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ESN Finland Board News 1/2013


We in ESN Finland Board hope you'll appreciate our efforts on letting you know we're working on. This newsletter will be sent monthly, usually in the end of the month. It will include the decisions the board has made during the month, reports on our meetings with other associations and - if you wish - section news and events. The newsletter is still taking its form and if you have any ideas and feedback you can send them to our Vice President Henna by email.

Newsletter 1/2013


- Introducing ESN Finland board 2013
- Board meeting 1/2013
- National Platform in Oulu is coming

Introducing ESN Finland board 2013


President Salha Hanna (ESN HYY Helsinki)
- I'm a law student at the University of Helsinki
- I promise to be nice and fair but also strict if needed. ;) I will try my best to get ESN Finland more benefits, look through probable new sources of funding, find solutions to improving communication and dividing workload as well as go through all official documents with a critical eye. All in all I am fully committed to make 2013 a successful year for us all! My main fields are coordination of the Board's work, administration and maintaining good relations towards our partners and stakeholders.
- I love traveling like probably every ESNer does. I'd like to have the chance to visit all continents in my lifetime.

Vice President Henna Peltoniemi (ESN Lappeenranta)
- I'm an environmental technology student in Lappeenranta University of Technology and writing my Master's Thesis on Environmental Management.
- I will support Salha and all the others too on their duties. I will concentrate on strengthening our relationship with SYL, SAMOK and Allianssi and I'm trying to find training opportunities for sections to use in and out of Finland. I will do my best on keeping sections updated on what is going on with the board and our decisions by updating our Facebook and Twitter accounts as well as writing this newsletter.
- Weird thing I can't stop myself from doing is moving around while talking on a phone. Even in my small little apartment I keep walking around from corner to corner during the call.
- I've had a dream of jumping a bungee jump in Queenstown, New Zealand since I was 10 years old. I saw a tv-show where they did it and that was it. The bungee jump they offer now is from 134 m!

National Representative Emma Koskinen (ESN Uni Turku)
- I'm studying business and administration in Turku School of Economics (Turku University)
- I will represent Finland well and bring up our common opinion. I will act in a respective way towards all the others and maintain Finland's factual reputation by being receptive and active. My main fields will be following the CNR mailing list and the work of the Committees, joining the meetings and informing our members and the Board of what's going on at the International level. I will be the link between Finland and the International level.
- I have a phobia of fruit stickers since I was a kid. Fruit stickers are the most disgusting thing on earth don't know why.
- Something that I have never done but I'd like to do is a road trip with an old Volkswagen van in Australia.

Treasurer Bianca Beyer (ESN Oulu)
- I'm studying accounting in the University of Oulu
- I'm responsible of course on whatever is going on with the financial issues. I'll do the bookkeeping and send/pay invoices. I'm involved with PoBS, making sure we have all the right numbers for our plans.
- I like writing articles and my journalistic pieces have been published in Ylkkäri and Helsinki times, just google it ;)

National Section Coordinator Jutta Pietiläinen (ESN-HYY Helsinki)

- I study veterinary medicine in University of Helsinki
- Even though some of my fellow Board members think I shouldn’t be allowed do drive at all, I actually have a license to drive a lorry.
- I promise to try my best to make every section feel like they are really part of our big ESN Finland family. From my part I will keep contact with each and every section, listen to your (ESN related) needs and try my very best to help out and advice. Also my goal is to recruit at least 2 new sections to ESN Finland this year!
- Living in a country with so much snow I’m embarrassed to admit I’ve never tried downhill skiing. That’s something I’d very much like to try sometime, even though the result might end up being even more embarrassing :P

IT Manager Mikael Skrabb (ESN HELGA)
- I study Experience and Wellness Management in Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences.
- I promise to support my fellow board members in IT matters and further enhance the use of IT tools, as well as advice the sections in ESN IT matters. Furthermore I will take the cooperation with our ESN neighbours to the next level.
- I have been on 962 flights and love air travel and try to find new airlines and air craft models to fly with. I've recently added the 787 Dreamliner to the completed list.

