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Lewes Brighton Hove - note some SATURDAY events coming up

It's beautiful day in  May and i couldn't resist the pun.

I do believe it's true.  For me the more I got involved in constellations the  easier it was able to let go of my hidden and unconscious loyalties to the past and the easier it became for me to get into my place of blossoming.

This month I want to update for all of you who are interested, but have never actually been to a workshop on:  Why it's great to come as a representative.

I often go on about this!  So often people think - as I did when I first started this journey, that the value in a workshop is coming to do your own issue  And at times - it really is!  However there are other times, when it really is worth just coming as a representative. 

As one workshop goer said to me a few days ago "I used to come to a workshop as a necessity.  Everything felt so urgently in need of fixing.  Now I come as a hobby."   

At a family constellation workshop - a group of people come together to set up different people's families.  It is quite something to see your internal image of your family set up in front of you using people who are not family members.  It is interesting to see who stands close to who else and who looks into the family and who looks away. 

All the people who come to a workshop get an opportunity to participate as a representative - representing someone else's mother or father, sister or brother, grandparent etc.,  And somehow through the representing something magical happens and as the representative you start to feel things that are not yours.  You may feel uninterested in the family, or cut off, or you may feel deep love and faithfulness.  And somehow these feelings are a distillation or essence of the experience of the person you are representing. 

As a representative you are acting in service of the person whose family is being set up and worked on. At the same time, the experience of moving from being cut off or hurt or angry to an experience of deep love and trust or safety can be a gift.  Sometimes allowing people to experience something they have longed for, or had little experience of in day to day life.   Witnessing other people's constellations or participating in them, can give representatives deep insights into their own family experiences.

As an issue holder you participate in a workshop also as a representative, but you also bring your own issue to the workshop - where we set it up and see if we can create some movement or change. 

There are four or five  opportunities to work as an issue holder at a day long workshop - but obviously plenty more opportunities to participate as a representative.  

It is an act of courage and generosity to participate in someone else's constellation - but the gifts that you take away are those of persona growth, insight and dignity.

Do come and join us.

Family Workshops complete list & bookings here:

Lewes -
Unusually, I have 2 or 3 issue holder places available still at open for this May's workshop, so do grab a place while you can

I've just updated my website so you can book a workshop up til December.  Workshops are filling more and more quickly, so book early. I have an early bird rate for booking to represent, which is very good value. If you know you want to participate a lot, I recommend making the most of these. 

Although most workshops are on a Friday, there is one on Saturday 24th  June. 

Hove workshops 
These are short evening events and get very full.  They take place generally on the 2nd Monday of the month, book through Hove Stressbusters, link above.
There is also going to be a workshop on Saturday 1st July, for those of you who can't do Fridays

Lewes Environmental Constellation Evenings: 
There are still a trickling of people interested, but not quite enough to make it happen. Let me know if you have an interest.  There is so much richness that can happen in an environmental constellation and as we get so much of our resource from the natural world it is deeply moving to find a way to work with this.

Closed group for therapists:
I have been running a closed group for therapists in Lewes, which has been a lovely group - and helpful for participants to have a private space to explore issues relating to their work.   The Lewes group runs til the end of July and if you would like to join us, do contact me. 
There have been requests to set up a second group in Brighton, which I may do in early summer.. Email me if you are a therapist and interested.

Trauma Through a Systemic Lens June 26-28 London
A new participant has been added to this event Nicholas Janni, who works with integrating social and intergenerational trauma into society.  He works in Israel as well as the UK.
Other constellatory at this event include Angwyn St Just who works with environmental trauma too. 

I highly recommend participating in this event.  I genuinely think it will be awesome.

I have arranged for readers of this newsletter to get a 10% discount by quoting the code LS2017

I would like to share with you details of a Silent  Retreat in Brighton that is happening this August.   Danielle Kerris is one of the organisers.  I have worked with Danielle, she has deep experience of therapy and managing trauma work.  The workshop looks very moving and I trust Danielle's judgement in recommending this. 

Also, if you are interested in constellations and in London, Alison Sideway will be holding a workshop in South London on the 3rd June, Do join her.

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