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General European Highlights

Results of the public consultation on the sustainable use of phosphorus
The European Commission has just published the results of a public consultation, to which EuCheMS provided input, on how to use phosphorus in a more sustainable way. Phosphorus is widely used in agriculture and is an essential component in fertiliser and feed, but it is a non-renewable resource. The consultation, asking how to ensure availability of reserves and how to minimise possible environmental side effects of phosphorus, closed on 31 December 2013 and received 125 replies from a wide range of stakeholders.
Summary of the responses is available at the Commission Staff Working Document (SWD(2014)263).
More info:
Chemical pollutant mixtures: how safe are they?
The JRC recently published the results of a co-authored study on the risks posed by chemical pollutant mixtures in the environment. This work is part of the first EU-wide campaign to test the use of biological based assay (bioassays) for assessing water quality in Europe, following the recommendations of the communication of the European Commission on the effects of chemicals (COM(2012) 252), calling for a greater effort to understand and assess the risks associated with chemical mixtures.
Results of the study highlighted the need of precautionary actions even in cases where individual toxicants are present at seemingly harmless concentrations.
Another record-breaking year for Erasmus
The latest Erasmus statistics released by the European Commission reveal that nearly 270 000 students - a new record - benefitted from EU grants to study or train abroad in 2012-2013. While studying at another university continues to be the most popular choice, one in five students opted for Erasmus job placements in companies. The three most popular destinations for Erasmus students in 2012-2013 were Spain, Germany and France. Countries sending the highest number of students as a proportion of their graduate population were Luxembourg, Liechtenstein, Finland, Latvia and Spain.
'Novel foods' regulation returns to the EU's agenda
The EU regulation on novel foods, which dates back to 1997, is up for a review again, after a last chance conciliation in March 2011 failed to reach agreement on the use of cloned animals' offspring for food production. While the Parliament and the Commission agreed to ban the use of cloning in animal reproduction for food production, and to ban comestible products from cloned animals altogether, they clashed on allowing onto the EU market food obtained from clones' offspring.
30% energy savings target for 2030
The European Commission proposed reducing the bloc's energy use by 30% by 2030, leaving it up to EU heads of states to decide whether or not to endorse the target at a forthcoming summit in October. The EU executive has been considering new targets to replace the EU's existing 2020 goals to reduce its emissions of greenhouse gases, ramp up renewable energies and increase energy savings.

Funding Updates and Awards

ERC work programme 2015 published
Indicative information on the ERC calls closing in 2015 had already been included in the work programme 2014. Furthermore, the work programme features a call for a support action on outreach of ERC projects. Major changes to previous work programmes include:
• stricter resubmission rules applying to researchers having submitted a starting, consolidator or advanced grant proposal to the ERC in 2014
• for the starting and consolidator grants, the reference date for the calculation of the eligibility time window is no longer the call publication date, but 1 January 2015.
The now published work programme 2015 confirms the following deadlines:
Starting grant: 3 February 2015
Consolidator grant: 12 March 2015
Advanced grant: 2 June 2015
Proof of goncept proposals: 5 February, 28 March and 1 October 2015.
A selection of Horizon 2020 calls
Research fund for coal and steel 2014
Deadline: 15 September 2014
Research in electrolysis for cost effective hydrogen production
Deadline: 6 November 2014
Bio-based industries PPP
Deadline: 15 November 2014
Call for nanotechnologies, advanced materials and production
ERA-NET on materials (including materials for energy)
Deadline: 26 March 2015
Extended in-service service of advanced functional materials in energy technologies
Deadline: 26 March 2015
Water innovation: boosting its value for Europe
Deadline: 21 April 2015

Consultations and Roadmaps

Consultation on policy options to optimise water reuse in the EU
The aim of this consultation is to evaluate the most suitable EU-level instrument/s to foster water reuse, while ensuring the health and environmental safety of water reuse practices and the free trade of food products. The results of the consultation will be used as input for the preparation of the impact assessment covering all key areas of potential application of water reuse: agriculture, urban, industrial, and recreational uses (e.g. golf courses, bathing water), groundwater recharge, etc.
Deadline: 7 November 2014
Consultation on "The urban dimension of EU policies – key features of an EU urban agenda"
Most of the current European challenges related to the economy, the climate, the environment, and society at large, have a strong urban dimension. A growing number of voices argue that cities need to be adequately involved in the conception and implementation of EU policies. Therefore, the purpose of this consultation is to widen debate to all stakeholders and to reach relevant stakeholders and to gather their ideas and further clarifying the need for an EU urban agenda, what its objectives should be and how it could function.
Deadline: 26 September 2014

Business Updates

Commission outlines measures to maximise job opportunities in the green economy
The European Commission has adopted a communication outlining the employment challenges and opportunities of the current transition towards a green, low carbon, energy and resource-efficient economy. The green employment initiative communication presents an integrated framework to allow labour market and skill policies to play an active role to support this transition. The communication focuses on the importance of anticipating and establishing adequate skills policies to support workers in coping with structural change, of securing labour market transitions, and of strengthening governance and partnership-based initiatives.
Commission announces €100 million fast track to innovation and five innovation prizes
The European Commission presented details of a new €100 million "Fast track to innovation" (FTI) pilot action and five innovation prizes under Horizon 2020. The FTI aims to support Europe's economy by offering innovative businesses and organisations grants to give a final push to get great ideas to market. The prizes offer a reward for technological breakthroughs of high societal relevance. The initiatives underscore the drive to support innovation in Europe as part of the first, two-year Horizon 2020 work programme. This announcement also confirms the €7 billion for Horizon 2020 calls during 2015 and sets out the timetable for applications.

Forthcoming Events

2nd PEF (Product environmental footprint) world summit
1 – 2 October 2014
Berlin, Germany
The future of Europe is science
6-7 October 2014
Lisbon, Portugal
Safety of food contact materials: migration testing and exposure assessment of chemicals in food
7-8 October 2014
Ispra, Italy
Fuel cells and hydrogen joint undertaking 1st stakeholder forum
12 November 2014
Brussels, Belgium


5th EuCheMS Chemistry Congress

31 August - 4 September 2014
Istanbul, Turkey

Upcoming EuCheMS Recognised Events

23rd International Symposium on Medicinal Chemistry
7 - 11 September 2014
Lisbon, Portugal
22nd Conference on Isoprenoids
7 - 10 September 2014
Prague, Czech Republic
15th Ružička Days
11 - 12 September 2014
Vukovar, Croatia
Ischia Advanced School of Organic Chemistry
21 - 25 September 2014
Ischia, Italy

EuCheMS Newsletter September issue

Do not miss EuCheMS Newsletter later issue with information on EuCheMS - JRC joint activities; European employment survey for chemists and chemical engineers successfully completed; Expo 2015 and; EuCheMS annual report. You can read all about it here.

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