Will Tester Return Menendez’s Tainted Money?

Senator Tester received $10,000 of Senator Menendez’s tainted money but unlike several of his Democrat colleagues– who also received campaign contributions from Menendez– Tester has shown no sign of giving up the campaign cash he received.  
Democrat Senator Robert Menendez of New Jersey last week was indicted on bribery and corruption charges for engaging in political favors with his long-time friend Dr. Salomon Melgen.
As a result of the indictment, several Democrat senators recently returned campaign contributions they received from Senator Menendez. Democrat Senator Bennet of Colorado and Democrat Senator Klobuchar of Minnesota each received $10,000 from Menendez’s New Millennium PAC and have agreed to return or donate all the tainted money to charity.
Montanans deserve to know why Senator Tester won't do the right thing and return the $10,000 of tainted campaign cash he received from Menendez.

As Chairman of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee (DSCC), Senator Tester should lead by example and take a stand against Menendez’s bribery and corruption and return this dirty money.
Or, does Senator Tester think it’s more important to keep the $10,000 of campaign cash he received from Menendez? 

Tester Received $10,000 from Menendez’s New Millennium PAC 

  • Tester received $5,000 from Menendez in 2010 and another $5,000 in 2012. 
Democrat Senator Bennet Received $10,000 from Menendez’s New Millennium PAC; Gives Money to Charity 
  • Sen. Michael Bennet will give $10,000 to charity, an amount equal to campaign contributions the Colorado Democrat received from a political action committee associated with Sen. Robert Menendez several years *ago (POLITICO, 04/02/2015) 
Democrat Senator Klobuchar Received $10,000 from Menendez’s New Millennium PAC, Received $8,000 from Melgen; Returns Money
  • Democrat Senator Amy Klobuchar is returning the $10,000 she received from Senator Menednez’s PAC. (POLITICO, 04/02/2015)
  • A source said the total returned by Klobuchar would be $18,000: $10,000 back to New Millennium PAC and $8,000 to Melgen. (POLITICO, 04/02/2015) 

New York Times Editorial Board: Step Down, Senator Robert Menendez

  • He would be doing a disservice to New Jersey by clinging to power as a disgraced politician. His colleagues in the Senate should demand that he step aside. (New York Times, 04/02/2015)
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