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June 2015 Newsletter
Delaware City Refining Co. PBF Energy - 5/12/15 Highlights

The First State Delaware Chapter of the Association of Contingency Planners (ACP) held an event on the topic "PBF Energy Facility Tour and Presentation."  The Tour and Presentation was presented by Bill Robinson from PBF Energy  as part of the ACP chapter meeting on Tuesday, May 12th, 2015 from 9am to 12:00pm at the Plant in Delaware City, DE. 
Kimberly Carty, ACP Membership Director, delivered the ACP presentation in the PBF Energy Command Center at the Delaware City plant.
Todd Bretz presented a few slides about strategies for refineries to consider in dealing with emergency planning.
Lori Gorman, ACP Chapter President, presents a ACP Gift Card
Janet Tyczkowski received an ACP Visa Gift Card
(From left to right: Lori Gorman, ACP Chapter President, Janet Tyczkowski)
Lori Gorman, ACP Chapter President, and Shannon Lawson, ACP Program Director, present a Certificate of Appreciation to the guest speaker Bill Robinson.
ACP Presenters Lori Gorman, and Shannon Lawson, presented  a Certificate of Appreciation to Bill Robinson.
(From left to right: Lori Gorman, Bill Robinson, and Shannon Lawson)

ABOUT PBF Energy Inc.

  • PBF Energy Inc. (NYSE:PBF) is one of the largest independent refiners in North America, operating, through its subsidiaries, oil refineries and related facilities in Delaware City, Delaware, Paulsboro, New Jersey and Toledo, Ohio. Our mission is to operate our facilities in a safe, reliable and environmentally sensitive manner, provide employees with a safe and rewarding workplace, become a positive influence in the communities where we do business, and provide superior returns to our investors.
    The Delaware City refinery has a throughput capacity of 190,000 bpd and a Nelson complexity rating of 11.3. As a result of its configuration and petroleum refinery processing units, Delaware City has the capability to process a diverse heavy slate of crudes with a high concentration of high sulfur crudes making it one of the largest and most complex refineries on the East Coast.
    The Delaware City refinery is located on a 5,000-acre site on the Delaware River, with the ability to accept crude by rail or waterborne cargoes.  Delaware City possesses an extensive distribution network of pipelines, barges and tankers, truck and rail for the distribution of its refined products.
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