Journal of Futures Studies - October 2021
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Journal of Futures Studies October 2021 Newsletter

Vol. 26 No. 1


COVID-19 and Pandemic Preparedness: Foresight Narratives and Public Sector Responses
Ivana Milojević
(PP. 1-18)
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Reevaluating the Foresight Styles Assessment: A Measurement of Futures Competency for University Students
Kuo-Hua Chen, Li-Ping Hsu, Jeanne Hoffman
(PP. 19-32)
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WWW: Web Wide Warfare Part 2 – Towards a Deeper Healing of the Online Culture Wars
Marcus T Anthony
(PP. 33-48)
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Going Viral in Covid-19: Abstraction of Self and Desire for Omnipresence
Camila Mozzini-Alister, Liam Mayo
(PP. 49-60)
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Singularity and Coordination Problems: Pandemic Lessons from 2020
Nicholas Kluge Corrêa, Nythamar de Oliveira
(PP. 61-74)
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As Researchers, We Need to Engage More into Public Outreach Towards Children in The Future
Lucie Poulet, Benjamin Dalmas, Barbara Goncalves, Camille Noûs, Antoine Vernay
(PP. 75-82)
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Special Relativity Theory Expands the Futures Cone’s Conceptualisation of the Futures and The Pasts
Epaminondas Christophilopoulos
(PP. 83–90)
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Communicating the Future: Foresight as Mindfulness – An Interview with Sohail Inayatullah
Bes Pittman Baldwin, Sohail Inayatullah
(PP. 91–100)
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The Journal of Futures Studies is a publication of Tamkang University, Taiwan, supported by the Graduate Institute of Futures Studies.

The Journal of Futures Studies is a globally-oriented, trans-disciplinary refereed journal. Its mission is to develop high-quality, futures-oriented research and thinking based on the evolving knowledge base of Futures Studies.

JFS will highlight recent and upcoming editions and news from the journal, with a view toward making it easy for you to both access articles and essays as well as share them with your colleagues and networks. JFS aims to bring you:

    Epistemologically focused studies on the construction of possible, probable and preferable futures,
    Emerging methodologies in futures studies, including integrated, layered, and critical approaches, as well as empirical, interpretive or action-learning based approaches,
    Applied Futures (for example, case studies in the use of futures thinking for organizational transformation),
    Alternative futures of particular subjects (for example, genetics, nano-technology, utopianism, social movements, or particular areas, such as East Asia).

The editors invite contributors in the areas of foresight, forecasting, long-range planning, visioning and other related areas. Find out about submitting an article.

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