Journal of Futures Studies - January 2020
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Journal of Futures Studies January 2020 Newsletter

When is Wakanda: Afrofuturism and Dark Speculative Futurity (Special Issue)

Vol. 24 No. 2



Introduction to The Special Issue When is Wakanda: Afrofuturism and Dark Speculative Futurity
Lonny Brooks, Reynaldo Anderson, Douglas Taylor and Nicholas Baham
(PP. 1-4)

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Exploring the Dark Matter(S) of Wakanda: A Quest for Radical Queer Inclusion Beyond Capitalism
Amber Johnson
(PP. 5-14)

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Redefining the Colonial: An Afrofuturist Analysis of Wakanda and Speculative Fiction
Ricardo Guthrie
(PP. 15-28)

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AfroAsian Imaginations: Autoethnographies of Black Panther in Korea
Hannah R. Stohry and Johnnie Jackson
(PP. 29-36)

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The Erasure of Virtual Blackness: An Ideation About Authentic Black Hairstyles in Speculative Digital Environments
Jennifer Williams
(PP. 37-46)

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Black Panther: Cinematic Masterpiece or CIA Recruitment Video?
Douglas Taylor
(PP. 47-54)

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Engaging the Black Ethos: Afrofuturism as a Design Lens for Inclusive Technological Innovation
Woodrow W. Winchester, III
(PP. 55–62)

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The Black Posthuman Transformer: A Secularized Technorganic
Philip Butler
(PP. 63–66)

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Black Jeopardy Hella Loves Wakanda: Celebrating and Reframing Frequencies and Voices from the Black Fantastic Cultural Imagination
Craig Derksen, Lonny Brooks and Kalemba Kizito

(PP. 67–74)
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Afrofutures of Cosplay: Deviance and DiY in Black Fantastic Performance
tobias c. van Veen
(PP. 75–84)

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