Bullock-Obama-EPA Job-Killing Energy Regulations
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Bullock-Obama-EPA Job-Killing Energy Regulations

Governor Bullock supports President Obama and the EPA’s job-killing energy regulations.
Bullock has chosen to “comply” with the Obama-EPA job-killing energy regulations rather than fight back against this assault on Montana's energy industry and our way of life.
The Bullock-Obama-EPA job-killing energy regulations threaten:  Thousands of good-paying Montana jobs, affordable energy prices for Montana families, and critical funding for Montana’s infrastructure and schools.
The Corette power plant in Billings will be forced to shut down because of the Bullock-Obama-EPA job-killing energy regulations, which will eliminate 35 good-paying Montana jobs, result in higher energy prices, and reduce funding for our infrastructure and schools.
Bullock’s support for the Obama-EPA job-killing energy regulations ignores the fact that Montana coal plants are already more efficient than the average U.S. coal plant, and even President Obama’s former EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson admitted, “U.S. action alone will not impact world CO2 levels.”  
Bullock is placing the interests of President Obama and the EPA’s job-killing energy regulations ahead of Montana energy workers and working-class Montana families.
Montana Coal Supports Jobs

Montana Coal Supports Infrastructure & Schools
  • Montana Coal provides our economy with $100 million in tax revenue, with tens of millions of dollars supporting Montana infrastructure and schools.
Montana Coal Supports Energy Demands, Affordable Electricity Bullock Ignores Reality 
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