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At Home vs. Clinic Fertility Tests

One's the place to start, the other is the place to finish

With more women delaying having children until an older age, more of them are turning to at home hormone tests for answers on their chances of conceiving due to ovarian reserve. That's another term for a woman's biological clock, and what's ticking down are viable eggs. 

Know the limitations

Couples Counseling Lowdown 

Facing infertility can be challenging, and couples counseling may be a beneficial tool. We provide expert advice to help couples navigate the ups and downs together. 
Battling the secret grief

Can PID Cause Infertility?

Yes. Although pelvic inflammatory disease can't be completely prevented, there are ways to reduce chances of getting it through an STD. It's also important to be aware of the risk factors. 
1 in 8 women


Dr. Scotchie is very informative and anytime I have needed her, I was able to get in touch with her nurse and get a response within a couple of hours. Exceptional service. During a scheduled surgery, she was 30 minutes EARLY. How often does that happen?

- Heather T.


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