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ESN Finland News 4/2013


The newsletter will be send monthly, usually in the end of the month during academic year. You’re welcome to send ideas and feedback to our Vice President Henna by email. Please note if you get this newsletter via ESN Finland email-list, do not unsubscribe this newsletter.

Newsletter 4/2013

- Board meetings 9-10/2013
- Open Calls

Board meetings 9-10/2013

Board meeting 09/2013

  • Henna, Emma, Jutta, Bianca present whole meeting, Mikael part of the meeting, Salha absent
  • Discussion on NBM matters
  • Discussion on NEP Co-operation

Board meeting 10/2013

  • All board members present
  • Discussion on AGM issues
  • Discussion on partnership deals
  • Decided to look into organizing NEP NBM in Helsinki in May/June
  • Discussion on ESN WIKI and decision that Mikael will add information there of ESN Finland.

Annual General Meeting

Here's shortly what happened during plenaries of AGM 2013.

The new International Board was elected in AGM! They will start their transition period in July and we are convinced they will do a great job.

Our new IB is: 
President: Stefan Jahnke (ESN Sweden)
Vice-President: Dominique Montagnese (ESN France)
Communication Manager: Robert Klimacki (ESN Poland)
Treasurer: Jonathan Jelves (ESN Sweden)
Webmaster: Salih Odabasi (ESN Turkey)

OC AGM 2014 was elected and next year AGM will take place in Milan! 

Budget 2013 was also approved on Sunday. 

The CI and VIM changes were approved so from now on ESN-logo and star can be used in full colours without always using the original, colourful version of the ESN-star. Most of the Standing Order changes were also accepted. Alumni SO changes didn’t go through, meaning they remained the same they’ve been before. The biggest SO change concerns the Chairing Team of CNR and CND and it was accepted with the amendment. This means from now on the CT consists of CNR Administrator, CNR Secretary (both elected for one year), technical assistant and a chair who is one of the NRs and elected separately for every meeting. 

Once more we want to thank all of the Finnish delegation for your great attendance and ESN-spirit that you showed!

Open Calls

SocialErasmus Coordinator

ESN Finland is looking for a national SocialErasmus coordinator in Finland. SocialErasmus is one of the projects of ESN International which aims to promote a social attitude amongst international students all over Europe. The idea behind the project is that international students can benefit at the utmost from the local community and also enrich the local community by actively participating in SocialErasmus projects/events. International students can volunteer in three main areas: education charity and environment. If you are new with SocialErasmus, please check out the website or contact me directly to

As the position is new, the new coordinator will be working closely with the NR of Finland (me) and he/she has a great opportunity to contribute to the strategy of the SocialErasmus in Finland. The elected coordinator will get help and support from the Board and he/she will be introduced to the project. The main duties of the person is to coordinate the SocialErasmus projects and events in Finland, to provide information for the sections and to be the link between Finland and the international SocialErasmus coordinator.

What are the requirements?

The most important requirement of the coordinator is motivation. Everything else can be learned but the person should be willing to contribute to the project with new ideas and encourage the sections in Finland to organize SocialErasmus events. Of course, commitment to the project is also required and the coordinator should be willing to give his/her time for the project.

In case you got interested, please send a short motivation letter to Deadline to apply is May 19!

Graphic Designer

Are you good at visualizing your own and others ideas?
Do you have a good eye on color and shape composition?
Graphics software are at least in some level familiar to you?
Do you have already great ideas what kind of cloth line and gadgets ESN Finland could have?

YES!? Then become part of ESN Finland volunteer group and make your designs seen - everywhere worldwide! This is a good way to get a huge marking on your graphics portfolio and CV!

Send an application with 1-2 ideas for cloth line, gadget etc. graphics to by May 19!

Upcoming events and deadlines

Open Call for the OC of CNR September closes

SocialErasmus Week: Erasmus in Schools week

Open Call deadlines (SocialErasmus and Graphic Designer)

Maailma Kylässä-festival
Helsinki, Finland

Section News

ESN FINT has a new board!

From Left to Right: Event Coordinator: Eashan Salhotra, Vice President: Henry Rauhanen, LR: Yigit Zorlutuna, IT: Daniel Mamane, President: Rabea Radix, PR: Henni Jokinen, Secretary: Yannic Poullié, Treasurer: Andrei Jakab.

ESN Lappeenranta has got a new Mascot!

Meet, Barry the Beaver! ESN Lappeenranta also painted the ESN Star on Punkkerimäki together with the other guilds and clubs

ESN Joensuu had "Flying Flags"-event!

ESN Joensuu organized Flying Flags-event, where 86 international students send their Flag up with a balloon! Check a video here

National level:

  • The European Union has traditionally evolved through crises - where is the Union headed next? Addressing the current situation requires open discussion, integrating different points of view. You're welcome to discuss  the Future of Europe with President Van Rompuy and Prime Minister Katainen. The event will take place on Tuesday 7 May 2013 in the Great Hall of the University of Helsinki at 17.00-18.15. You are requested to arrive by 16.45 at the latest (entrance via Aleksanterinkatu 5). Please carry an ID card to be able to confirm your identity on request. Registration required by 2nd May. 
  • Allianssi is organizing training about Associations on media on 20.5 9-16. The topics are related on how to communicate and collaborate with media. The training fee is 50 €. DL for registrations is 15.5. Registration and more info in Finnish: click here.

International level:

  • First of two SocialErasmusWeeks during 2013 will be in May 13-19 with a great focus on EiS > Erasmus in Schools Week.
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