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Dear <<First Name>>,


Our Board of Directors met this past Tuesday and discussed and approved a proposal of COVID Policies for  Re-opening.  It is a list of safety rules and procedures we need to adopt in order to resume operations in a safe manner.


Copied below are the rules for members. We know these rules are restrictive; it's important that we begin to reopen in modest fashion. We will monitor the situation, and our intent is to ramp up availability as soon as we can while maintaining a safe environment for everyone. We require that everyone please read them and agree to not only follow the rules, but be responsible for ensuring others follow these rules as well. In order for us to stay safe, we all have to be diligent. Members who do not agree to these temporary rules and policies will not be allowed to access the Makerspace.


In the next week we will be preparing the Makerspace for a possible opening. We still have not defined a date, as we are waiting to hear from the Governor regarding an update to the Stay at Home order that is still in effect until May 31st.  Once we have more information, we will be able to set a specific date.


New COVID Rules for Members - link to confirm you agree to these rules

  1. All members must read and agree to these new rules to enter the Makerspace.

  2. Book time through the website so members have equal opportunity to access the space.

  3. Time reservations will be 4 hours max per day. You may not enter before your reservation, and must leave promptly when your time is up.

  4. Hours of access will be limited to Open Hours only (12-8pm, Tues-Fri, 10-8pm Sat, 10-6 Sun)

  5. Each time you make a reservation at the space, you will be asked to fill out a survey regarding symptoms. and record temperature. Please answer these questions as accurately as possible. If you have any doubt about your health condition or exposure status, please do not come to the Makerspace.

  6. Enter and Exit through the Classroom door. 

  7. Wear a mask at all times (surgical or cloth mask ok).

  8. Wash/Sanitize your hands immediately upon entering and before leaving.

  9. Grab a spray bottle upon entering for sanitizing tools, equipment, and surfaces that you touch.

  10. Stay 6 feet apart from others at all times.

  11. Limit how many things you touch. If you can, bring a personal toolkit for little things you use regularly.

  12. Stay mainly in one shop/area. Avoid setting up your main work area in high-traffic shops like the Wood Shop.

  13. Report symptoms or confirmed cases to

  14. Each room will have a maximum capacity.  Pay attention to the limits posted in each space.

  15. Please swipe your RFID tag when entering and leaving. This will help keep track of who was at the space.

  16. Recently sick? Stay away. Do not come if you have been sick in the past 2 weeks.

  17. Be responsible for enforcing these rules and keeping each other safe.

  18. Note: These rules may change, with or without notice, in order to comply with local, state and national regulations and to implement best practices.


While we are planning to re-open, this is still a constantly changing situation. Our COVID Task Force, consisting of our Board of Directors and our volunteer Shop Managers, is going to check in weekly to evaluate how things are going both within the Makerspace and in the local area. The ideal situation will be to gradually loosen restrictions over time, but it is wise to prepare for the opposite as well. We will remain diligent and make sure we are operating in a safe and low-risk manner, and ask that as a member you do the same.


Thank you for being a part of our community, and working with us to stay healthy and productive.  If you have questions, please call us at 603-373-1002 or email us at


Alex Nunn, General Manager & 

The Port City Makerspace Board of Directors

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