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Celebrity Infertility:

Sorting fact from hype

Keeping up with the Kardashian sisters

"In celebrity magazines and on the Internet, there is an abundance of stories elaborating the latest details of stars' fertility struggles," says Dr. Rink Murray. "In fact, there seem to be more rumors and stories and updates than there are paparazzi."  

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Share your baby photo with TRM

Share Your Baby Photos with TRM

If your dream of parenthood became a reality with the help of TRM, we invite you to add your family or baby photo to our online album. We love to see your babies!

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Weight loss for improving fertility & overall health

REI Pearls for Providers: the Skinny

The New Year brings new resolutions, and topping the list again this year for many people is weight loss.
Learn some tips for your patients in our PDF series.

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"Dear Dr. Scotchie, Dr. Murray and TRM staff, thank you for everything. You helped make my family complete and that is the greatest thing I could ever ask for."

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