January 31, 2015
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- Cora Oxley
New This Week 

PTO Report

Thanks again to our great volunteer parents for another successful Pizza Friday!

February Elementary Pizza Orders Due

∙     Deadline: end of the day Monday Feb 2.

∙     This order is for grades 1-5 only.

∙     Please send money to your teacher and not to front office.


These added guidelines will help facilitate PIZZA DAYS

  • Our elementary teachers and volunteers are very busy getting money and orders together for all the students.  They will not be able to process orders that are late. No Late Orders Please!
  • Orders for pizza slices apply to one day only. Orders cannot be combined with other days. The 2 slices for $3.50 applies only if you purchase them in a one day order.
  • Please consider your original order carefully. Orders cannot be changed after they are processed.

Would you kindly follow the previous guidelines! We need your cooperation!

Thank you!

Questions: email Jitka at:

Booster News


Contact Michelle Lambright at for any questions or more information.
Elementary Yearbook Purchase Form
Click here to access the form to buy a K-5 yearbook.

Boise State Stem Exploration Day
Boise State Stem Exploration Day will be Feb. 7th (9am-4pm)  Cost: Free

Experiments in Science, Technology, engineering, and math.  You will have access to cutting edge technology in Labs, and different college buildings.

Astronaut and educator Barbara Morgan will speak at 10am in the Student Union building. Check it out!

Sock Hop Decades Dance
On March 7th from 7pm-11pm, there will be a Sock Hop Decades Dance at the Hidden Springs Community Barn at 4768 W. Farm Court Hidden Springs, ID 83714. With an activity card it’s $5; $7 without.
If you paid for an activity card but your actual card says “ID only”, contact Mr. Conti to obtain a proof of purchase that you may use in place of an activity card at the dance.
If you would like to bring someone that does not attend North Star, there is paperwork to be filled out in the office. If not filled out, they will not be allowed to enter the dance: no exceptions.

Ghana Make a Difference?
Read about our 5th Grade Leadership Team's project to help children in Ghana here.
Fact of the Week
Is MSG a silent killer or useful flavor booster?

MSG, monosodium glutamate, has been called the silent killer lurking in your kitchen.  MSG has also been blamed for obesity, high blood pressure and even snoring. While a small fraction of people who eat MSG-rich foods report discomforting symptoms, once again for most people, none of the above claims stands up to scientific scrutiny. The evidence that MSG is harmful tends to be based on poorly conducted studies with lots of extraneous factors. Almost all of the glutamate that we eat, including that from MSG, is used up as an energy source by cells in the gut before it has a chance to get to any other parts of the body.

The fact is that MSG can be very useful for elderly people who lose their sense of taste and have difficulty getting the proper nutrition just because “ nothing tastes good.” MSG, in fact enhances the umami (savory) taste receptors giving older eaters a punch of good taste.

Scientists think that the umami flavor stimulates the production of saliva. The researchers found that their volunteers produced more saliva in response to umami than to sour, salty, sweet and bitter flavors. Saliva plays an important role in our ability to taste – it is thought to break down food into chemicals that our taste buds pick up, as well as protect taste receptors from damage. 

By boosting the production of saliva, MSG can enhance the taste of food, stimulating a healthy appetite which helps those of us that are creeping up in years.
Love and Logic
The Root Causes of Technology Addiction

