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ESN Finland News 2/2013


We in ESN Finland Board hope you'll appreciate our efforts on letting you know we're working on. This newsletter will be sent monthly, usually in the end of the month. It will include the decisions the board has made during the month, reports on our meetings with other associations and - if you wish - section news and events. The newsletter is still taking its form and if you have any ideas and feedback you can send them to our Vice President Henna by email.

Newsletter 2/2013

- Board meetings 2-4/2013
- National Platform Oulu
- CNR Brussels
- Nordic Co-operation
- Allianssi issues

Board meetings 2-4/2013

- Present: Salha, Henna, Emma, Jutta, Mikael. Absent: Bianca
- Discussion on CNR issues. We decided not to propose anything for the CNR. We will take observing and actively commenting role in the discussions.
- Decided to send Emma Koskinen (NR), Salha Hanna (ND) and Mikael Skrabb (NR) to AGM.
- Cancelled the Bank Account rights of Joanna Wiezchowiescka
- Decided to apply to be a participant at the World Village Festival, we would have a 9x9m stand with costs of 236€.


- All board members present, Antti Reinsalo was present during first points.
- Antti has been selected as Allianssi's International Committee member and gave some head up's on issues coming up (read more Allianssi news below).
- Allianssi membership fee is paid according the amount of members in ESN Sections in Finland. According to ESN Section Questionnaire answers, ESN Finland has around 7000 members.
- NBM (National Board Meeting) will be held in Dijon, France in 21-24.3. Decided to send Jutta and Mikael there.
- Order of ESN publications and section's gadget orders have been done. The goods will be given in NP Oulu. Discussion on ordering t-shirts with design selected during year 2012, we decided to contact the designer and as for changes in design to make it more producable. Henna and Jutta will look into other custom made gadgets to order and share with/sell to sections for resales.
- Discussion on NP Oulu. There is place for 66 persons. ESN Oulu will handle the registration. Mikael and Henna will update the delegation papers. Changes to standing orders will be proposed.
- Discussion on ESN Metka/ESN ISM on association registration and name change.
- Discussion on now starting Nordic co-operation.
- Discussion on communication issues (newsletter, facebook and mailing lists).
- Discussed Board updates about: PoBS, Cimo, New Sections, Gadget order, AGM, IT-issues of sections, Open Calls, Financial Statement.


- Present: Salha, Emma, Jutta, Mikael, Bianca. Absent: Henna
- Discussion on CNR issues (CNR coordinating team changes, changes of IB tasks/requirements, event policy paper, ESN International recruitment process). Decided to vote for ESN Turku sections candidacy for CNR Spring.
- Discussion on AGM 2nd round participants
- Discussion on NP Oulu preparations. We get presentations also from Aikamatkat, Erasmus in Schools and Responsible Party.
- Discussion on Overalls. Jutta and Henna will divide the tasks and handle the ordering if last year's overalls coordinator doesn't want to continue.
- Discussion on mailing list use and communications. Better guidelines for LR-mailing list will be done. General Information will still be announced through ESN Finland list.

National Platform Oulu

NP Oulu will be organized on 1.-3.3.2013. ESN Oulu is responsible on the main preparations of the event. NP will start at 6pm. You can find the meeting documents HERE. Every section has to bring delegation papers for NP Oulu as well as AGM participants must deliver their delegation forms. Remember to fill the Section report as well. The question list has been sent to the LR-list by Jutta.

Operations auditors (=toiminnantarkastaja) for year 2013 are needed and we hope sections are willing to look from their members for possible operations auditors.  We also need a place to have the next NP during fall 2013. Will it be organized by your section? Think about it and apply during NP. If you need any info before hand on the organizing NP, you can contact us by

We’re having a panel discussion during sunday and the topics vary from side to side on event management, section management and emergency situations. If you would like to take part on the panel, please send an email to or let us know on Friday 1st. We will have a set of 4-5 persons on the panel discussion.

During the saturday evening we’re having a gala dinner. The dress code for the dinner is smart casual/cocktail. The afterparty will be in Tivoli (

CNR Brussels

The first CNR-meeting of 2013 took place 14.-17.2 in Brussels. The Council of National Representatives (CNR), composed by all National Representatives (NRs) represents the highest decision making body Annual General Meeting (AGM) during the ESN year and is one of the main strategic bodies of ESN International.

