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One of things I most love about constellation workshops is that at the start of the day we are a group of strangers and at the end of the day, even though we don't know the names of people's families or where they live or anything, we have all experienced our deep connection and oneness.

Online I have the most amazing global connections, I meet people with similar interests & outlooks.  I learn from them about how our communities  differ and how they are the same.  
When I go out and mix with people in my local area, the connections have a different quality.  We share the land, we breathe the same air and are governed by the same forces - trains running, shop opening hours etc,  & yet our views about the world can be significantly different if not polarised. 

All this seems pertinent in the wake of recent events.

At the workshops there are rarely people present who are born and bred for more than one generation solely in England.  Most people have a mixed heritage which brings celebration and a  personal journey on how to assimilate more than one heritage into one’s way of being.  

At a recent workshop  shortly before the referendum, there was a participant who came from South America where she felt unable to remain. She couldn’t understand why.  This resonated with another participant from a European country that has been through many and  recent wars.  She felt love and rage at her home country. 

These feelings we have about who we are, and the lands that we come from run so deep and yet we rarely notice them.  They are just a part of us and they live with us, mostly unattended to unless we feel deeply our not belonging, and then we notice. Race, nationality, gender, are all part of who we are and where we feel we belong. In the face of huge global influences and movements that we as individuals cannot change the more we can attend to these feelings within us and respect the struggles of others who yearn for more security in their belonging, perhaps the more chance we have of creating and maintaining peace. 

And the workshop?  During the workshop we saw the massive impact the war had on the country as a whole, on its sense of nationhood and need to connect with its deepest and most ancient sense of self that came from folklore and mystery.  And beneath the impact on the country there was the impact  on individuals' families, particularly our issue holder. The issue holder  looked the most distressed and dishevelled I have ever seen her.  A week later, she has a calm about her I have not seen before.  She tells me that a lot has come out of that for her and other Eastern Europeans who are still meeting to discuss thoughts and ideas that emerged. 

It seemed a most pertinent constellation to happen a few days before the referendum


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Family Workshops complete list & bookings here:

Lewes - first Friday of the month, but not in August, Instead there will be a workshop on SATURDAY 30TH JULY.
Worthing - again, finalising new dates-  will be late September.
Hove evening  workshops - next  one Monday 18th July  2nd Monday in September and so on thereafter.
West Malling, Kent - Saturday 29th October - message me if you want more details.
Environmental Workshop - Date TBC - probably towards the end of September.

I am also running a closed group for psychotherapists which will meet one evening every other month. Starting in September. There are still a couple of places available, so email me if you are a psychotherapist and interested. 

Other information

Trouble with your teenagers? 
I am excited to share that coming up soon will be  a closed course  to support parents with teenagers in trouble.  This will be jointly hosted with parenting coach Stephanie Davies- Arai.
Stephanie's book  "Communicating with Kids"  helps with modern parenting challenges.  She taught me how to listen to my kids with my  heart and  stay in my parent authority.  
There are so many parents struggling with kids who are suffering from extreme anxiety, self-harm and or eating disorders - as well as other issues around self-image etc.
This course helps parents to remain in their power when they are feeling extremely frightened and worried about their child's well-being and safety.  
You know when your kids just push your buttons?  And you know you've responded badly.
Stephanie's coaching helps you find your strength in responding differently so those family flare ups are less likely to happen. 
There are times when despite her coaching things are so stuck that parents can't find their authority. 
This is when setting up a constellation helps.  Parents will see the hidden dynamics and loyalties that hold them back.
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