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I love this image of a workshop I ran a couple of summers ago when the horses came and joined in.

Last month my daughter told me some of her friends had "self-esteem issues" because they were nervous about going to a party.  It didn't occur to her that being nervous when you do something new, is ... normal - and has nothing to do with self-esteem.  If you are avoiding doing something because you are nervous it may not be self esteem that you are lacking, but courage. 

Which of course leads me to talking about workshops.  It take tremendous courage to come to a constellation workshop. Especially the first one - and especially if you are the sort of person who feels uncomfortable in groups.  

If you went to a school where people were shamed (i.e. most of us) if you were the last to be picked for the sports team, or if you just learned that revelaing your vulnerability is just not done,then the  thought of participating in a workshop likely fills you with dread. For some people, it is all that they can do to just turn up and attempt to be present.   And I absolutely admire that

I invite you to be part of a non - judgmental, anonymous and compassionate environment where you could start to let go of unnecessary emotional burdens.

If you know anyone who is interested do please encourage them to join my newsletter or follow me up on FB. The newsletter goes out once a month, an email reminder if you’ve bravely signed yourself up for an event and/or some newsletter only deals from time to time. You can unsubscribe at any time. Thank you for your trust and listening. Pls don’t hesitate to contact me with any suggestions. Be happy - and be courageous.
Family Workshops complete list & bookings here:

Lewes - first Friday of the month
Worthing - a workshop on Saturday 25th June - please share this is a first and I'd love to make this a regular
Workshop on  the Joy of food and eating  this workshop has had a huge amount of interest, but very few signups so we are postponing the date.
Hove workshops have been moved to 2nd Monday of the month
Environmental Workshop - the last environmental workshop was very touching in a light kind of way.  Do please come and join in with another way of working with constellations to see what magic we can create.

Practical information
I'm moving my event hosting service so if you have any comments on whether this is working for you or not.  Please let me know.
Also I've had some feedback that my new pricing system is confusing!  I'm working to find a way to include as many people as possible.  So again if you have any comments on this do let me know.
I've referred to bursary places in my prices but not specified whom is eligible.  Basically I want people to come to workshops and for the price not to be prohibitive - on the other hand I also need to earn a living.  So if you are taking 3 holidays a year then assume you can afford to pay full price, if you haven't had a holiday in 4 years, your outgoings are higher than what is coming in and have dependents etc., then obviously a bursary place is right for you. I've kind of left that down to you and your personal integrity.

Other information

Trouble with your teenagers? 
I am putting together a closed course  to support parents with teenagers in trouble.  This will be jointly hosted with parenting coach Steohanie Davies- Arai.
Stephanie's book  "communicating with kids"  helps with modern parenting's challenges.  She taught me how to listen to my kids with my  heart and  stay in my parent authority.  
I'm excited about this course. There are so many parents struggling with kids who are suffering from extreme anxiety, self-harm and or eating disorders - as well as other issues around self-image etc.,. 
This course will help parents to remain in their power when they are feeling extremely frightened and worried about their child's well-being and safety.  
You know when your kids just push your buttons?  And you now you've responded badly.
Stephanie's coaching helps you find your strength in responding differently so those family flare ups are less likely to happen. 
There are times when despite her coaching things are so stuck that parents can't find their authority. 
Such times are usually when there are bigger family dynamics gong on - an out of control teenager can really make a parent feel powerless. These situations are when setting up a constellation to see the wider elements that are pressuring the family can really help.
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