$500,000. That’s how much dark money Governor Bullock and Hillary Clinton’s allies at the Montana Conservation Voters– a fringe enviro group– will now spend to make false attacks against our Republican ticket to boost Montana Democrats up and down the ballot.
That’s a lot of money to spread outright lies with, and we are going to need your help today if we have any chance of fighting back against this half million dollar dark money assault.
These fringe enviro groups like the Montana Conservation Voters have one goal in mind: Put hardworking Montanans out of work. They have already succeeded in shutting down Colstrip units 1 & 2 and they won’t stop until they see ALL of Colstrip shut down and thousands of good-paying Montana jobs eliminated.
In fact, one of the largest backers of the Montana Conservation Voters is a mysterious, dark money front group who openly touts one of their 'recent successes' as: Shutting down half of Colstrip.
I am calling on you today to make a donation of $10, $15, or even $25 so we can fight back against their radical, job-killing agenda. We can’t let Montana Democrats and their fringe enviro allies win in November: Over 7,000 Montanans will be put out of work and our economy will be left in ruins.
I hope you know that Montana Democrats don't have your back – they fight for the special interest groups that line their pockets and help their election campaigns. They have abandoned hardworking Montanans to advance the interests of these dark money groups and their radical, job-killing agenda.
I am directly appealing to you for a donation today so we have the resources to combat these special interest, dark money groups. Montana Republicans need to sweep this election if we are to save Colstrip and protect the thousands of good-paying Montana jobs our coal industry supports.

I also pledge to you today that the Montana Republican Party and our incredible Republican ticket will fight for all hardworking Montanans and all those Montanans who have been abandoned by Montana Democrats,

Jeff Essmann
Montana Republican Party
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