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Resolutions and Change

"Resolutions and change are a topic for everyone this month, however, I need to focus on positive changes that I choose for myself. It's too easy for me to get overwhelmed by feeling like I need to change a lot all at once." - Guest Post by #ASDNext Blogger, Out of Sync Woman

Starting or strengthening a self-advocacy group

Self-Advocacy Training

Facilitated by Self Advocates United as 1 (SAU1)
Philadelphia, PA  |  January 18  |  10am-3pm
Free Training, Lunch Included

Featured Events

1/12/17- Consolidated and P/FDS Waivers Public Comment Period Webinars

1/13/17- Vision for Equality Family Information and TA Session-Waiver Renewals, Philadelphia

1/17/17- How to Teach Personal Safety and Relationship Skills to Individuals on the Autism Spectrum, Pittsburgh

1/23/17- What is a Waiver? Lancaster

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