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Letter of Rejoice — Q2, 2020

It’s summertime,
And that means you’ll get greetings from Your Majesty’s first-ever Zoom summer jubilee. Despite being away from each other, we made the most out of it, and the Scandinavian drinking songs echoed far and wide.
At our distributed offices, we spent the quarter digging deeper into the digital fashion phenomenon, explored remote social interactions, gave remote keynotes, launched new projects, and much more.

Read all about it in this edition of Letter of Rejoice. 

Your Majesty

News & Articles

Voiceroom: A more social alternative to Zoom
R&D — Innovation Prototype

Having every social moment at work—from one-on-ones to kitchen chats—replaced by the stream of people’s zoomed-in faces can have a significant strain on humans. This phenomenon, known as the Zoom-fatigue, motivated our Technical Lead, Hugo Wiledal to prototype Voiceroom. 

Voiceroom is an online communication platform that aims to bring the social and enjoyable aspects of physical hangouts into the virtual realm.

Try it here, and learn more about how it came about on our Medium →

Digital Fashion: A New Essential
Opinion Article — Insights & Strategy

Earlier this year we published an opinion piece — State of Digital Fashion — intending to spotlight the growing popularity of virtual worlds and the role of digital-only fashion as a redemptive solution for the industry to steer into a phygital future.

Little did we know that the world was on the fast-track to a digital future, where virtual worlds were soon to become an everyday reality. Yet here we are in an unprecedented time, where everything we thought we knew needs to be rethought — and digital, in particular, can no longer be an afterthought...

Read the full article →

Also, check out our digital fashion webinar, in collaboration with Mollie & Klarna →

Lotte Peters on the future of fashion
Keynote — Digital Design Days

During the first virtual-only Digital Design Days 2020, our Creative Director, Lotte Peters, spoke about the state of fashion today and how brands can lean on digital fashion to foster a more inclusive and sustainable future. 

Check out the recording →

Nishita talks with Dutch Digital Design & The Drum
Interview — Employee Spotlight

Dutch Digital Design interviewed our Sr. Strategist, Nishita Tamuly, on why she chose the Netherlands to be home. This four-part interview – also featured on The Drum – introduces women in digital design and their opinion on the Netherlands being an inspiration and a hub for all things digital.

From India – via NYC – to Amsterdam →
Read the full series on The Drum →

Michael Hoang’s new approach to innovation
Opinion Article — Insights & Strategy

Our Sr Strategist—Viet Hoang (Michael), set out on a personal research journey to make sense of the world amidst COVID-19. Along the way, he rediscovered an old psychology model that helped him envision a new approach to building better businesses: one that is more inclusive and equitable.

Read full essay →

Into the unknown: Students and recent grads discuss their hopes, anxieties and aspirations
Interview — Employee Spotlight

Our design intern Henriette Brück is featured in an interview piece by It’s Nice That, talking about the future with students and recent graduates from around the world.

Read interview →

New Work & Partnerships

LEELA by The Fabricant
Work — Case Study

As Gen Z gradually becomes the defining generation of modern culture, their new expectations on fashion are on the rise. Today’s fashion needs to provide people with new ways to express their ever-changing identities while remaining environmentally conscious. Together with The Fabricant, we developed the world’s first digital-only fashion platform: LEELA.

Read case study →

More on Communication Arts →
LEELA in The Guardian → 

Raise Green
Work — Case Study

Raise Green partners with local leaders to start solar projects in their communities and make investing in these projects accessible for everyone. Your Majesty was tasked with creating a brand identity that sets them apart and developing their go-to-market strategy.

Read case study →


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