The CNR collaborates with the Board on a joint approach for the strategy and the policy making of ESN. The CNR advices and checks the work of the Board. The CNR acts as the primary facilitator for communication between the Board and the sections. The NRs represent the voice of the sections in their country and expresses its opinion and gives feedback on various issues presented at the CNR meetings as well between them.

The CNR meets in total six times each year, in which various topics of importance of the local and international level are discussed and voted on.

Emma and Jutta represented Finland together and had the pleasure to also have "the old Emma" there as an ESN Finland godmother. Meetings were long but productive and there was a lot discussion about AGM. Some of the topics of CNR will be discussed during the next NP and especially issues concerning AGM will be covered. If you want to know more about the CNR, please contact our NR Emma.   

Nordic Co-operation

Salha had a meeting with Oscar Boije and Jonathan Jelves from ESN Sweden regarding PoBS and Sea Battle cooperation. We shared some best practices and exchanged ideas for future cooperation. Information transfer will be continued after PoBS and SB Spring sessions.

ESN representatives for the Nordic countries held a skype meeting in late January. Mikael, the responsible for Nordic co-operation on the Finland board and Salha attended the meeting. The representatives for the national boards decided to start the cooperation between the countries by sharing best practices regarding NP, events etc. Finland and Sweden are in a league of their own with fairly established practices already. The other countries are fairly small and the National Boards are still seeking form. Denmark and Iceland don’t have National Boards at all and everything is handled by their NR’s.  All the countries have their own challenges that are unique. The representatives for the boards will in the future have meetings on a quarterly basis. Since the meeting the group has been expanded to include all countries participating in NEP.  

Allianssi issues

Antti Reinsalo was chosen by the ESN Finland board 2012 as our candidate to become Allianssi’s International committee member. Antti was selected to the committee by the Allianssi board and has gotten a place on the Europe working group within the committee.

The International Committee has set up some targets and priorities for 2013. The Issues for Europe working group were also divided and are as follows: European Youth Strategy ja Structured dialogue, Erasmus for All, European Parliament elections 2014,  Vote  @16, Youth Rights, Youth employment questions. Later on Antti will tell on his activities and Allianssi issues for example via this newsletter.

Allianssi is having two meetings coming up in March and April. In March Salha and Emma will attend Allianssi’s International Member Organization meeting and in April Henna will attend Allianssi’s Spring Annual Meeting.

Upcoming events and deadlines

National Platform
5pm-3pm, Oulu

Baltic Sea

Maribor, Slovenia

National level:

- PoBS tickets are sold until 28th February. On 2.3 the general registration link to PoBS will be opened. The tickets purchased via that link does not include transportation. Remember to promote the cruise until the last moment, so that we don’t have half empty buses driving around!  :) Also, please promote the chance to get a free cruise for talented performers! Applications (with a video) to asap!

- ESN Turku sections have applied for arranging ESN Alumni Meeting in May. Please vote for Turku at  You of course also need to have an Alumni role in Galaxy in order to be able to access the voting.

- Teaching the ‘intercultural’ to International and Exchange Students in Finnish Higher Education on 15.3.2013! Take part on the free, one day conference organized by the EU-funded IEREST project (Intercultural Education Resources for Erasmus Students and their Teachers), the Department of Teacher Education (University of Helsinki, Finland) and the Education for Diversities Research Group (E4D). The conference will be held in Siltavuorenpenger 10 from 10-17 on 15.3. Registration by  March 1st. at

International level:

- Remember to fill in the delegation form for the AGM participants and take it with you to National Platform. On top of that please scan it and send it to before the National Platform!

-  ESN international has an open call for Web Project Internship. DL. 3.3 Read more here.

- ESN and Airbnb have signed a collaboration agreement the last 12th of February at the Airbnb offices in Paris. With this new agreement Airbnb will focus on Erasmus students and offer them tailored made services like selections of suitable listings for them and also discount codes for 15€ value for every ESNCard holder. The coupons will be available from though a web form

Section News

ESN Lappeenranta has a new board

Juho-Heikki "Kusti" Ollikainen

Anssi Rantanen
treasurer, vice-president

Clarisse Jay
secretary, marketing

Petteri Raunio 
events, sports 

Maria Kuutsa

You can contact ESN Lappeenranta board by sending email to
ESN HYY Helsinki has a new board

Chairperson: Eeva Koivunen (
Vice Chair and LR: Ninnu Laine
Secretary: Joonas Nivala
Partnership and Project Coordinator: Antti Reinsalo
Event Team Coordinators: Paul Friedhelm Günther and Heidi Haltia

You can contact the board by sending email to:
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