At Love and Logic, our focus has always been to provide simple, down-to-earth strategies for raising happy and well-behaved kids. As such, we don’t typically spend much time describing the scientific research behind these strategies. 
I’d like to make an exception this week. I’d like to summarize a body of research that gets directly to the heart of why some kids (and adults) become so addicted to technology that their lives begin to fall apart. 
The problem…and the solution…have relatively nothing to do with technology…and everything to do with relationships.
The bottom line:
People at risk for developing these problems feel so badly about themselves, and their lives, that they will do anything to escape into a world where they feel competent, powerful and liked.
For example, researchers Kwon, Chung and Lee found that those at highest risk score high on the following variables: 
 Escape from Self
The child believes that they don’t measure up. Compared to the perceived standards of their parents, peers, school, self, or world, they feel inadequate, unattractive, or responsible for everything that goes wrong. 
Negative Mood
Severe anxiety and depression are the logical result of a child believing that they’re worthless. 
Perceived Parent Hostility/Lack of Affection
Loving relationships matter! Kids at risk for escape from self and depression believe that they can’t do anything to please their parents: “Nothing I do is good enough.”
Low Parental Supervision
Lack of supervision communicates lack of valuing: “My parents don’t even care enough about me to wonder where I am, who I’m with, or what I’m doing.” 
Lack of Supportive Peer Relationships
When kids lack the skills to develop and maintain positive peer relationships, a vicious cycle develops: Lack of friends = Negative Mood = Negative Behavior = More Negative Mood
While practical limits and accountability are always essential, lasting solutions require that we help all children feel competent, loved unconditionally, and capable of enjoying positive peer relationships.
For those who enjoy reading research articles, see:
Kwon, J., Chung, C. & Lee, J. (2011). The Effects of Escape from Self and Interpersonal Relationship on the Pathological Use of Internet Games.Community Mental Health Journal, 47:113–121
For great techniques to building a loving relationship with your child, check out Parenting with Love and Logic.
Thanks for reading! Our goal is to help as many families as possible. If this is a benefit, forward it to a friend.
Dr. Charles Fay
Elementary Computer Class
Did you know?

Inline image 3
Your child may do better on electronic tests, typing, and projects if they have their own earbuds to use in computer class? 
 Please check with you child to see if his or her earbuds are still in tact and purchase new ones if necessary. They are only $1 at any dollar store!

Thank you, from Mrs. Albin.                                                    
Inline image 4
During computer class, students in 2nd-6th grade participated in the world-wide Hour of Code along with 97,069,119 kids! The Hour of code is a one-hour introduction to computer science, designed to demystify code and show that anybody can learn the basics. Visit to try it out or ask your elementary student!
Enrollment Lottery
North Star's 2015-2016 Lottery is fast approaching! Don’t forget to tell your friends and family about our wonderful school. If a family applied last year and is currently on the wait-list, they must reapply for the 2015-2016 school year. The wait-list is cleared every spring and a new one is built.

Informational tours will begin January 14th and run every Wednesday until March 18th. 6-12th grade tours will be from 9:00-9:30 and K-5 tours will run from 9:30-10:00. 

The Application Deadline is: Friday, March 20th @ 4:00
The Lottery Date is: Thursday, April 2nd

Current NS families only need to let us know if their child or children will not be returning for the 2015-2016 school year. This must be done in writing or through an email which should be sent to If we do not hear from your family, your child will be promoted to the next grade level at NS. *The only exception is for incoming kindergarten siblings. NS families must fill out an application for their child that will be going into kindergarten next year by the March 20th deadline or the child will not be placed in the lottery.*
From Last Week 

PTO Report

New Elementary Pizza Orders Next Week! Hot Slice of Pizza Clipart

  • You should receive a February flyer and order form shortly.

  • Deadline to return is Mon. Feb. 2.

  • Get those orders in early if possible!

Need For More Volunteers on Pizza Fridays

To make distribution go more smoothly, we could use some extra folks to help each Friday. Let us know if you'd be able to help out!

Questions: email Jitka at:

Booster News

THANKS TO OUR GREAT VOLUNTEER PARENTS FOR THEIR FIRST PIZZA FRIDAY! We really appreciate all your hard work and contributions to our school.

Contact Michelle Lambright for times and more information.
Fact of the Week
Fruit Flies Reveal Clue to Better Results in IB
We all know the North Star asks its students to work hard. But even though kids have to put in a lot of time; they should still get a good night sleep. Students remember their studies better when they sleep more.
Most animals, from flies to humans, have trouble remembering when sleep deprived, and studies have shown that sleep is critical in converting short-term into long-term memory, a process known as memory consolidation. Scientists have recently discovered that the same system that puts fruit flies to sleep is involved in the consolidation of memories. "It's almost as if brain cells say 'hey, stay awake and learn this, then, after a while, those same neurons start saying 'you're going to need sleep if you want to remember this later.’ Knowing that sleep and memory overlap in the fly brain can allow researchers to narrow their search in humans.