Board meeting 1/2013


- The previous main fields for each board member were selected
- Jutta Pietiläinen was chosen to be the Vice National Representative
- Discussion about NP Oulu preparations (more below)
- Decided to open calls for Magazine editorial team and for Sponsorship team. Open Calls will be published during week 3.
- Discussion about following matters
  • PoBS: Transportation offer from Aikamatkat.
  • World Village Festival: Discussion about participating at the WVF as exhibitors to make ESN more visible for everyone.
  • Training opportunities: Allianssi offers some training but mainly in Finnish and during day time. Henna will continue looking into Allianssi trainings and finds out other options in and out of Finland.
  • International issues: AGM registration and upcoming CNR in Brussels.
  • Website issues: See briefly
  • Financial statement from 2012 will be given to vice operational auditor for inspection.

National Platform heads up

- NP Oulu will be organized on 1.-3.3.2013. ESN Oulu is responsible on the main preparations of the event. NP will start at 5pm and participants are expected to arrive around that hour (eg. train connection from Helsinki/Tampere arriving at 17.08). There are train options from each section location to arrive around that time.

- On the agenda will be at least the financial statement and action report from 2012. Operations auditors (=toiminnantarkastaja) for year 2013 are needed and we hope sections are willing to look from their members for possible operations auditors.

- Currently both Norwegian Air and VR are having good sales on trip between Helsinki/Turku/Tampere-Oulu. Possible other cheap options are Onnibus and Matkahuolto, which both have good sales (even for 5€/trip) if you book early enough. We recommend you to check the sales and save some money :)

Upcoming events and deadlines

31/1 (23:59 CET)
AGM first round registration deadline

AGM Collage picture sending deadline
(refer Emma Koskinen's email)

10/2 (23:59 CET)
AGM participant payment deadline

National Platform
5pm-3pm, Oulu

National level:

 - ESN Finland website was down during the year change. It is up and working again but there might be bugs with the links. Improvement on the website functions and information in on the way.

- Finnish MPs have signed an initiative to implement tuition fees for international higher education degree students coming outside the EEA. ESN Finland is concerned about the possible negative effects on the accessibility of Finnish higher education for international students in the future. We are also concerned about the effects on the international atmosphere and on global identity of university and university of applied science students. Check more from:

International level:

-ESN Eduk8 winter training is here with three paths to choose from: section empoverment; management; and intercultural learning. Check more from:

- ESN ExchangeAbility-project has asked sections help to find out how disabilities are taken into consideration at the higher education institutes by a form of a short questionnaire. Emma Koskinen will relay the questionnaire to the sections and it can be filled by a member of an ESN section and by a person in charge of the university's disability office.

- Why is the European Parliament important? "Why should I care?" Take part in the competition launched by the European Policy Centre and win a trip to Brussels! Check more from:

Section News

ESN vid Åbo Akademi r.f has selected a new board

Chairman - Joel Nyström,
vice-Chairman - Katarina Taylor
Local Representative - Jerzy (Jurek) Jasielec,
Treasurer - Maria Helenius,
Secretary - Vaula Meisalmi,
Board Member - Caroline Clayhill,
You can reach whole board by writing to
ESN Uni Turku has selected a new board

Salli Soini, president (
Susan Lehtinen, vice-president and local representative (
Juulia Bernhardt, event coordinator
Janina Rautio, information coordinator
Elli Väänänen, treasurer
Kalypso Filippou, secretary

You can reach the whole board by writing to

ESN VYY Vaasa has officially selected a new board for spring 2013:
President and Local representative: Johanna Vekara (
Vice-president and secretary: Matilda Vähäkangas
Treasurer: Salvatore Cultrera
Communications: Daryna Shylina
Public image: Matti Latvala
Project coordinators: 
Anna Katajamäki
Sirja Hiipakka
Johan Audas
You can reach whole board by writing to
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