign a promissory note and hope for better results this time.
But wait! Why are these his only choices? Contrary to what the media and advertising says about having it now and paying later, there is another choice. 

Read more
Art Moms -
Sarah Hillbig, one of our great art moms, celebrated El Dia de Los Muertos with flare this past week. 
Senior Pictures - 
The Yearbook staff has requested that all seniors that want their own pictures in the yearbook please send them in by Dec. 4. They ask for one picture from under the age of 5 and any professional pictures taken as well. Send all pictures to: 
Lost and Found - 
A 3rd grade student brought her brother's collection of Pokemon cards (about 200 cards in a Pokemon tin) to school. After trading cards during lunch recess, she set it down on the play ground and it disappeared. She asked the duty and her teacher but no one had seen it. Please watch for this tin of cards at your house. Thanks for your help!

Harvest Festival a Hoot

On Tuesday evening an estimated 300 elementary kids and family members came out for a good ol’ down home Harvest fest. Kids strutted their stuff as they showed off their costumes for Friday night. Big events at the Fest were the Photo Booth, pumpkin carving contest and apple dunking. 

When it comes to bobbing for apples, no one can hold a candle to our elementary girls. They showed a tenacity and fierceness that shamed some of our boys. Getting water up their noses or getting hair and costumes wet was not a deterrent to these young ladies. Thanks to our Jitka and Elysianna. 

Entertainment Books Update
There is a strong indication that Entertainment Books set a new sales record this year. What that means is that your PTO will have more resources to go toward an enhanced playground. Parents, we thank you.

More Thank You's
Thanks to Lorraine for prepping a great lunch for teachers at Parent Teacher Conferences. Also thanks to our Booster and PTO volunteers for helping with the potluck.

Giving Tree
Teachers are making their list and checking it twice. The annual Giving Tree is only a little over a month away. 

Contact us or go to North Star PTO
Booster Club - 
Coupon Entertainment Book Sales Continue

The Booster Club will continue sales of the popular Entertainment Books.  Families can make use of these valuable coupons and deals. Please consider a purchase. A sizeable part of your cost goes to the Booster Club, so they can do good works in the secondary school.  Keep sales rolling in!

Send comments, concerns and your volunteer’s information to Michelle Lambright

Fact of the Week - 
Scratching an itch only makes it worse. Scientists at Washington University School of Medicine have determined that scratching causes the brain to release a chemical, which intensifies the itch sensation.

Previously scientists knew that scratching creates a small amount of pain in the skin. That pain briefly interferes with itching by getting nerve cells in the spinal cord to carry pain signals to the brain instead of itch signals.

The problem is that when the brain gets those pain signals, it responds by producing serotonin, the well-being and happiness neurotransmitter to help control that pain. But as serotonin spreads from the brain into the spinal cord, we found it can “jump the tracks,” leaking from pain-sensing neurons to stimulate nerve cells that influence itch intensity. Scientists uncovered serotonin's role in controlling pain long ago, but this is the first time the release of the chemical messenger from the brain has been linked to itch.

The research provides new clues that may help break the vicious cycle of itching and scratching, particularly in people who experience chronic itching. Until then scientist suggest that those who itch pay attention to mom's advice and try not to scratch.

November 24-28: Thanksgiving Break
December 6: Breakfast with Santa: 9am
December 9: 1st and 2nd Grade Music Performance 6:30-7:30
December 11: Holiday Choir Concert 
December 13: All School Caroling at Eagle Island 2:45-3:30
December 16: Secondary Art Show 6:00
December 16: Holiday Band Concert 7:00
January 16: All School Talent Show
February 10: 3rd & 4th Grade American Folklore Program
March 10: Spring Band Concert
March 17:
5th Grade Character Concert
March 19: Pre-Festival Choir Concert
April 2: Open Choir Festival 
April 15: SAT Testing
April 29: SAT Make-up (Tentative)
May 1: State Solo High School
May 1: NSCS Jazz and Art Night 
May 7: Final Choir Concert 
May 12: Final Band Concert
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