Who Do You Want to Kiss the Pig?
Starting next week, the Prom Committee will be holding a fundraiser at lunch every day, outside the band-room. You have the power to vote for who you want to kiss a pig. Choose between Mrs. Andersen, Mr.Downs, or Mr. Hansen to partake in this ancient ceremony of humility. $1.00 per vote - the teacher/administrator with the most votes by April 6, 2015 will have to kiss the pig.

IT'S YEARBOOK SEASON!! Are you looking for a cool way to remember this year? Do you long for photos of all your friends? BUY A YEARBOOK! If you are in grades 6-12, yearbooks cost only $35; however, this is a limited time offer. After Spring Break in March the cost of yearbooks will skyrocket to $45! If you would like to purchase an elementary yearbook, the cost is $20 for the rest of the year. So, act now--get your yearbook before they are gone!
IB Info Night
Hey, middle school parents and students! There is a North Star High School informational meeting Tuesday, January 27 at 7:00 in the Band Room. Come learn about 9th-12th grades and IB! Hear from current and former students and parents about the fantastic benefits of our high school program. See you there!
Love and Logic
Mistakes Made On-Line: Affordable or Not?
“Hope and pray every day that your kids make plenty of mistakes when they are young…when the “price tags” are affordable.”
Since the 1970’s, we've repeated this statement thousands of times. Why? Simply because children allowed to learn by making affordable mistakes are less likely to make life and death ones later on. We learn most of the important lessons in life, not by being lectured, but by experiencing the consequences of our decisions.
So…should we be hoping and praying that our kids chat with predators on-line, stumble upon pornography, become so addicted to video games that they miss out on life, text while driving, etc.? Absolutely not!
Wise parents yank their children back onto the sidewalk when they begin to dart into traffic.
Likewise, they do whatever they can to prevent their kids from making 
unaffordable mistakes with technology.
One of the most challenging aspects of parenting is striking a balance between over-protection and allowing children to make healthy mistakes. Further complicating matters is the fact that we can’t completely ensure that our kids won’t get sneaky and make unaffordable ones.
  • We can up the odds of success by doing the following:
  • Humbly admit to our kids that we can't always watch them and keep them from messing up THEIR OWN lives. This allows them to understand that rebelling hurts THEM…not us.
  • By consistently using sincere empathy, show them that they can talk to us about their mistakes, temptations, etc. Don't force them to keep secrets.
  • Allow them to have their computer, tablet, phone, etc. as long as they don't hibernate in their rooms with them, as long as they place them in a basket next to our bed at night, and as long as they don't argue about these and other limits we set.
  • Remind ourselves that setting these limits doesn't guarantee success, but it does show our kids that we love them enough to keep them safe.
For more suggestions to help avoid pre-teen and teenage power struggles, check out Trouble-free Teens
Thanks for reading! Our goal is to help as many families as possible. If this is a benefit, forward it to a friend.
Dr. Charles Fay
February 2: Elementary Pizza Order Forms Due
February 4: Boys HOME basketball game JV- 6, V-7:30
February 4 and 
every Wednesday until March 18: Informational Tours - 6-12th grade 9:00-9:30am, K-5 9:30-10:00
February 6: BBB @ Melba JV-6:00 V-7:30
February 7: WISCL Tournament 7:30am-3:30
February 7: Boise State STEM Exploration Day

February 10: 3rd-4th Grade American Folklore Program - 6:30 - 7:15
February 13: Boys HOME basketball game JV- 6, V-7:30
February 26: Board Meeting - 6:00pm
February 28: BBB State Play-In Game 1:00-2:30
March 7: Sock Hop Decades Dance - 7pm-11pm at the Hidden Springs Community Barn
March 10: Spring Band Concert
March 13-15: Moss
March 17: 5th Grade Character Concert - 6:30 - 7:15
March 19: Pre-Festival Choir Concert
March 20: Enrollment Lottery Application Deadline - 4:00
March 20: Fun Run
April 2: Open Choir Festival
April 2: Enrollment Lottery
April 6: Voting Deadline for Kiss The Pig
April 15: SAT Testing
April 15: Application Deadline for Summer STEM Program
April 29: SAT Make-Up (Tentative)
May 1: State Solo High School Competition
May 1: NSCS Jazz and Art Night
May 7: Final Choir Concert
May 12: Final Band Concert
May 27: Carnival
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